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  1. I look forward to seeing more of your future projects!
  2. I think you did a great job on it! Can hardly believe this is only your second holster! Is it machine stitched or hand stitched?
  3. It looked like a professional setup, but this is really over the top- very nice!
  4. I have a double action Iwata airbrush and it seems to be of very high quality- good value for the price!
  5. I really like your setup! Question about your airbrush station - is it connected to an exhaust fan of some type? I put a furnace filter in front of a box fan when I am spraying small items and it seems to collect all of the overspray pretty well.
  6. I appreciate all the knowledgeable comments - I want to know which questions to ask when looking at machines!
  7. Just curious - was the problem with the original part that it had a rough edge that was fraying the thread as it fed through? Do you think this could have been a manufacturing defect or possibly wear over an extended period of time? I'm looking at buying a machine in the near future and it is good to know about these types of issues. Thanks!
  8. That's a shame that he replied like that. I run a small business and my mantra to my employees is " take care of the customer" - if they are not satisfied with a product, tell them they will get a refund no questions asked if they return the product in unused condition. If you were not satisfied with the quality, they should have immediately told you to return it. Negative publicity is much worse than simply taking care of an unsatisfied customer, assuming the product is returned as new. From where do you normally order leather?
  9. Just curious Ferg - was the quality OK? Looked at the website and the prices seem low if the quality of the leather is good.
  10. Look forward to it! Always looking for ways to do things better!
  11. I used to use a couple of wood clamps to hold my stitching pony to my workbench, but my threads would often catch on the clamps when sewing. I decided to get rid of the clamps and use a cleaner method to hold the pony to my bench. I drilled two 5/16" holes through my bench and pony and installed 1/4 x 20 T nuts under the bench. Went to Lowes and bought a couple of 6" pieces of 1/4 x 20 threaded rod, two knobs threaded with 1/4 x 20 inserts and two fender washers. As you can see from the photos, the pony is firmly held by the two threaded rods and there is much less chance that my threads will get caught on hardware. When I want to have more unobstructed space to spread out leather for cutting, I simply unscrew the two bolts and remove the pony.
  12. The bag I made for my daughter in law used a liner made from pigskin. Made the liner the same size as the bag, stitched it around the folded over top.
  13. Check the woodworking supply houses - I bought a small vacuum pump a few years ago to press veneer sheets onto wood and I also have suction pads to hold wood with a vacuum while I am working on the wood. Looks like it would be a simple matter to incorporate the venturi pump to compress a bag. Check out Lee Valley Tools or ebay for vacuum clamps.
  14. I bought the 1 ton press from Harbor Freight and it cost about the same. They sometimes have coupons up to 50% off selected items, but I needed a press and the extra $18 was not that important at the time. I drilled a 3/8" hole in the end of the ram and installed a set screw to hold stamps in place. The rivet setter fits perfectly and I bought a bushing at Lowes to use with smaller diameter stamps. I made a needle holder from a piece of 3/8" bar stock to hold standard machine needles when I want to punch holes in thick leather. The presses are handy to have around and you will find other uses for them as well!
  15. Here's a better picture of the inside divider before I sewed on the front