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  1. Sewing machine

    I would try to be patient and keep a real good eye on craigslist or some local sales. In the mean time keep stitchin away building the bank. Good day Floyd
  2. servo motor grumble

    A video would possibly be a great help. I am trying now this morning to reconsider the mention: accelerate to the problem, yet if let off and re-accelerate quickly this issue disappears. Good day Floyd
  3. servo motor grumble

    You may have done this already. But if you can eliminate the machine belt, so to check the other drives. This may isolate an issue easier. Also it seems this aproach also works for listening or feeling the machine issues. This can be a great method in troubleshooting. Good luck and keep us posted Floyd
  4. Any of the machine companies most likely will send their product by truck freight. In total this would be the cheapest I’m sure. Figure that amount, it’s not much of a negotiable cost. Although the cost can be moved about within the dealer cost and profit. Probably need a project list to have a more specific answer here. As this question can lead several to suggest a thread size. So with strictly 69-138 the standard machines are great, with standard adjustments. Now finding a longer cylinder arm non- shuttle machine. Well this is a real stretch I believe, best of luck though. Good day Floyd
  5. You may have to locate a seller with quantities your intetested in. Sometime this is the kicker. With that the Scovil company is a pretty old supplier. I can say with this company the Durable snaps they offer that are plated with nickel are brass based. Or the ones I get in 24 size but they do make a lot. Anyway each snap has a spring in it, this wire is brass in color; for regular tension. The tougher snap offered has a bronze color spring, wire color. Now ya know the rest of the story. There seems to be many companys now that have some really cool styles and finishes. I am only familar with the above, good luck. Good day Floyd
  6. You scored bigtime! I also agree, even with the 40mm smaller pulley, its only a bit slower. With yours or really all others interested in leather particularly. The reducer pulley systems offered are the best option. These will seriously put you where you want with control. Thats more than two cents, but all I got so Floyd
  7. Singer 111w103

    If you could find and replace the lower pulley as mentioned, it would be in your best interest. Good day Floyd
  8. I can say two things factually : that machine would look better in my shop : ) The other is that machine must have been in a clean corner in its past. Nice find! good day Floyd
  9. Thank you Wizcrafts, as I had been curious lately and wondered if the 3200 may have different and or lighter tension and presser spring. Good day Floyd
  10. How To Slow It Down...

    What other company’s are in your locations. Just thinking here and curious if somethings in the U.K. Especially within a 250.euro range and is obtainable with reasonable shipping or freight charges. Good day Floyd
  11. Cleanly cutting scraps

    I am extremely happy with the Olfa 60mm rotary knife. I do think this can be another tool for your task there. Initially after hearing almost the same I got interested. There was a good discount coupon ( like 40% off ) for the craft store and this was the boost. I can and will say the blade out of the box is excellent. With smaller corner cuts a different or smaller diameter blade would be a benefit. ( both my and family member opinion ) The Fiskars brand I have acquired has a smaller 45mm diameter blade. I still have both with original blades installed this Fiskars blade is not as sharp period, and this at its beginning. Although the handle does give a better sense of safety, with its style, but if more pressure is required this safety sense aspect is lost. Just my opinion ( i do have extra blades ) For reference: olfa usage, 2 year, 30 yards of cuts, marine canvas, leather trimming. As above just refference: fiskars usage, 4 months, first 5 yards thin cotton fabric I think these rotary blades are, just a tool and have a place. Its my best opinion a couple lengths of protective straightedge can be a great addition with these. There are some benefits if the straight edge has a gripp type bottom surface. Good day Floyd
  12. How To Slow It Down...

    Thanks for the reply, it helped steer me away from thinking any capacitor issues. I have to mention an investment in a Servo motor will be a good choice. It will help a serious amount in a slower machine speed. If an extreme reduction is needed the use of a pulley speed reducer is warranted. These can be purchased and or built, there are some very new styles. These new styles have some benefits, in either case the reducers do have a steep cost. A point to think about is the factory handwheel pulley, most are very small diameter. This as you know is for speed, as garmet sewing is all about putting out the products, a lot! Good day Floyd
  13. How To Slow It Down...

    We initally should ask or address your mention of “ it needs quite a push”. So I think I might understand one reason but more importantly the picture leads me to this question: When does the motor need this push? Is it when the power is turned on or well after and any time later when you want to hit the sew/go pedal. Good day Floyd
  14. Don: thanks for the heads up on their feature and the on sales tip, appreciated. Always helps with the information around here. Most importantly a great deal with a sale price. Good day Floyd
  15. I have found some little red handle scissors. Like most other people feel, their chosen choice well “ they just fit”. Im keeping one of these at each station, I'm not interested in chasing them down. They cost under 20.00 and they are handy. These have enough tension/ pin pressed, not to flop around. In this thread cutting task at the machine and it works. These even work on the other hand also, or back on my right hand. For small scissors they have bigger handles. To be a bit abstract I guess, two middle fingers fit. With fore finger and little finger helping to guide at fore and aft outside and plenty room for thumb in opposite handle. These are the Clauss # NK75848 Good day Floyd ps: while on the cutting edge topic, Utility ( lite HD) scissors I find handy for “smaller scissors” are also wearing a Clauss name; # FSS7 SP