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  1. A new tote

    This is a really good template from which a person could easily stretch/expand any of the dimensions as desired to suit their particular needs...thanks for posting!
  2. Another Holster this time for a 'wheel gun!'

    How fortuitous...I just went to the Dollar Tree the other day...they had these exact style clips for $1 per pack...quantity varies depending on the size (8-10pcs for the medium or large ones)...WallyWorld and the other big box office supply chains want way more than that for the same thing. As I said before...I've been using these black clips for milled oil-tanned mock-ups (I'm working on some new tote, portfolio & accessory designs) and other leathers that don't show marks quite so much or on simple little items where I'm not gluing the edge but need a strong hold before sewing...your little "guard" will help expand my use of them. Thanks again!
  3. Another Holster this time for a 'wheel gun!'

    Well...isn't that just nifty! gonna file that little piece of ingenuity away for my own use...thanks for sharing!
  4. Prototype of a bag for a friend

    Quality craftsmanship, CanuckAmuck. I like the design...lots of open and closed pocket storage area for the user to pick from...with the key fob right at the top where it should be, where a person can reach them without having to dig around in their stuff (although, granted, there are other locations to put this feature). I agree with you on a few points: strap adjustability would be handy...perhaps going a touch larger in bag size would be nice (the outdoor pics don't really hint at that, do they?). Overall, very nice!
  5. Another Holster this time for a 'wheel gun!'

    I've tried binder clips before...too much tension for my I switched to wooden & spring clothes clips...just the right amount of pressure & super cheap at the local dollar store. I keep a bin of a 150 or so on my bench for holster/wallet/accessory work. I still keep the binder clips around for the milled leathers and projects where I need grip...but most of the time the wooden ones are enough. YMMV
  6. A new tote

    I like it! I've got a couple tote designs "on the drawing board" myself...debating whether to simply copper rivet the handles in-place or combine that method with sewing as you've done here. Your bag looks great...the choice of materials should age beautifully over time as well.
  7. I have a CB3200...bought from Bob at Toledo Sewing back in 2013...I get quite a bit of use out of it...still have to get the lap pony and gloves out every now and then for some hand-sewing...just no substitution in some cases. I'm looking to get a lighter duty machine to add to the fleet in the near future as my "jobby" expands into a more profitable venture...its been a fun journey.
  8. Clean and simple...I like it! Do you hand sew exclusively or do you have a machine for your larger projects (bags, etc)?
  9. Messenger bag

    I've looked at that pattern several times myself...pondered over whether or not to invest in it or if the plans were worth the $S$ or decent in execution for the asking's nice to see someone else's results...thanks for sharing the fact that you took the chance and that it clearly paid off.
  10. Messenger bag

    Yep, as Mutt said...she'll be able to use that for a good long while...probably pass it down to someone as an heirloom piece...can't put a value on something like that. Great craftsmanship!
  11. Flexi-Max? IWB

    Ingle - as always, you never cease to amaze with your craftsmanship and styling. Fine work!
  12. Purse for friends wife

    Beautiful heirloom sentimental piece, Madmax...much to be proud of in that project...and also very hard to put a price on for those reasons. Gary's range is probably the minimum fair starting price (for a stranger). If I were doing it for a close friend or family and the project were near 'n dear to me, I've been known to give the stuff away...working on a couple similar such projects now...what goes around, comes around, I figure.
  13. First trade as a leather worker

    Great work! As previously mentioned, you definitely deserve high praise for not getting black dye on the back side of that black belt...that stuff wants to migrate everywhere!
  14. Boriqua - this is exactly the reason I love this forum...folks freely sharing knowledge across the expertise spectrum for all comers! Many thanks for your time in putting together this write-up. Your post reminds me of another leatherworker (Odin Clack's) answer to a similar question recently when asked the best way to get started in this hobby...I'll paraphrase his response..."Get some inexpensive material, a few basic tools & supplies and start making a few simple projects to expand your knowledge base and skillset (pattern making, hand-sewing, edge burnishing, etc) ...don't insist on having a lot of fancy equipment to enjoy leathercraft." Odin is burning the candle at both ends right now, working full-time in his new workshop and showroom...all that in only about 5-6 years from starting his "hobby." That's drive! Great advice!
  15. Flap Holster

    Flap-ergasting! Fine craftsmanship, Rohn! The dyeing and stamp work are especially top notch!