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  1. Metal Shims for Thumbreak Holsters

    Here's the BlueGunStore's page...they have 'em (large and small) well as the little plastic caps that go in your snaps to keep from scratching the handgun.
  2. Custom Made Snaps

    I believe Corter gets their custom-logo snap hardware from Scoville Manufacturing, one of the oldest manufacturers in the country for such things...they even made uniform buttons during the Civil War era. I know this because they are local to me and, over the years, I have spoken with various CAD/engineering trades folk who have worked there. It's quite the interesting place. They are the makers of the Pull-the-Dot snaps...
  3. Sheridan tote bag

    Ditto what Plink said... Good grief...that's a pleasure to behold!
  4. Twelve minutes of my time well spent...and the only thing I had to pay for it was attention! Very good, cut-to-the-chase, info on the flat-back (saddle style, as he calls 'em) fluffery. Thanks for posting, Jeff!
  5. Anaconda Holster

    Exemplary work, sir! The serpentine border stamping is a very elegant touch...just enough detail against the black leather and contrasting white stitching...the buckle and molded/sewn keeper are nice pieces as well. Very classy rig for such a wheel gun as the Anaconda.
  6. Bighousedaddy Columbus Ohio

    Ran across this online...his last FB post was the day before his death.
  7. Maker Mark

    I will echo Steve 75's crafted my new makers marks stamps last year outta solid brass...quick turn-around time and not too expensive either. They also do custom font sets...and stamp/die combination sets (stamps the impression with an outer groove for the cutter die to lay in...custom tags, coasters, things of that nature)
  8. A Few Tips for Guitar Straps

    Great information, @JazzBass...most appreciated. I've been playing music for 30yrs but I'm a sit-down type player and have little to no need for straps...I've made a few for other musicians but have always used the slotted design (what they wanted). Your info is very insightful.
  9. Glue on edges squeeze out, won't burnish well

    Ditto what Dwight experience is from back in my cabinet and countertop days where we used gallons of the Weldwood Red Can Original. Don't use too much...let it dry til its DRY...then be sure you get the pieces where you want them THE. FIRST.'s unforgiving in placement but I've found it pays off in strength...and availability in my area. YMMV.
  10. Orders to ship

    I've seen mechanics and electricians carry a quick mini-tote for just the essential tools for very small fix-it projects...grab it and stuff it either in their front shirt pocket or back pants pocket while squatting or bending...they can lay them nearby and still have those few tools kept together in a handy package without the bulk of the normal toolbelt. Excellent work, always. You make what works well and sells...and from the numbers, your customer base would appear to be satisfied with your handiwork. Others would do well to silently take notice from your example.
  11. That's some fine craftin'...great job on the tooling work as well as the snake skin overlay.
  12. As a person who carries such things...that is a quality thing! Flawless, sir!
  13. Inkscape and Pattern making, 1911 holster TUTORIAL!

    You should be able to customize the command buttons (user/menu interface), similar to AutoCAD or other software programs...keep working with it. AC calls the command "CUI" (Custom User Interface)...then you just go in and move/delete/add the desired command/buttons around within sub-menus, etc. Update: it is (slightly older link...but something similar should be in the current version):
  14. Duffel Bag Prototypes

    Yep, Mike...that's the stuff! Most excellent! That pull-up leather is fine-looking indeed...