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  1. Show your Shop

    I share my leather work area with woodworking tools, so it is a pain switching from one to the other. I keep sewing machine in a separate clean room where I also store leather. There is never enough space for everything!
  2. Stamp Questions

    Welcome! I am also learning and trying to determine which stamps to use, so I have been buying Tandy stamps (they are on sale until Dec 16 for $2.99). Some of the stamps I have bought were not the best quality, but they allow me to experiment and learn which tools I will be using in the future. I may decide to buy some higher quality stamps at that time, but for now I am having fun learning with the I nexpensive stamps (most of which work just fine!) Gary
  3. Two Ruger Single Six Holsters

    Thanks Rohn, that’s good to know -I will post results!
  4. Two Ruger Single Six Holsters

    Rohn - those are very nice holsters! I have heard that Tan Kote is not very water resistant. Have you ever had any feedback about holsters finished with Tan Kote getting sticky or other issues when they are exposed to water? Reason I ask is that I have a bottle of Tan a Kote and I’m not sure how to best use it. I decided yesterday to treat a piece of scrap leather with it and let it dry for a few days and then see how well it repels water. Gary
  5. YAYYY!!!! Knipknives

    Ok, I think I understand- the cuts allow you to fold the end of the wallet up to allow it to lay flat for stitching. Otherwise there would be a lump at the bottom edge of the wallet on the card slots side.
  6. YAYYY!!!! Knipknives

    I don’t follow you Bikermutt - I don’t see where you made the pie cuts, but I understand how you can cut in tight places with that skinny hook blade!
  7. YAYYY!!!! Knipknives

    What is the primary use of your curved hook knife and when will you use this instead of the round or straight knife? Gary
  8. YAYYY!!!! Knipknives

    I seem to have a more difficult time pushing the knife - my eyesight isn't so good anymore and I can get down and see better when I am cutting toward myself! I also use a utility knife with snap off blades, but I just keep stropping the blade and I have not had any need to snap the front section off. It really cuts smoothly when I keep it stropped. Nice job on the wallet, by the way!
  9. YAYYY!!!! Knipknives

    I ordered the Pull-Cut knife Model #1. I have a round knife so thought I would try something different.
  10. YAYYY!!!! Knipknives

    Just heard back from Terry - looks like a 6 month wait for anything, but my name is on the waiting list!
  11. Tension

    Wiz, I appreciate all of the information you share with the folks on this forum. I have learned a lot from reading your posts and just want to say Thank You! Gary
  12. YAYYY!!!! Knipknives

    Well, after reading your glowing review I had to contact a Terry to place an order! Waiting for him to reply - I see he has some knives available now, so maybe I won’t have to wait! Gary
  13. I bought the tape at Walmart. It was cheap - $2.00 for a 10 yard roll...
  14. It would help if you post pictures of the table/cracks. Minor cracks in plywood may not affect integrity at all, depending on where they are located. Gary
  15. Cahier Journal Covers

    Looks very nice - they will be very pleased to receive these vs a gift card or other off-the-shelf gift!