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  1. Juki DNU-241H stitch problem

    Turning the thread guide down could help a bit. Although I dont believe that is the real problem. I would take a look at the disc surfaces by removing them for an inspection. Floyd
  2. Juki DNU-241H stitch problem

    Are you saying you discovered that the thread was not down in between securely in the tension disc “ totally” at start up. As it cannot ride on top even though between sorta. I understand, thats for sure will be loose if one rides the knee lift bumper, that happens to us all at sometime. Good day there Floyd
  3. Juki DNU-241H stitch problem

    Some of the main issues in that link were thread path as I re-looked at the photos. In your post here, in this try out segmentwhat have you done differently. Also I wonder how much tension is on the top thread. This is always a curious thing. Good day Floyd
  4. Uwe: I want to thank you for this explanation. This thread guide has been an interest for awhile. These professional tips and design facts you have provided about this part with its adjustment features are great! In my machines future adjustments I can now work on in the days ahead, and certainly have an understanding how to better set this thread guide. Really appreciate the help, and Have a great day Floyd
  5. Im looking for some clues on how this particular thread guide plays a role. Adjustment of this guide is up or down and can be turned and mounted upside down. This is on Juki 1341, 1541 several 1500 series and I have seen it on some other brands including Consew in the below pic, item 9 is the location Thanks for your help, its appreciated Floyd
  6. Many people have an option to change the motors pulley to the smallest diameter they can get for that motor shaft. This likely requires a v-belt change also, and is probably the cheapest and best you can do with that setup. Though speed is definitely noticeable its not crawlin slow by any stretch. Another very good addition is to lengthen that typical clutch motors lever, the foot pedal link is connected to. So these clutch types do not have ability to slow the actual motor down. Moving from that a photo of that machine area could help in descriptions. In other considerations a servo motor may be an option, and this is a good time to ask one or call one of the dealers that are posting in this machine area. Have a good day Floyd
  7. Well congrats! I think you made a focused decision. Now just narrowing it down to calling Alexander or Bob on the 3200. It will be great to hear from you in the times ahead with other machine selections benefitting your company. This is fun spending others money Good day Floyd
  8. Juki 1341 experience? pros cons?

    With your 246 clone is there any movement up and down in that gear and shaft in your photo. Had been curious just how these played a role with pfaff design On a side note, Kinda wish my class 4 had a oil pan like you've shown ? I just keep a paper shop towell in there as theres no cast iron bottom rather just the table top. Its an updating i guess they made the bottom section on the 1341 a cast iron pan, with a threaded drain hole. If’n you decide to pull that all apart it might be a great video post in itself. Checking end play and gear paint pattern mesh and all. Its sure worth a call to the tech. Their daily task with these is hard to pass up Floyd
  9. Juki 1341 experience? pros cons?

    I hear a few different areas to try and distingquish. I suspect one is the binder part touching in a constant, then the later one that seems to vari in its movement. Is there an option to veiw the hook during this run to try the seperation of these. Also is the speed a part in the various noise levels help in elimination. Im also curious of the bobbin fill and placement and just all that area we all flashlight into. Good day there Floyd
  10. I seriously think the choice in the projects requiring thread size you want is your best path. This can be thinner or thicker material thickness in the same products of others. In that your post title or description is excellent! It is tough for sure, but there is a initial reason for all this hobby of yours, so its that path to keep in narrow focus. Good day Floyd
  11. Juki 1541S Lose Stitches

    Do you use the same needle size in the other machine. Possibly with bigger thread, just curious why the 140 vs a 110 maybe. Not that this would have a big effect here, but i do like to ask. Have a good day Floyd
  12. How about using some chicago screws, in the same way. Squared good day there Floyd
  13. Cowboy CB1618 vs CB227R vs ... ?

    I think your narrowing it down! If you could at the present decide just how thick of thread you want or dont want to “see” on your double layerd belts this will shorten the deciding process. Im pretty sure most people find a median in their projects that require little change in their machine adjustments. This is also the very same problem why you see a couple different machines in their future. Im not sure the reason factories do this but i think its just to be cool So to really nail it down, a mention of wallet designs of interest specfically or a few photos may help others fine tune their answer to help. IE my biker friends wallets on a chain that some use. These tend to use bigger thread for looks mostly, not that 138 and under isn't perfectly fine. In that example; under one tent there maybe all gear with 138 and under thread and his or her buddys tent next may have all big thread in the same gear. In that I can mean gear that doesnt really require that thread strength. But unless ya have a friend that you can help offset this specific and probably promote each other, well ya just have to make the decision. Good day Floyd
  14. Looks like you found another nice machine. Regards to the subclass differences maybe have to google some singer sites. I believe refering to servicing can be very vague for mechanic or technician related task. Especially if the mechanical trade is your history. We may seem ocd about specific task done being the relevant. I respectfully mention that in reference to other issues with the prior machine or machines in discussion. Being that the troubles or issues can and sometimes be a or need operator adjustment for a particular new project. With that I find it handy to veiw the operator check list in the operator manuals. This has helped me in the past. I sure was looking for one of them machines not so long ago, in searching the site here you could find a lot of singer machine post. Sames goes as above google may be faster in that search and specifically pointed at this site in the search. Have a good day Floyd
  15. Yes, I agree totally keeping within the machines needle specification. I believe some listings or columns are typical and historical for certain manufacturing. It is a big business for sure and now regions of the global interest are more educational for us all. Sounds like your enjoying the new machine. A big congratulations on that ! Floyd