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  1. Happy Birthday Johanna!

    I'll drag in late to the party and say "Happy Birthday!" Like many others, my journey into leather working has been made much less painless by the efforts of yourself and many other craft-folk on this forum. Many thanks!
  2. Threepersons Done!

    Heirloom craftsmanship, always. Many thanks for the tips & insights into your process over on the build thread as well...very enlightening! Been looking forward to seeing these items completed while also enjoying the journey...I imagine the customer will be doubly anxious to have them in their possession for many years of durable use. Again...fantastic work, sir! Thanks for sharing!
  3. What did they do at SLC?

    Call it dumb luck or maybe they've got their act together and understand that bad CS comes back to bite you...but...I've had nothing but excellent customer service from ALL of the retail vendors/middle-men that I've dealt with...SLC, ZW, S-T Leather, FrogJelly, HideHouse, Leather Unlimited, SewWhatSupplies, Goldstar name it...ZERO issues worthy of serious complaint or tantrum. What little problems I've experience have been handled in a timely manner. In specific reference to JLS's posting, I've had NO problems with my orders from Springfield...all shipments from them have been 100% correct with quality goods sent every time.
  4. We anxiously await the final results, always! Thanks for dragging us along on this one! One of these day's I'll get me some of that thair antique-ing paste and give it a try...if I ever get the time to try some decent stamp work. Your instructions/hints herein have been helpful...
  5. First learner project , rifle scabbard

    Heirloom work! I'll echo YinTx's compliment's on the edges, color, etc as well...very fine job indeed!
  6. Valet tray

    That is visually striking...very nice indeed! I can't tell from the do the corners come together (snap, rivet, etc)? Unfold flat for travel...or remain as shown? Regardless, it's an eye-pleasing piece of leathercraft. Well done!
  7. Archery arm guard

    Phenomenal work...excellent choice of materials...they work well together.
  8. Packing Iron book

    I agree. Perhaps I'm just a bit nostalgic but I prefer having the physical book in my hand...thus the reason I keep having to buy bookshelves to keep all of them's about the only thing I hoard. Now...if I could just convince my kids that our trips to the local library are for wondering thru the stacks and not for heading straight to the Ipads and computers, I'd be golden...such things are distractions from the intended purpose of our excursion. Glad you found your book, dikman...that one's on my list as well. Happy Reading!
  9. I appreciate you taking the time on the progress pics, Josh. It's always a pleasure to see your finished see the goods as they are being made is very enlightening...much to be learned from the sharing! Such detailed stamping always seems intimidating in its final form...but when it can be viewed in-progress it's much less a monster for us amateurs! Like the others, I anxiously await more pics and the finished holsters...many thanks!
  10. Fine job on the wallet...per your usual standard. I especially like the camouflage/seeder detail...probably gonna steal borrow that idea...thanks for the inspiration!
  11. Another 1911 rig

    Heirloom work! I'd be more than proud to carry mein boon companion in that compliment I can think of. And like Mike, I appreciate the construction details...
  12. Debunking “grades of leather”

    A well-referenced article, Mike (as an old humanities major, I appreciate that!) gives one much to ruminate on. Many thanks for taking your valuable time in putting it together!
  13. Help choosing my first industrial machine

    Thanks, Wiz! The 227 is actually on the short-list...contending against the Consew P1206RB...still scraping together some more coin in the equipment budget and still figuring out exactly where things are going on that end...then another phone call to Mr. Kovar. The 227 does appear a bit more versatile, ergonomics-wise, if'n I needed to sew something awkward...such is the advantage of cylinder arms, I reckon. Thanks, as always, for your knowledge!
  14. Help choosing my first industrial machine

    What ever'body (and especially JLS) said. I started my machine journey with a CB3200 from Toledo...doing holsters, belts and other similar thickness gear with the mindset that that would be what I always wanted to do. Now that my hobby has blossomed into a jobby/side business, here comes "lighter" items like wallets, small bags and other accessories (by request) that I have tired of tinking with my machine's settings all the time (tension, thread, etc) to change between product runs. Now I'm shopping for a lighter duty "little brother" for the CB3200 to handle the thin stuff and leave it set for the heavier gear. Think out what you intend to with that in mind, if you can.
  15. Valet Tray -- Traditional Hawaiian Design

    Stunning craftsmanship...l like that you chose a rectangular shape rather than the typical square layout...and the button studs for the corners are a nice touch.