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  1. We are not worthy...we are not worthy! Seriously, though...heirloom work, is your way.
  2. My try at a Padfolio

    Quality craftsmanship!...Love the arrowhead stamping pattern, too.
  3. I posted a link to the website...not sure why it didn't take. Let's skin this cat from a different direction...I posted a review of these stamps back in August of last year when I first received them (I was doing some re-tooling in my shop and new brass maker's mark stamps were part of that effort). Here's the link to that thread that I started...the link to the supplier's website is in there along with my review of the product:
  4. Mounting dies on a 1 Ton Arbor Press?

    At some point, I will do what you did to my arbor press ram...drill a nice deep hole with set screws on the that I can use my leather stamps in of everything! The magnetic chuck doesn't leave any room for such work once its in place and I'm not about to start chopping off all of my stamps to fit! That was the beauty of the drill press (lots of vertical room/adjustment AND a chuck to hold everything)...but it ultimately put too much stress on the table least in my case.
  5. It's been interesting to read all the responses thus far...I'll throw my two cents worth into the jar, I reckon. My little brand is EagleWoods Leather. The Eagle portion comes as inspiration from Isaiah 40:31..."But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint." It was a favorite verse of my late father, who was a minister. Woods is simply my last name. I use two maker's marks (brass construction from ). Depending upon the size or style of the item that I'm working on, I'll use one or the other (wallet or small pocket holster would get the EWL...larger holster or belt get the USA stamp)
  6. Mounting dies on a 1 Ton Arbor Press?

    I used a bench top drill press for a long time for lots of pressing and setting well as spinning my sanding drums and my cocobolo burnisher. It worked well right up until all of the pressing/setting stress finally weakened the knuckle arm where the table connected to the vertical post and it cracked and I just use the press as a sander and burnisher (no sense in tossing it when the motor still works great). I have a 1-ton arbor press and a keyless chuck adapter with powerful magnet built into just grabs right onto the ram and I can use the short/cheap line20/24 snap setters or take it off and use the ram face to press my brass maker's mark. Here's the link to the keyless chuck that I have:
  7. While I personally have found the Ranch Hand to be one of the more awkward weapons for me to utilize (I have no need for one but TETO), I love seeing what different rigs craftsfolk come up with for them...your's here are no exception. Very fine work, sir. I like the color of that scabbard as well as the extra loops...nice package, overall. The Contender is a serious piece of no-nonsense piece of hunting gear...the ones I've used over the years have been well-balance and accurate. Your holster here is a fine piece of field kit for such a tool. Love those tan colors!
  8. My First Holster

    Mighty fine the contrasting colors (dye and thread choices)...really works well together.
  9. work bench

    Not sure what your access to building materials is like in in the States, a SOLID core door blank makes a fine table top for various grades of work duty...they are available in several different widths, are smooth & flat, and, thanks to their solid internal construction, can be cut down the required size. I've used them on several projects, including my current workbenches. The current trending price for one in my area (36"x80") is about $70. Be sure that it's not a hollow core version, mind you...they look very of those will never last under the strain of the pounding, clamping, etc...even if you manage to cut it and it not fall apart.
  10. GP100 Field Holster

    Here lately, I've even been playing/sampling around with combining a light pre-treatment (of sorts) of paste saddle soap along with the N.O. before final finish...darkens things up a tad and adds a little depth. to the color. as well. Not sure if this idea is any more beneficial that N.O. alone as far as getting conditioners back into the leather after it comes out of the drying cabinet. However, this technique did wonders for the newer non-gunleather/accessory dye colors I've been experimenting with (red, royal blue, green)...they're too "light/bright" for my taste, otherwise.
  11. GP100 Field Holster

    As always from your bench, Josh...fine lookin' leather for a fine weapon. That oil coat (prior to finish) sure looks rich, don't it?
  12. Ruger LCP IWB Holster

    Very nice craftsmanship, alpha2...I really like the stitch line at the trigger follows the contour of the weapon very well.
  13. Recent Builds

    All of its top shelf craftsmanship, usual from your bench, sir! I'm particularly fond of that medium brown pancake with the white stitching. Still trying to lay my own hands on one of those John Bianchi push bevelers you recommended here'while back...keepin' my eye's peeled. Thanks for sharing!
  14. My Second Bible Cover

    Very nice...fine heirloom workmanship.
  15. I'd say you figured it out pretty well...great job! Fine workmanship! Nice color and design.