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  1. I use black and brown Sharpies and MarksALot markers for edge touchup and boundary for my dye well as for coloring in stamped letters (which I rarely do). Got the idea to use them from Particle (Eric Adams)...he demonstrates his use for them in several of his videos. Others probably have similar or varying methods...
  2. Heirloom craftsmanship...great choice of colors (leather, exotics and thread)...very tastefully executed!
  3. Very nice! And nice tool holders and work bench, as well...from what I can see :-)
  4. Ditto what Dwight and JLS have proffered thus far...especially about HF and tools. My contact cement comes from Lowes (because its cheaper by the gallon and they're local to me)...I think my X-acto knife even came from Walmart (because that was where I just happened to be when I was lookin' for one) stamping "stone" is a 12" black granite tile Liquid Nail'd to a patio paver of like size (all purchased at HD & works marvelously for the marginal amount of stamping work that I do). Point being...I usually get what works for me without regard for professional trends (i.e. I personally have no need for a round knife or swivel knife). The only major purchase I have made has been my Cowboy CB3200 from Toledo Sewing Machine Co...the rest of my "arsenal" has been here and there and everywhere. Now...some of you veterans don't be throwin' stuff at me here...but...FYI: Tandy's Leather Outlet has discounted "Low Grade Veg Sides 4 to 6 oz." on sale right now for around $70...complete with barbed wire drag lines, domestic violence markings, snow chain scars, etc. Granted it's no good for production work but its a decent amount of square footage (16-17sf) readily available for practice, if a person wanted to invest in it. When you're done practicing and learning...throw the unsightly pieces you made from it to the dogs to enjoy for chew toys and get you some HO or W&C leather. GOOD LUCK!
  5. Nice craftsmanship! Great compliment to a fine handgun...
  6. Positively stunning! I love the color choices and the contrast stitching...just the right amount of subtle stamping on that front shield piece...very classy!
  7. Looks green to me, Josh...the color of envy Excellent usual!
  8. Nice work! That wave pattern sure makes a nice belt, too! I'm kickin' tires, lookin' at one of those CB227R machines for myself...gonna need it in the moderate-to-near future...tuned for thin stuff like wallets 'n such that my CB3200 isn't set up for at the moment. I keep reading that these machines are like Lay's tater chips... Every post like this that I see keeps pushin' me in Cowboy Bob's direction...just a few more box tops and I'll have it Chris
  9. Hello, everyone! I'm looking to do an equipment upgrade in the near future and I need a little guidance from those who have already taken this path... I currently set snaps, rivets, etc by hand (& hammer). Same thing with the Delrin makers mark that I've had since I started this little journey...I plan to upgrade to a metal one as part of this retooling. What do you suggest for a press-type machine that would handle those duties as an upgrade? Modified arbor press? I know the GoldStar press works with snaps and rivets...does anyone have experience using it with their makers mark? As always, the input and suggestions from this community is appreciated and helpful! Thanks in advance! Chris
  10. Very nice! How about a close-up snapshot of your sewing machine setup (feet, bobbin area, etc)...I'm still fiddlin' with my machine (CB3200) some, amateur that I am, trying to decide which "correct" feet and other equipment I want to purchase. Any insight from my superiors is always welcome... Just when you have some spare time, of course...(don't you just HATE that term?..."spare time" if any of us workin' folks have it laying around in piles to simply pass out or waste) Thanks for the pic, JLS! Chris
  11. Very nice, Dwight! I like that design...
  12. Hey, JLS! Here's another of your patterns (a 5" 1911 Avenger style, strong side) that I modified to suit a particular this case, a two-tone, near-vertical angle cross draw. As always, your patterns, purchased or freely open-sourced, are most is your knowledge! Chris PS. Sorry for that last grainy's customer supplied "mirror selfie"...he wanted to show me how it fit. As you can see, I should have hustled harder to sell him a matching belt...but that 1-1/4" one will leave him some leeway in adjustment while driving, I guess.
  13. Info is most any price! least in my mind :-) Thanks for the tutorial, JLS...very always!
  14. As usual, Eric...excellent work!...very clean and useful design. JLS...I'm looking to make some of these leather covers myself. MUJI is a specific brand alternative to Field Notes for the note books...lower price point, stitched together instead of stapled and, from the reviews I've read, have "fountain pen friendly" paper (if one is into that sort of thing). I've ordered some from Amazon to test. settle on a cover pattern...Hmmm? Decisions, decisions... Chris
  15. Awful glad I logged on today...very nice work, Bobby! That's a great alternative to the usual black color for such rigs. Very inspiring...