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  1. Sometimes you just need to laugh it off

    I feel your pain! Maybe you can rivet the corners of the card slot! Gary
  2. I think you are better off charging by the job rather than by how many inches you sew. Look at the project and determine how much your time is worth.
  3. I agree with Brian - I use a 1 ton press for setting rivets and stamping, but I doubt it would have enough force to cut anything other than a very small die not much larger than the ram itself. Gary
  4. Fiebings antique paste

    I have a jar of antique brown and it looks fine after applying it. I have had it for about 1 year - don’t use it much. Gary
  5. New rifle slings, and first reptile skin project

    Beautiful work on these slings! Nice job controlling the dye on the stamping and carved areas. Many years ago I was walking along a trail in south Georgia with a few buddies, heading for a fishing pond. A couple of them stepped over a fallen tree and as I was stepping up on the log I heard rattling. Looked down and tucked under the tree was a very large rattlesnake! We dispatched it and it looked to be about 4 feet long. I am glad I always step up on logs before putting my feet down on the other side - you never know what might be setting under a log! Gary
  6. Snap Setting Issues

    The Goldstar press works great with the line 20 snaps I ordered from Goldstar. I tested a line 20 from Tandy and the cap portion set perfectly but the button section gave me problems - the post bent to the sides bit. Still going to test snaps from Ohio Travel Bag. The Goldstar snaps seemed to function well - guess I’ll see how they hold up long term. Gary
  7. Prices to the end users may not go up 25% because the tariffs are based on landed cost. The distributors will have to decide how much of the tariff they will absorb and how much will be passed along to the end user. I am hoping that both parties will come to the table and come up with an equitable agreement for both sides and tariffs will be lowered or reversed. Gary
  8. suppliers that split english bridle

    I just bought a side from W&C and they split it with no extra charge. Gary
  9. Which locking method do you prefer

    I use #3 for machine with no reverse. I will sometimes punch 3-4 holes at beginning and end of the seam and leave extra thread at both ends, then saddle stitch ends by hand. Gary
  10. Thanks Gregg - so this doesn’t affect stitch length - only needle-feed dog timing. Gary
  11. Gregg, my machine has these two scribe marks offset by about 1/8” - I tried adjusting so they were aligned and also went the same 1/8” in the opposite direction - still no effect on stitch length. Did I misunderstand when you stated this is the adjustment to correct stitch length in the 206RB-4? Thanks! Gary
  12. WIP. Wallet with Floral design (but not Sheridan)

    Looks great! When you did the border, did you use a steep beveler and then apply the background? I really like the transition from bevel to background! Gary
  13. Snap Setting Issues

    Shouldn’t the press be compatible with any line 20 or line 24 snap? I have snaps from Ohio Travel Bag and Tandy - will test them later today. Gary
  14. Snap Setting Issues

    I just received the Goldstar press today - $115 delivered included line 20 & line 24 dies and 100 sets of line 20 snaps. Have not used it yet but it appears to be very solid! Gary