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  1. Initial reasons I ask about the pulley arangement was to assess the use of plain ole 120v servo motor. Skip the 220 if possible. I was guessing that machine was geared already to use a small amount of power, and using machine parts as momentum. Im curious to hear any operational characteristics of these machines, mainly for any motor loads. Floyd
  2. Just to be curious, first. What hp motor is on it now, and what dia. pulley is on the motor at present. Do you have a photo of the back gearing/pulley arrangement possibly. Good day Floyd
  3. It could be a better option to call Bob and mention the situation. I suspect he has some left and right presser feet or a set. Similar to some of the zipper feet sets. Below is 1 photo of many from their site. Its sure possible to get these many places and from the machinery dealers that frequent the site so this is one option. Floyd
  4. You would save a lot of time and effort keeping it stored safely on a ground level, unless an industrial type building imo. Anyway this kind of large equipment could be moved by rolling on solid rod or pipes in stepped diameters carefully placed. I would look around your area for lift gate trucks with the capacity to lift this and haul it. They likely have hand operated fork lifts so to move around pallets say from truck to the other close area. Thats my .02 cents Good day Floyd
  5. Greetings and salutations from SW Missouri :)

    Welcome to the forum Sam Just a nod to both you Missourians saying Hello from your capital city JC good day to ya Floyd
  6. If you handle the price of the 2810 then consider the Durkopp Adler 867. There are so many cloning the 1500 series Juki its pittifull. The NH is a bit different than the others. If i hadn't stumbled upon a 1508nh brand new in govt surplus auction, I had only one other on my mind, the 2810. Im not sure even today if it could best the 1508NH although if I found a deal as I did but the 2810 it would be in my shop. It really depends what exactly you want to do, honestly. This specfic needs brought up to be accurate in your purchase. Just remember most items that are made anywhere are or can be easily stitched with an old standard they all look up to still today the Singer. If your looking for a machine this place here is exactly where you want to hash them out. Many great ideas have been used in the redesign of the old machines so its really possible ( not by me ) but others to pin point designs implemented from others to just plain newer machines and even their clones. Good day Floyd
  7. sewing thread and suppiers

    I found Superior Threads company nice to work with. If considering colors I recomend their sample card, both in Poly and Nylon. This is a real time saver if selecting colors for match or to highlight. I found the above after countles calls for big thread from coats, who i still regard as a measure others to keep up with. But Big thread in poly was just a real pain attemting to find in small quantities. Miami company has been the choice for my marine type, SolarFix PTFE thread requirements. Good day Floyd
  8. Binder attachment for cylinder bed

    I think the first photo looks to have a plate designed already for an attachment. The diamond insignia may be known by others here. Its obvious a pro part. I would say though some binders can be a bit time consuming to install even though a benefit in usage. Something to really ask about in my oppinion. Good day Floyd ps: an excellent topic
  9. Feed dog/inner foot binding up?

    Its possible the feed dog is loose, if im understanding your description. Its normally a slow continuous movement. May have to remove the motor belt, threads and feed dog cover and carefully get a better view if possible. With the stitch knob is there a spec on stitch per inch, or how is it referred in the book. Some machines refer differently, by that 3 per inch is a long stitch. Good day Floyd
  10. Feed dog/inner foot binding up?

    Here can be some tips on pages 3 with points of lubrication, and sometimes others only people as Bob or Gregg may know about having seen the insides of these beast. Anyway good luck Floyd
  11. Its a great concept. In reading through the above post, one could consider another hack if ya want to call it that. I actually think it should have been a first choice for the manufactures addressing the issue, from the begining. But to consider, there are few factory operators needing slow starts. No-matter its a pita but a relatively easy mod! If you look into it more and make your decision. First a small pulley option with them servos is also a requirement. This mod and small pulley are an additional help feature, but nothing comparing to a reducer pulley setup which would be a great investment for leather work. Good day Floyd
  12. Yes thats more of my experiences, the 15series. Its always a great interest in looking through some others manuals for following their troubleshooting. Thanks Gregg for the manuals, sure puts a light on some of these issues we talk and ask of you Pros good day Floyd
  13. Just wanted to agree that the top shaft and rod adjustment Bob mentions, can Spin and is a key adjustment i find “ not easy”. I find the manual and following these steps to adjust are critical, particularly this area of mention. Thats all i got Floyd
  14. Cowboy 3200

    Depending on your address and location shipping and if wanted, residental delivery needs clarified. This can entail extra for the delivery truck using a lift mechanisim made on their truck, vs you and a fork lift as some commercial companies have. Im just saying this tailgate lift is an extra. That all needs discussed so the location is a big deal. All the dealers have this information easily managed and explainable, as your part. Far as machines their are many Winners of Leather work that have used and like their machines, one should keep these in high regard. Good day Floyd
  15. Most of these size machines can come with the standard table, having a center cutout. Probably only optional pedestal stands are from dealers that frequently visit the LW site here. The Seiko and Juki machines are available, and so with any of your choices small thread size is the standard here. I honestly have not heard of any discussion in particulars or specfics how any big threads are used. I recommend one to get a stand that will be for their specfic area. If you like or need an open area to the left. Then a table or stand with these provisions should be built or obtained. Your work area actually can help on this. This size machine i utilized an existing work table, i honestly need lots of access both front and side. Its always a great idea to do the homework on the best machines offered then its more your choice understandably. Good day Floyd ps: obtain a real light with the machine