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  1. Black line on leather?

    Cut the line with a groover and apply antique finish. Other option is to use a creasing tool that is hot enough to burn the leather a bit to darken it. Third option is cut the groove with a groover or swivel knife and use leather paint to paint the groove. All methods should work to varying degrees. Gary
  2. Just Had To Do Something!

    Nice design - I need to make something like this. My wallet is so stuffed full of cards and such I can't carry it in my pocket! Gary
  3. How do I cut a straight belt border?

    I use a steel ruler and run my swivel knife down the edge - works great. For longer pieces I have a 4 foot ruler clamped to the edge of my bench that holds the leather securely and provides a straight edge to follow, but have to be careful not to mark the leather. Best to clamp the dry leather first, then wet the edge you will be cutting. Gary
  4. Vacume Forming Leather Goods

    I have done small projects with a food sealer. Works well - I put a smooth piece of thin plywood or another piece of leather between the project and the textured side of the bag to prevent the bag pattern from marking the leather. Experiment a bit - you will have fun with it! Gary

    That’s some beautiful carving! Gary
  6. Greetings from Louisiana

    Welcome and nice job on the holster! I’m curious about the cupped piece at the bottom of the holster - don’t recall seeing this style before. What’s the purpose? Gary
  7. 12 Ga Shell Holder

    Thanks Falcon! Thanks alpha - it’s a simple design - just a cross that is stitched up the sides with the longest section flipped over for the belt loop. If you need dimensions I can measure my template later today. Gary
  8. 12 Ga Shell Holder

    Hah! Those were my favorites too back in the 60’s along with their competitor Dog & Suds!
  9. 12 Ga Shell Holder

    Made a belt pouch to hold 12 ga shells for my friend’s retirement party. Used 4-5 oz leather stitched with .8mm tiger thread.
  10. Branding tool

    I have a branding tool I bought years ago for woodworking. It's made of brass and I heat it up with a propane torch. Tried it on leather once and it worked OK, but it is easier to use my arbor press and another stamp I have to imprint my name onto leather. I ordered the branding iron from Woodworker's Supply, but it was many years ago. Do a Google search for wood branding irons and you will find them in all price ranges on line. Gary
  11. CB3200

    Looks just like mine when I received it! A little filing brought it square - I also notched my needle foot - makes it much easier to see where needle is going to hit - just have to be careful when holding threads at start of stitching - I learned the hard way that if the thread slips outside the foot and you are pulling the needle to the side it will hit the needle foot with bad results! Gary
  12. slow stitching speed

    Jeff - you are spot on - doesn't make a difference how a product is made, if the quality is poor, it is not acceptable. There are well made mass-produced items as well as hand made items. On the flip side, there are also very poor quality mass-produced and hand made items. When I buy something I don't particularly care how it was made or how long it took to make, as long as the quality is acceptable and it meets my expectations! Gary
  13. Tom, I agree with you about the alcohol fumes - that's why I generally try to apply dye to large pieces outside. Thanks for bringing this important point to everyone's attention. Gary
  14. John - I spray in my basement. I put a large disposable aluminum pan (the kind you buy to roast a large turkey) in front of a box fan with two furnace filters in front of the fan. I have a large piece of cardboard behind the pan to contain the spray. Turn the fan on so it is pulling air from the pan area and spray away. Overspray is sucked into the filters and for small jobs it works great. The pan contains any overspray and drips from the airbrush. Been doing it this way for a couple of years now with no problems. For larger jobs that would generate a lot of fumes, I go outside, weather permitting. In the winter or in inclement weather I have to spray indoors, but I wear a face mask to keep the nasty funes away. Gary
  15. How to keep my ruler from sliding?

    I have a 48” ruler bolted to the edge of my bench. I loosen the bolt on one side, slip the leather under the ruler and align it, then tighten the bolt. I press down on the ruler as I cut and it keeps the leather very secure while cutting. For obvious reasons it will not work with pieces too large to fit under the ruler. Gary