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  1. Which snap buttons?

    Thanks, I'll check it out.
  2. Which snap buttons?

    I have this hand press too. Do you know if there are dies for the press snaps (Made by Prym) in the top picture?
  3. Weaver English Point Punches set

    Yes. Not sure what shipping would be to Australia.
  4. Splitting Shell Cordovan

    What leather do you plan on for interior? Send it out to be split. A couple places have band knife splitters now. Ask these if they'll split it... Rocky Mountain Leather Supply (Utah) District Leather Supply (Georgia) The Hide Shop (Canada)
  5. Dulles Bag

    I finally finished a Dulles bag. I bought The Book of Dulles Bag Making about a year and a half ago. Even though it's in Japanese there are so many photos that help you figure things out. It also comes with full size patterns. I used some Bridle shoulders and from Maverick and pigskin from Springfield Leather. The front and back panels have a stiffener in them. The handle is all leather with several layers sculpted and then covered. I made the frame from some aluminum bar stock and wrapped it with some grainy calf from Maverick. Hand stitched with Lin Cable @ 7tpi. Lots of mistakes but happy with it and glad it's done.
  6. Various Stamps For Sell

    $100 + $5 to ship.
  7. Splitting "thin" leather

    Yes, you can do this. You need a band knife splitter. They're very expensive.
  8. Does anyone know who made these tools?

    Wayne Jueschke also makes a lot of stamps like those.
  9. Good Places One Can Sell Leather Items For Sale

    That's the trick, you can't really do a search for an item or browse for things and find a shop. It's more like having your own website. You have to market your shop yourself using your site's address. I used it for a while and posted my link to my facebook and instagram pages but it didn't get much traffic. At one time there was a directory of sorts but I've read they shut that down.
  10. I give it at least 30 mins but it depends on the temperature in my garage.
  11. Wood box for my thread

    Thanks everyone, glad you like it.