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  1. You can download Irfanview photo editor - it's free - and it is very easy to resize the photos so you can post them. Just search internet for Irfanview.
  2. You could probably cut that plane iron in half using an angle grinder equipped with a diamond blade. Wrap the tip in a water soaked rag to keep the temp down and go slow. Might be a problem when you actually have to cut through the edge of the blade - will need to stop often and cool down with water.
  3. That stand is awesome - but I bet the cost is about the same as a sewing machine! Do you know what the stand costs in US dollars? From the looks of the website it does not look like they have a US distributor.
  4. From one Jarhead to another - nice job!
  5. Looks amazing! I appreciate the many hours of work you put into this. For this type project, do you work on it continuously until you complete it? Or do you take breaks and set it aside for a few days at a time to review your design and plan your next steps? I find that when I am working on any complicated project, it helps me to step back and take a break from the project until I am mentally focused on the task at hand. Working on any project when you are distracted can often result in boo boos!
  6. I agree about the Chapman screwdrivers - I have been using a set of Chapman screwdrivers with the ratchet wrench for over 30 years and have never broken or twisted any of the bits - top quality!
  7. Really top notch work! Look forward to seeing more of your projects!
  8. Beautiful workmanship! What kind of leather did you use?
  9. Welcome to the forum! I like the Triumph - 45 years ago I bought a 1972 Bonneville, extended the fork 10", new bars, seat, paint - your bike brings back good memories!
  10. When I cut a long straight edge, I used to clamp my straightedge to my table because it always moved when holding it by hand. Today I rigged up the straightedge with 2 thumbscrews and threaded inserts . Drilled a couple of holes in the top edge of my bench and threaded the inserts slightly below the surface of the workbench. Now I simply slide the leather under the straightedge, tighten the 2 thumbscrews, and make the cut. If the leather is longer than my cutting mat, I loosen the thumbscrews and slide the cutting mat further under the leather. This is quicker and easier than fumbling to tighten clamps without moving the straightedge. If I want to work in this area of my bench I unscrew the thumbscrews and remove the straightedge.
  11. Nice job - I'm certain your friend will be very pleased with it! Did you cut the front and back borders with a swivel knife or did you use a groover?
  12. Nice looking sheath Mike. Did you use a welt along the blade? Can't tell from the pictures.
  13. I use a headset with several flip down lenses and a built in LED light. Light isn't so good, but it helps with my close up tasks and only cost about $8 on Amazon: SE MH1047L Illuminated Multi-Power LED Head Magnifier
  14. If you have a drill press and tap and die set you can drill and tap a hole in the back side and use a small set screw with a pointed tip to hold the tip in place. Will need a very fine tap and die set.
  15. Really nice job! How is it attached to the tank and what did you use for a top coat to protect it from rain, gas, etc.?