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  1. Chesapeake Leatherworker's Guild Restarting

    Greetings All, I hope that everyone's Thanksgiving was good and you had time to spend with family and friends. The next meeting of the guild will be on Dec.16, 2017 from 1-3 PM at the Tandy store in Baltimore. The store's address is: 128 Eastern Blvd. Essex, MD 21221. Please call the store if you need directions at 410-780-9699 or TF 1-866-663-1494. Brian
  2. Chesapeake Leatherworker's Guild Restarting

    Yes, I'm hoping that we can get enough people interested to make this a monthly thing. Right now, I'm looking at the third Saturday of each month from 1-3 PM. That will give the store time to have their morning class and then the guild meeting after. Brian
  3. Greetings to all, The Chesapeake Leatherworker's Guild is restarting!!! Our first meeting will be on Saturday Nov. 18, 2017 from 1-3 PM at the Tandy Leather Store located at 128 Eastern Blvd. Baltimore MD 21221. For directions to the store please call 410-780-9699. All levels are welcome, you may bring a sample of your work to share, if you wish.
  4. Revolver Cartridge Box Pattern

    Contact Brazos Jack on this forum and talk to him about a pistol cartridge box. He has a pattern for the box, and they come out looking just like what you posted the picture of. Cheers, Brian
  5. Sewing Leather To Cotton ?

    Perhaps you should think about using a regular ball point stitching needle like the type you get from Tandy Leather. A diamond type needle is a "cutting point" and will cut the material. A "ball point" needle will push the fibers aside and not cut them. The saddle stitch should work fine for what you plan on doing. Brian