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  1. Attentius Edge Paint 2000

    I think it looks very good! I use roller pens to apply paint - easier for me to control than a brush. Let us know how you feel it compares to Giardini. Gary.
  2. Techsew 2700

    Just sent you a message Gary
  3. If you are measuring resistance across the switch, should see resistance go from zero to infinity or vice versa, depending on type of switch. Best to check resistance with wires disconnected from the switch so you are not reading through other parts of the circuit. Gary
  4. Thanks for posting the video Dwight - I like how you mate up the liner with the folded over buckle end of the belt! Gary
  5. Whatever you think looks good is the type to use. I use more silver rivets than brass because I like the look better. Gary
  6. DIY Filler for Edges?

    Totally agree Bob. I dilute the paint so I can apply it with a fine tipped squeeze bottle - works well to outline or fill-in letters and for backgrounding. Undiluted it is too thick to go through the fine needle. Gary
  7. DIY Filler for Edges?

    I have some acrylic paints I bought from Walmart and they were on sale for $1.99 each. Might want to try one. I don’t use them for edge painting, just other decorations and I dilute black paint with water and use to color carving backgrounds. Gary
  8. Crazy stitching

    I think it comes down to sewing some scraps using the same leather as your project and adjusting until you are satisfied with the stitches in the scrap. Then sew your project and hope you don’t have any harder or softer spots in the leather. Gary
  9. DIY Filler for Edges?

    I just received the Giardini base coat product and it does fill small gaps nicely. I posted a photo about one week ago of one coat on a raw edge showing the difference between treated and untreated. Gary
  10. Really nice Josh! When you stamp the serpentine border, do you alternate sides when you stamp or go down one side and then the other? Gary
  11. Operating height for cylinder bed machines

    I stand when I operate my machine - tried sitting down and I don’t have the fine control on the foot pedal. After overshooting my stop point a couple of times I gave up and now I stand while sewing. Gary
  12. Finished Handbag

    Looks good - I think she will be very pleased with it! Is that the natural color of the leather or did you dye it? Gary
  13. Looks like they have quite a few locations, but Louisville is the headquarters.
  14. Got it - thanks! Gary