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  1. I heard of this from etsy gossip/talk last fall for their future plans. Off site chatter of course. I just suspected they were trying to organize purchases a bit better for accountability (after a scenario). It maybe noticed many products are actually from elsewhere and though purchased in a etsy store may have a bank charge location "only" as far as a Chinese interchange bank. So when your U.S. bank security checks that trans routing for your purchase it really slooows at that trans junction point. So maybe in all this etsy is trying to better control tranactions. At least those that are not normally, or properly completed, yet "charged for" when they should be auto cancelled. Just remember to not leave a cart with items, rather "empty it/remove items" if deciding to rush to log off especially if ccard info was given. ( or simply buy the stuff of course ) Good day Edit: i mean when items were never delivered, and with no accountable tracking, emails etc.
  2. If he was headed through the midwest im sure we could come up with something. I really have enough to work with now. Sheeeesh sometimes think i need to be buffulo bill and run two at once "somehow" but quickly realize reality. Thanks for the great tip Floyd
  3. Have you found another replacement supplier for that color nylon. I had white 277 nylon from another company that didn't work out similarly so went with poly and havent looked back. Im sure many said the same with the cotton to nylon revolution. I talked to Coats here in the states but as a small quantity I needed they had gave me a few companies for these amounts. Even these companies wanted to sell a box "really". I often thought like a lot of things if i just order a pallet load from coats it would be easy and just start puttin a sticker on it. As many others Part of learning all the conections i suppose and working the field. I have enough to do now so dont need the added headaches. Have a good weekend everyone!
  4. Possibly in your test scenario ? In the video on your channel i cannot see the top thread tensioner being used. And again maybe the testing or can you explain any tips with this setup.
  5. Welcome ! Your in the right place. have a good day Floyd
  6. Sure looks like a great find. With the name recognition and general respect I give them its an excellent build. It may have model tricks of its own. So hopefully some other owners can jump in the conversation for a buyer on a mission good day Floyd
  7. Uwe Hey thanks! for the video, it sure gives another perspective to look through. Besides i think to see that well the use of my hi-powr cheater glasses need found "again" As usual great work there Floyd
  8. Here is a place I went with though there are some others. It seemed pretty tough finding any coats brand in small quantites. Superior had good reviews and good service. I use 277 and not enough yet to make a big discussion but will stand up for them now. Good day there Floyd
  9. It may be easier if the thin leather you consider is tough, like one 1/8" leather. Not knowing what your projects are is a bit tougher. But anyway going from 1/2" or three quarter inch directly to some garmet or thin chap is going to take some machine adjustments. I put in 3/4 because half inch even requires thicker thread in leather than say thin outdoor garmet. A point to consider is if the thin stuff is using the big threads like 277, 346, and up. Here is where some of the saddle Pros could help in my opinion if indeed these are the shop focus. Good day there Floyd
  10. You have done some great homework and made some good machine choices, i can only add and seriously believe this here reducer pulley setup will be as well a good investment in goodtimes. Good day Floyd
  11. Hey thanks Jason (homie) Trying to get all these things movin the same direction is starting to be work. Lucky to have a crowd to field all the parts n pieces questions. The big focus now is transfering to production versus shop build up. This is again different than previous carreer, so a step at a time. Im still not locked in with a seperate leather bench, on its own. good day Floyd
  12. I have seen one like that 30 miles from me way back when i thought! i knew what i know today. I let the opportunity get away and so that thought keeps reminding me, like a turkey thinking it can get through a boxwire fence. Since then all my machines havent been in my State fwiw The known setup from Gregg is a big + thanks Uwe for posting the page, the machine would be a great asset to someones shop. Floyd
  13. A few machines it took a long time to work up to. What I can say is there was a lot of great post i tried to figure out just what was being said in years past. In time it came together and so moving forward with some canvas projects and in time more leather projects. In these pics are a Juki 1508NH running 190 needle system, this is a brute, its a top load bobbin machine. Just beyond is a cylinder arm Juki 1341 running the 135x17 system. A machine very dear to collars, cuffs, and any boat ladders type crap going up through canvas. Besides all the bags and corners. It still sux trying to hold yards of canvas trying to work some od ball radar or ladder sleeves. Both machines using sew quiet servos 5000 and the cyl arm using a 6000 series i would like to refit both with pulley reduction system with the box style. These motors can punch some holes but as an old retired wrench, designing machines gear or pulley systems should be to keep at the medium, not stressing. I believe this would be best for heavy leather punchin. Taking a gander on back in the photo is a Cobra class 4, I picked up last year and so glad to have been part of that deal. Its ready for the big thread whenever thats needed, running 277 thread for now. I can say the site here has given me lots to think about, and many times my questions i can imagine the eye rolls! And cannot blame anyone honestly. But anyhow a big thanks to the help around here, I've got a hell of lot to learn. Good day Floyd
  14. If it helps thead size in 138 is the maximum you could use. If this is what you require in your products your good to go! good day there Floyd
  15. I have heard this 241 model Juki is a predecessor to the later 1541 and it having different letter designators in the model number also. I believe some here could describe very well the relationship Nakajima had with Juki's big startup? Many on the site here have and use these models daily, myself included. Digging through searchs has several mentions of the 241. Google even leads back to here many times in search. If you have a price thats a good start here, but any letter designators in the model number would really help answer better. Sometimes only stickers and they can be history so other visual things could help. I mentioned the model type as a keynote. It has been a learning experience for myself, so much that some things ask can help others give recommendations easier. In this model i am also interested if it has a bobbin case opener lever, always curious when that model of hook setup was installed. Good luck Floyd