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  1. YAYYY!!!! Knipknives

    Don't know how I missed this thread. I placed an order Dec 12 for a skiving knife.
  2. Various Stamps For Sell

    Bump for the new year. Everything in post #4 is still available. The 10 Craftool USA stamps are a set. The Clay Miller is also still available by itself.
  3. Set of two Vergez Blanchard pricking irons. Used, approximately 4 years old. Good condition, may need to be touched up. 9/10 - 10 teeth, 9 teeth per inch 9/2 - 2 teeth, 9 per inch Asking $175 shipped in the USA.
  4. Finished up the Sheridan style wallet

    Nice tooling and stitching. I wouldn't go any thicker on the interior. Otherwise you may end up with it being too thick.
  5. Four slot wallet

    Nice job for a first wallet. Getting the stitching to look right around the corners is always tough, try to tighten that up. Stitching is a little close to the edge. If you're going to burnish your edges try Hidepounder's tutorial.
  6. Clam, on the half shell.

    His site is down now. Here's a few more pics he sent me.
  7. Clam, on the half shell.
  8. Clam, on the half shell.

    Exactly what I want for a bench mounted stitching clam. This is a Moreau Clam. Do you own one? I tried to order one but he retired due to health problems.
  9. Wife's Christmas Present

    Awesome work.
  10. Clam, on the half shell.

    YinTx had a lot of good points there. Something catching my thread while stitching is about the most annoying thing on the planet. Or the object you're stitching moves or falls out of the clam because it's not tight enough.
  11. Navy zipper tape - YKK or Riri

    Buckle Guy:
  12. Elephant Card Wallets

    Thank you. For the pockets turned top edge I make a mark 1/2" and skive very thin, then use a straight edge and bone folder to fold 1/4" over and glue in place. The pockets top edge is then creased with an electric creasing iron. The interior is 2.5 oz Alran goatskin from France. I purchased it from Rocky Mountain Leather Supply.
  13. Elephant Card Wallets

    Thank you. The texture is cool, unlike any other leather I've used. I bought 1 sq ft of elephant for $60 but it looks like they don't currently offer 1 sq ft.