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  1. Specs on an Econosew 2060E8BLD

    You may try to look at the clone history. Skip the name and use the number may help good day Floyd
  2. Our Beloved Friend Ebay

    The great write up here is really beneficial, just wanted to say thanks for the tips. A real eye opener in so many ways. Good day there Floyd
  3. Nice That mitsubishi looks like a singer 212, plain needle feed but really I cannot see it that well. Your other pick the consew sure looks to have a walker setup, though you may have to do creative back stitch, as it doesn't look to have reverse. In either choice one of the dealers here as mentioned can sure find the needle gauge for you. good day there Floyd
  4. Im not yet familar with the brother machine yet, the other 267 is interesting. Curious on the Durkopp, what is the other number part ( 267-373) possibly. As I understand the older ones are probably much better, being made in Germany. As mentioned the 267 is very good quality and very expensive as I understand. While looking around I see the brother can really sew fast and this describes to me it must be balanced very well for this style machine. It has an 8mm max stitch length, Wow!. I noticed in description it has a oil pump, so if its been taken care of this in my mind can be a great machine for you. I would like and need to hear more about the oil system, as these are really capable for fast sewing I question myself can it still oil as well sewing very slow. This has been discussed before on many others. And for that matter the other machine may have a oil pump also. So if either has been taken care of well they should be a great machine. good day there Floyd
  5. Supplier near me and suggestions

    Its been 2+ years already I will be serious, So as a start I remember in one of the sticky's about leather machines Wizcraft made some great comments, some referencing thread size and some use in leather items. The machines you list possibly need separated, just because the 2500 and 3500 are different and handle bigger thread levels, they both use a shuttle type bobbin typical in heavier machines. Between these two the 3500 is a serious keeper in the same class as the 4500 with a shorter cylinder, so its a big dog. The others Juki 341, Cobra 26 and CB-227 are in the medium class typically heavy canvas and upholstery and leathers in that thickness range. To be clear and this I think is most important, most thread in these is 69, 92, 138 in my opinion. Some people run 46 through these machines their whole life, in others they may be Super tuned to use 207. This size of thread need discussed with the professional dealer and persons that use them with this thread and how interchangeable. This is the best step forward, running these questions around and even getting your own answers with some of these new ideas, issues and just every ones thoughts. Floyd
  6. Consew P1206rb tension issues?

    Your saying that because ?possibly the bottom side thread is like banjo string tight and not yielding to the top, or not centering the knot in material. Am I picking this up correctly on the top tension maxed Its a great idea on the purchase of multiple bobbin cases, this I heard from others several times and so made it a priority in doing. Initially I had the question for myself on some of them tension gauges they sell. So I had an abstract method, get this, I used 27 grams of weight dropping over the table edge in a hokie made canvas pouch and was a good start for a new one in my 92 thread setup. This weight amount was from some projects that I thought the thread stitch was good. Good day Floyd
  7. Needle hitting hook

    Good afternoon! Here is a link, and if your using your cell phone, dealer advertisements are who knows where ( in humor ) On the old laptop here they show up on top screen if you have them turned on.
  8. Needle hitting hook

    It may be an ideal time to give Bob or his son Bobby a call at Toledo Sewing. One of the Cowboy dealers and familiar here on the site. Floyd
  9. Would it be correct that the harness feet are more designed for either a narrow feed dog, smooth or toothed. Or actually the sloted plate less any feed dog. Curious Floyd
  10. Needle hitting hook

    In looking at the hook and needle contact by way of removing the cover plate and possibly the feed dog. Can you tell if this contact is still in the scarf area of the needle as it should. I ask this in the event the needle bar has raised from the clunk. As it may have because the needle hitting the plate or feed dog. Good day there Floyd
  11. I went back and re read the post and as always learned more. Good pickup Darren On my behalf, im on this labor day Holiday stretching for an excuse. ( cough cough Im readjusting mine a bit ) Here goes: the walker foot recently mounted has the raised area for thread stitch bury. Anyway I thought it worthy on holiday here. Thanks for the tip, Cheers! Floyd
  12. Uwe thats a nice set, curious on the feet surface are they smooth, thank you. Im considering if one were to use that walker foot with the custom inline presser feet that are available. Its close to the same width as walker style. I think i might give that a go for this project with the hi part, One could have the project run on the outside. Possibly another option is the standard blanket plate and its feed dog. It looks thin but may be to much bite for some materials. Floyd
  13. Interested You bring up a great task many would like to do. For myself better, easier and more efficient. I followed the leads and yet have not seen a photo either. In short I took a look at Hightex accessory pics but no luck on these special numbers. I will have another look around. Thanks for the part numbers. Floyd
  14. Servo Motor Fried?

    I would go ahead and call Gregg at Keystone to get a sew quiet motor headed your direction. Not sure of your projects but these are plug n play motors. good day there Floyd
  15. Yes I agree and understanding a bit. In my thinking the semi-suede used can actually have leather in it, though from some upholstery points a lot is "if leather" is probably ground up bits and then sprayed onto the textile backer. Im wondering what a photo could help here and so just recommending a restart. Possibly any mention in layers and any other recent issues. Thanks for the tips and have a good weekend Floyd