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  1. Splitting "thin" leather

    Yes, you can do this. You need a band knife splitter. They're very expensive.
  2. Does anyone know who made these tools?

    Wayne Jueschke also makes a lot of stamps like those.
  3. Show me your wallet

    Thank you.
  4. Good Places One Can Sell Leather Items For Sale

    That's the trick, you can't really do a search for an item or browse for things and find a shop. It's more like having your own website. You have to market your shop yourself using your site's address. I used it for a while and posted my link to my facebook and instagram pages but it didn't get much traffic. At one time there was a directory of sorts but I've read they shut that down.
  5. First time using edge paint from Giardini

    I give it at least 30 mins but it depends on the temperature in my garage.
  6. Wood box for my thread

    Thanks everyone, glad you like it.
  7. Wood box for my thread

    Thanks. Yeah it beats the plastic box I had it in. Makes the shop (garage) look a little nicer.
  8. Wood box for my thread

    I recently commissioned a friend who does woodcraft to make a box to hold my linen thread spools. The base is made from Cherry with Wenge corner pins. The top is a 39-piece mosaic made from wenge, sapele, maple, chakte, zebrawood, purpleheart and rosewood.
  9. a belt for every occasion

    Great stuff. I was in Juneau from 2000-2010.
  10. First time using edge paint from Giardini

    Looks pretty good so far. I use Fenice and paint just about all of my work now. When using paint: I don't burnish at all - cut or sand your edges as even as possible. I do not bevel my edges. I use a Regad electric creaser. I do about 4 coats with sanding in between each coat. Using 220, 400, 800 and 1500 grits. Paint and sand until you have no visible seams, bubbles and cracks. I finish with paraffin wax and buffing. I prefer a matte finish paint. Hope this helps some, keep experimenting.
  11. Back quiver and matching arm guard

    Nice work. You've got a style all your own.
  12. Show me your wallet

    I'm carrying this right now. Marine French goat with navy alligator pockets. It's fully lined with goat split to .5mm. Fenice painted edges and I restitched it with Yellow Lin Cable.
  13. Clay miller tools, who uses them?

    I have one that I designed and he made. I don't use it much anymore but it's good. I think it would look better if I had tweaked the design a little more. I have 3 Barry Kings. I think they leave a deeper impression but that could just be that my leather was cased better or I hit the tool harder. I'll have to try the Clay Miller again.
  14. Good Places One Can Sell Leather Items For Sale

    Big Cartel has several options for a shop, the lowest level is free.
  15. Stitching horse.

    Nice find.