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  1. 2 more sheaths

    I just experimented with a couple of dyes - didn't really try to match the cigar color - I just liked the sunburst effect! I have a simple setup to spray in my basement - two furnace filters in front of a box fan - a large foil pan in front of the filters to catch overspray and drips when cleaning the airbrush- and a piece of cardboard surrounding the pan to prevent overspray. Simple and works really well!
  2. Those are some nice looking replicas!
  3. 2 more sheaths

    I have. $150 Pasche air brush that I rarely use - for dyeing and shading, spraying Resolene I use a cheap airbrush from Harbor Freight - was $10 with 20% discount and works great! I sprayed this cigar case with it.
  4. 2 more sheaths

    Nice job with the airbrush!
  5. Nice looking holsters. I see many talented leather workers in the U.K. making nice holsters, but isn't it almost impossible to own a handgun in the U.K.? I wouldn't think there would be much of a market for holsters.
  6. Logo/Website/Business Card Design

    I guess I was lucky - I had a good experience, but you certainly raise valid concerns!
  7. The dogs needed new collars

    Your hand stitching looks very good. Now I think I will try using padding inside a collar! What kind of padding material did you use?
  8. Logo/Website/Business Card Design

    Your comments are very valid and it does happen that designers pull stock images and reuse them. I think you have to check with the service on how they will help you if you find yourself in this situation. By the same token, an individual contractor could do the same thing - grab a copyrighted stock image and use it in their design. I considered both routes and I liked the idea of getting multiple concepts from different designers. At the end of the day, regardless of where you obtain your final design, if you want to protect it you will need to register it for copyright protection.
  9. The dogs needed new collars

    Those are nice looking collars! A couple of questions: 1. Did you machine sew right over the D rings? I have not tried sewing a D ring with a machine. 2. Looks like you folded the pigskin around the padding and then sewed it to the veg tan with the seam inside - is this correct? Looks nice and cushioned. 3. Seems to me that with the D ring positioned opposite the buckle and unpadded part of the collar, when you hook a leash onto the D ring, you lose the benefit of the padding because the buckle will be pulled up against the neck. I have positioned D rings on collars I make near the buckle for this reason. I'm learning and trying to understand the reasons behind some of the designs I see posted. Thanks for posting!
  10. Helloooooooo

    Thanks for the explanation about the quilter's half circle ruler - I might have to get one and give it a try!
  11. My First Dog Collar

    Good point - I also stitched the buckle end as extra insurance!
  12. Best sewing awl haft

    I think it makes sense to pay a little more up front and not have to replace tools after a short time. I have a lot of woodworking tools and I try to buy the best quality - imhave many power tools that I have been using for 40+ years, so the extra cost doesn't amount to much when you amortize it over the life of the product!
  13. Best sewing awl haft

    I hope you took it back for a refund or replacement. I have a wooden handle that I bought from Tandy years ago and it seems to be holding up well with no problems.
  14. Custom Journal

    Looks good Ryan - what kind of leather/finish did you use? Did you use a jig to align the letters in your name stamp? They are nicely spaced and even!
  15. I bought my first machine a few months ago (CB4500) and it was setup by Bob at Toledo Sewing Machine. It has pretty much run flawlessly to date. I had a few questions when I started to learn to sew with it (I have never used a machine before this one) and Bob has patiently answered my questions over the phone. I think as long as you oil it regularly and pay attention to any unusual noises (and stop if something does not sound right), you will prevent any major problems and should enjoy many hours of enjoyment. These big machines can sew projects in minutes that used to take me an hour to hand sew. As a result, I am making more projects and having more fun! (I just do this as a hobby) Another thing to consider when using a local service center for repairs - these are very heavy machines! Moving one off of the table, into your vehicle, unloading it and then bringing it back to your home/shop is easier said than done. I would want to work with Bob over the phone and exhaust any possible fixes before I start thinking about packing the machine up and moving / shipping it anywhere! Gary