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  1. My first tote bag

    Nice job Tom! I think it looks great. Gary
  2. Hi from the Netherlands

    Beautiful work Marjolien!! Gary
  3. Craftool Pro Splitter

    Thanks everyone for your feedback! The $200 price is for anyone on Black Friday - limited to quantity of stock at the store. I don’t want to spend a lot of money on a splitter because I don’t see myself using it that often, but I am curious about them and once I try one I may find more uses for it. As YinTx mentioned, there are a few posts on the subject - some l8e it and other not so much. If I get one next Friday I will post my comments on it! Gary
  4. Craftool Pro Splitter

    Just received a Tandy Black Friday flyer advertising their Craftool Deluxe 6” splitter for $200. SRP is listed at $550. Any comments on whether this is worth the price? Gary
  5. My latest Knife Scabbard.

    Nice looking sheath and knife! Looks like you have learned to use your new machine well. my only comment on design is that I think it would look cleaner and nicer without all the rivets. If you use good welts you shouldn’t need rivets all down the sheath. Personal preference LOL Keeo on stitching and learning your machine! Gary
  6. How to stiffen a notebook cover

    You can buy a large sheet of bag stiffener from Tandy - it’s pretty inexpensive. easiest way to obtain binder spring clips may be to buy a couple of cheap binder notebooks at the dollar store and remove the clips. Gary
  7. Painting fine details? Help!

    I have only used gold gel,pens to highlight letters - worked well. Gary
  8. Painting fine details? Help!

    I use small plastic squeeze bottles with very fine metal tips to paint leather. You can get very fine detail if you are careful! Gary
  9. Cowboy 3200 wont run

    Suggest you remove the needle and pop the hook assembly out and like Matt says, look for any foreign objects in this area. Gary
  10. Airbush dye for leather?

    Hi Youri, You can spray pretty much any kind of dye using your airbrush as long as it is thin enough to flow through the airbrush. Doesn’t matter if it is water or oil based. I use both types and they work just fine. Gary
  11. The God of Wine

    Beautiful work Mike! Any estimate of how many hours you have into this piece? Gary
  12. I had to move one of the bolt holes in the table of my CB4500. Wasn’t a problem, but still a little annoying. Worked fine afterward. I would also contact the seller - looks like you may have a defective table. Gary
  13. Progress between sheaths

    Second sheath looks much better than the first! Edges look finished and smaller stitching is more appeal8ngnto the eye. Well done! Gary
  14. My latest belt

    I think it looks great! Gary
  15. Alternatives to cardboard

    I sometimes use rubber cement to glue leather to a vinyl kitchen placemat. Pulls right off when you finish tooling. You can buy them for about $1 Gary