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  1. Floral Card Wallet

    Nice work Bob. I like that medium brown on the back. Did you dye it? Can you run your stitching groove before you dye?
  2. Original depth of 6 inch splitter blade

    I may need a new blade for my Landis soon. Let me know how yours is. Did it come scary sharp?
  3. Lining selection for your leather work

    How much money do you want to spend? How nice do you want it? How thin do you need it?
  4. Who makes/made this stamp?

    In this thread I posted a page of Wayne's stamps that I scanned. There are some similar.
  5. Gar Wallet

    Sounds interesting. I'd like to see a pic of the skin. Where are you located?
  6. Crocodile edges. Can you burnish them?

    I think crocodile and alligator are a little too soft for burnishing. You may get better results with edge paint. Build up several layers, sanding in-between each layer with finer and finer grit and then wax and buff.
  7. Nice day to stay inside from the storm from Hurricane Harvey. Hand stitched with gun metal Amy Roke linen thread. Edges painted with Fenice.
  8. First ever bag!

    Nice work. I did one very similar to this almost a year ago. I used a Horween double horse front.
  9. Draw gauge

    Good idea and nice touch with the deer antler.
  10. My guess as to the glue is some type of water-based Renia, perhaps Aquilim GL, SG or 315. It might also be Saregum 130.
  11. Wuta Stitching Irons

    Left and middle look good to me. I agree the .8 looks a little bulky. How many teeth on the other iron?
  12. First handstitch handbag

    Muy bueno!
  13. Dixon pricking

    Contact them at that website and ask if they have some left.