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  1. Cutting table features

    Thanks for sharing ....great idea!
  2. Just out of curiosity, did you figure out that question about hair on hide inlay? And what was it that you were creating?

  3. Old dog and some new tricks.. 'bout time to share

    Great work.....love that it is really something different!
  4. Straps cracking

    Brian, I am off to buy the roller foot for my skiver and if needed utilize your adaptions. Your advice is spot on for my alligator challenges.....thank you ! Thank you ! I look forward to future info. especially on edge work as exotics / gator is always a challenge. A huge hug from me to you! Jeanne
  5. Recent Projects Embossed Bible Cover

    Overal nicely done. But great job on the zipper too! They can be a :$&(@!
  6. Straps cracking

    hi Rocky, your buckle extension method is a great idea to avoid turning horn back/exotic to eliminate cracking the gator or to just to add additional length when material is limited. thanks for sharing this clever idea!! Fat Dog - Jeanne
  7. Cobra Class 3

    I own a cobra 4 and cannot say enough good things about the machine!!! Also own a class 18 - love it ! Customer service is excellent. Here is the link to the site: http://www.leathermachineco.com/ Located in Calf. If your in Fla contact Lui at Daddys Leather supply as they are a dealer for Cobra: 305-260-4532. Good luck !! Jeanne
  8. Hey Cedric, 

    I am in Okeechobee where are you in the big Fla.?


    1. Cedric LopezAlmeida
    2. Primosand


      Very nice work. I would like to add alligator to my bags. Where do you buy your gator hides?

      Just starting to work with leather and lambskin ... this is the top opening section of a large duffle. I'm trying to figure out how to do a very clean, reversible, lambskin lining in all my bags.

      I see we both have the same crappy cutting mat. Numbers on the inside field instead of on the outside where you would be able to see them.

      I would love to find a good reliable source for alligator hides.

      thanks for sharing


      2016-10-26 011.jpg


  9. Crocodile Clutch

    You both have beautiful work.... Edge painted or turned. Very, very nice!! Thanks for sharing.
  10. Cheap? splitter,skiver and sander

    Brain, much thanks for the suggestions above. I am moving into a new shop and will definitely incorporate the vac system on the sander and vac on the skiver .... Using the high temp paint. Appreciate all your advice. Jeanne
  11. Cheap? splitter,skiver and sander

    Sad news on the cobra splitter for soft leather and exotics. The band knife splitter you note is a Big Chunk of Change....$12000. +. Too rich for my blood right now. I also called cobra to see if there is any further adjustment on the unit..... and no such luck! Here is my consew bottom feed skiver....No suction on it. The waste being cut off is always an issue unless physically removed from the bell knife area. Pls. Let me know your thoughts on the roller foot attachment for the alligator material . Thanks again!! Jeanne
  12. Cheap? splitter,skiver and sander

    Hi Brian, I must have misspoke ....as what I have is a cobra splitter - 14 " blade; that can be too aggressive on the gator ( see pic). The skiver I have is a consew and has the standard slightly curved foot. But I am going to go for the roller foot as you noted. Any advice on reducing the gator material on the two types of machines would be much appreciated. Thanks again on the above sanding demo; I recently used it with great success! Also will incorporate the dust collection system. Thanks Jeanne
  13. Skiving Machine Ripping Leather, please help !

    Thank you all for the words of wisdom. I have had a love hate relationship with my skiver. However I do believe after reading this I must be more thorough with sharpening my knife. Appreciate the advice!
  14. Cheap? splitter,skiver and sander

    Rocky, great pics and super idea. I too have a skiver and band knife splitter. But to be honest I sometimes have issues reducing my alligator material and my skiver is sometimes finicky and will for no reason grab the material and scalp it..... But only on costly leather - never the less expensive. The splitter is a cobra brand and is also sometimes too aggressive for alligator. So this sanding idea is a great alternative! Thanks for the info.