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  1. Holster VIDEOs 'n' stuff

    The "reverse knife technique" is really useful. I started using it myself...went and ordered a large X-acto knife that would use the bigger #2 fine point blades...with a little practice, they just sink right in and glide thru like Sam said and demonstrated in the video. I still have my utility knife and strap cutter for some things...but for pattern work with lots of curves, that #2 X-acto is really nice.
  2. Smith and Wesson J Frame Holster

    I will pick your brain, Ingle, a bit more concerning the dyeing would you modify your sequence if the customer requested contrasting stitching (white thread on tan, dark brown or black leather)? It seems to me that airbrush dyeing after the sewing and molding would work against that goal. Maybe you don't get many requests for such an item...or simply don't offer it as an option to simplify things for yourself...a lot of my customers ask for the option.
  3. Smith and Wesson J Frame Holster

    Wow! And here I was, soaking my old Paasche airbrushes, getting them out of mothballs just so I could spray clear coat (Resolene cut 50/50) without having the streaks, etc that I was getting with brushing. Now I gotta buy more spare glass bottles...thanks for the info!
  4. Smith and Wesson J Frame Holster

    BattleMunky posed the exact same question I was wondering the other day while admiring the Kimber holster...except I was stuck at the office and it slipped my mind to ask you. Thanks, Ingle, for being so generous and free-giving with your methods. Most appreciated! Typical excellent craftsmanship from you on the J-frame rig, BTW. Maybe you've mentioned this in other posts and I've just missed it...but...which leather stock do you use/prefer: drum dyed or natural and dye it yourself? If you dye it yourself, what method do you prefer (dip, airbrush, swathing with wool patches, etc)? Most of your work appears drum-dyed...just wondering...
  5. Gonna resurrect an old thread here... I followed Michael's (msdeluca's) buildup on his blog, using the parts list, etc, and assembled my own drying cabinet. I had my cabinet-crafting uncle build the box (to my surprise, he threw it in gratis!)...I placed all the controls (l/r; thermostat, fan speed controls, 4hr timer) along the bottom with a removable panel underneath and a wiring chase along the RH side up to the fans and heat lamps...then had him stain it a complementary color to the rest of the shelving and trim in the house. A peg board back on the interior gives me options for item placement...still figuring out what length pegs to use (thus the reason for leaving the sales tags on the 8inch-ers in the pic)...whichever length I end up with, I might bend them down slightly (you can see the problem in the photo). I had a few wiring glitches (I'm no electrician!) but Micheal gave me some pointers and its all golden now...takes about 45-50min to come up to my 125deg preset and then runs great!. I might increase the length of the stand-off's under the fans...they're currently at 3/4"...may take them up to 1-1/2" and see if I can get a little better circulation. All in all, a build I'm very proud of...part of a months-long retooling process for me. Thanks Michael (msdeluca) for your excellent write-up and for the individual assistance!
  6. Newbie From Alabama

    Yep...I'm like Dwight...can't come near to doing that kinda work. If I were to even try and create a coffee mug holder like that, I'd be so ashamed of it, I would constantly (and with intention) spill or dribble coffee on it in order to hide my hideous attempt at carving and decorative dye work. Not so in your case...very nice! Welcome to the forum, LynK! Look forward very much to what else you have to share...
  7. Looks good, Snubby...fine work on your part, indeed. I'm needin' a rig like this for my Beauty, a Ruger Bisley Blackhawk 45LC with the same barrel length...just the inspiration I need...thanks! Don't believe I'd want to mess with that ol' fella, either...looks crotchety and mean...them's the kind that'll just shoot you and save the exertion.
  8. Some new holsters

    I, too, started out using Particle's (Adams Leather Works) videos, patterns when I first got started. I have also found Jeff (JLS) to be a very valuable resource...his old postings/patterns on here as well as his website are a tremendous help. Currently I am in the process of retooling my entire workshop...upgrading my burnisher, building a drying cabinet, new gun molds, organizing inventory, sourcing new vendors, well as re-drawing all of my patterns to reflect my own style now that I've got a few years/repeat customers under my belt. We'll see what happens... Ingle...your designs are very tasteful and clean...professional work. I'm with you on the 80/20...still debating whether I want to head down that road, pattern-wise...50/50 is easier build...but those flat-backs ARE pretty comfortable.
  9. 2 gun rig for 5-1/2" SAA's

    Thanks! That makes sense and are pretty simple reasons. I was expecting there to be a more technical motivation (flows better thru an airbrush, easier clean-up, better long term storage properties, etc) over-thinkin' things, I guess. Just checked the local Lowes website...$10 for a half-gallon...I'm sure a dollar store or Wally World would be similar or cheaper.
  10. 2 gun rig for 5-1/2" SAA's

    Great looking work, always. I agree with you...hammer thongs would have looked more appropriate...but to each their own. An inquiry about the M&G...any advantages over Resolene or just a personal preference?
  11. Kimber K6S Holster

    I know exactly what you mean. I already handled that particular weapon, in fact...afraid if I get around one again, I'll spend money...and, according to the wife, my kids are scheduled to eat next month. She's a real buzz-kill, that woman. So the list grows...and grows. Anyway...very inspiring work for us amateurs, Ingle!
  12. Kimber K6S Holster

    Mmm, mmm...on a roll, you are. Very clean lines...nice rig for a fine revolver.
  13. I agree about the should pads...and don't go swimmin' with all that iron strapped on...but, boy oh boy, what a rig! Doesn't even stand out under the cover garment either. Great craftsmanship, Chief! Design, color...all of it...well done! As you said...a serious New Your reload!
  14. I, myself, went with a vacuum setup, in the same fashion as the one by Particle and a few others...veneering bag and Harbor Freight pump along with misc. hosing and pieces...super-easy to use (can mold multiple items at once) with good results. Additionally, I've seen some fine work many of the craftsmen on here have delivered using vertical presses like Plinker and Dwight have shown above. Brian, I look forward to seeing how your build goes...