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  1. I always cut the liner a bit larger, then glue the pieces together and trim the liner after the glue dries. Allows for wiggle room when you put the pieces together so perfect alignment is not critical.
  2. Rifle butt stock cover

    Also my favorite rifle, but mine is in 45-90 loaded with black powder! (see my profile pic) - now you have me thinking about making a nice cartridge belt for it...
  3. Washi Paper-Covered Wallets

    If the paper resisted scratching with keys, etc., sounds like it will hold up ok for a ladies wallet...
  4. Washi Paper-Covered Wallets

    Looks great, but I would be worrying about durability of the paper in a wallet! What are your thoughts about this? (Tearing, wrinkling, etc.)
  5. Great information Dwight - thanks very much for sharing it! Gary
  6. I use thin pigskin on some on some of the small items I make. This checkbook has light color pigskin lining.
  7. What's the Best Glue in 2017?

    I use masking tape along the glue line if I am concerned about glue getting on areas I plan to finish - apply tape, spread glue, then take off tape before the glue sets. The tape will remove color on pre-finished leather, so I only use it on unfinished leather.
  8. Thanks! I used 3/4” dowels inside and 1/2” dowels outside with small strips between the larger dowels to maintain spacing. The old cast iron holds everything in place while the leather dries. I think the 3/4” dowels were a good fit for #52 cigars. - Gary
  9. I like the idea of using magnets for retention. How much resistance is there pulling out the knife? Will it withstand holding upside down and shaking? Nice job on that handle!
  10. Hi folkes!

    Welcome Ivan - I look forward to seeing your projects. So many helpful folks here to help us learn!
  11. Basket weave

    Here is a link from Pinterest - not certain who makes it
  12. I have seen knife sheathes with Kydex liners - very thin and strong. If you must have maximum protection against piercing the leather, give Kydex a try. Available in small pieces on line.

    I have been using Giardini edge paint and I really like the smooth finish. Not into making wallets, so can't make any suggestions on this.
  14. last saddles

    Beautiful work - I can't imagine making something so detailed!