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  1. That looks nice. I've used some Horween horse shoulders, chromexcel, Essex and some Orion. Good stuff. Those curved corners are hard to crease, huh? I need that smaller round tip for that.
  2. Made this back quiver for Archery Hall of Fame Ceremony

    Nice work D. You've got a style all your own!
  3. Acrylic aquarella paint used on leather edges!

    Here is a properly painted edge. This is my work. I used Fenice from Italy purchased at Tandy under their brand name Professional Leather Edge Paint . The leather is Horween Horse shoulder. The edges must be glued flush. Paint, let dry, lightly sand. Repeat using a higher grit sandpaper, repeat, repeat, repeat all the way to 1500 grit. Polish with paraffin wax.

    Do you have a website? Facebook? Instagram? What kind/style of leather work?
  5. Why you should buy a round knife.

    I've been waiting since Dec 8 for a skiving knife from Knip. I checked in with him 2-3 weeks ago and he said he was just getting back in the shop after an injury.
  6. Wallet Edges

    Where the blue and orange leathers meet is dyed blue and burnished. He's a fine craftsman.
  7. Wallet Edges

    I posted the link to his Instagram account. Here it is again: He's got all kinds of edge photographs - burnished, folded and some painted. Lots of photographs of his pricking irons too. You can find the prices for his tools and wallets on his website.
  8. I bought the CS Osbourne zipper pliers and they're great for the top individual stoppers.
  9. Nice work. Is that a Riri #4? What did you crimp your bottom stopper with? I've tried several different types of pliers and nothing works really well.
  10. Wallet Edges

    ZJ hand stitches. He even sells pricking irons. A lot of the Asian leathercrafters use dye, lots of sanding to very high grits and CMC, tokonole or wax to finish their edges. They paint some too.
  11. Sunflower Notebook

    Sunflowers look great. I'd love to do a collaboration.
  12. Zipper installation multipurpose guide

    Riri #6 is: Zipper Teeth: 6mm Tape Width: 15mm per side (32mm total zipper width) Riri #4 is: Zipper Teeth: 4mm Tape Width: 12mm per side (26mm total zipper width)