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  1. Help

    I’ve never noticed this type odor in any leather I have purchased. Suggest you unroll the hide and leave it in a well ventilated room out of the sunlight and see if it dissipates in a few days. Gary
  2. Finishing over alcohol based dye

    I apply Tan Kote with a damp sponge. It dries quickly so you have to work fast - kind of like brushing lacquer on wood. If you go over the same spot too many times you get streaks. Gary
  3. First try, and thank you

    Plinker - those are nice looking sixguns! My favorites as well. I recently picked up three Colt SAA revolvers in almost new condition for a good price. A pair in .45 Colt with 4-3/4” barrels and a .357 with 4-3/4” barrels. Holsters for these are on my project list! Gary
  4. I have a problem with a Consew 206RB-4 reverse stitch length and I hope someone can give me some tips. The reverse stitch length is @1/2 the length of the forward stitch length. I followed this video trying to adjust the reverse stitch length starting around 1:26 in the video. Problem is that the Feed Regulator Rod (item 35 in parts list under Feed Regulator section) will not move. I loosen the Pinch Screw (item 2) but cannot get any movement in the Rod. I sprayed the assembly with penetrating oil in case the whole assembly was frozen, but no help. Has anyone else had a problem with this adjustment? For now I have just been turning the workpiece around to back stitch, but sure would be nice to be able to reverse backstitch. Here is a picture of the screw and rod, looking down from the oil reservoir on the top of the head. Thanks for the help! Gary
  5. This is a good video - I’ll go through the adjustments again when I have time. Gary
  6. Barge cement

    You are going to have to brush the cement anyway, so I would skip the squeeze bottle and just use it from the can or put it in a glue pot. I always dip my brush in the can and I have not had any issues over the years. Gary
  7. A Couple of Knife Sheaths

    Just returned from a trip to Japan and China and picked up some Japanese cutlery while I was in Tokyo area. These knives are razor sharp and came with a plastic sleeve that will probably be slit open after a couple of days, so I made sheaths to protect them. Used W&C 8oz for one sheath and some old Tandy 8-10oz for the darker sheath. Quick and simple but will protect the blades. What's cool is that they will engrave your name when you purchase the knife. We had English name on one side of the handle and a Japanese translation on the opposite side. At least I think that’s what it says, but who knows, it might say “Made in Japan” for all I know! Gary
  8. A Couple of Knife Sheaths

    Thanks! Thanks Gene - I also looked at a skiving knife when I was at the knife shop - was @6” long with an angled blade - no handle - but they wanted @$300 for it! (I didn’t buy it)
  9. A Couple of Knife Sheaths

    Thanks Mutt and Bryan! I sewed these on the CB4500 using 207 thread top and bottom. I use the smaller machines with 69 & 92 threads, but when I get a bit of free time I want to try 138 in the Consew machine. Gary
  10. First try, and thank you

    Ed, that’s a great looking holster for your first ever attempt! I agree with Tugadude that what you probably enjoy most is the time spent working on the project with your son. When my son was younger he was my sidekick on just about every woodworking/home repair/shooting expedition. Now he is married and gone on his own but I have many good memories of all the projects we completed together. Keep up the good work! Gary
  11. I have a Goldstar press and it works well with Tandy and Goldstar snaps. Have not tried other brands of snaps, but when I run low on current supply I may try the other brands. I do have the hole punch attachment from Goldstar, but it only works on very thin leathers, maybe up to 2-3 oz. Any thicker it doesn’t cut a clean hole through the leather. Probably would not buy the hole punch dies again. Gary
  12. Hello from Georgia

    I usually buy skirting or bridle leathers. I get a monthly flyer with specials and they often have sides for @$150. I have been very happy with the quality. Call them and ask to get on their email list (or you can sign up here: Gary
  13. Hello from Georgia

    Welcome and looks like you are doing great! I order from Wickett & Craig - nice leather, they will split it to whatever thickness you specify, and price is reasonable - I usually pay @$150~170 per side plus $25 shipping. Gary
  14. Never did figure out how to adjust - I have just been turning the piece around to backstitch. I haven’t done much of anything lately with my machines - been busy working and traveling on business. Will be home on Friday, hope to find some time to play a bit! Gary
  15. DIY Filler for Edges?

    Carmela, I have sewn embossed cowhide and to make edges smooth and tight, I put the edges in my vise and cranked the jaws tight. Flattened the edges for @2-3mm so I can glue them together tightly. Kept a nice closed seam after sewing. Gary
  16. Is this leather any good?

    If you are in the USA and just looking to buy a small amount of leather, I suggest Springfield Leather. They are a sponsor here and they have good deals on smaller orders of leather. If you want a side, try Wickett & Craig - great leather at a fair price and they will split it to the weight you want. Gary
  17. Couch arm table

    Beautiful job Tom! Can’t believe it only took 6 hours to tool - really nice! Gary
  18. Craftool Pro Splitter

    I bought the Tandy Deluxe splitter on sale for $200 and my wife held onto it until Christmas. I clamped it to my workbench and it splits leather perfectly out of the box! I am very impressed with how easy it is to use. Dont know how often I will have to hone the blade, but so far it has done nice clean cuts. Widest leather I have put through it is @1.5” and pulls through with very little resistance. I haven’t been working on any projects for the past month due to work and family activities and now I am preparing to go on a 2 week business trip, so hope to get back to working on projects in February! Very happy with this tool. Gary
  19. Help! Ruined my project during stitching!

    I would cut the sheath 1/4”- 3/8” over size, use the double foot, and then trim to the stitch line after you sew. With more leather under the feet, it should be less likely to wander as opposed to trying to stitch right along the edge. Gary
  20. Custom armguard for injury.

    I still run a separate business and often find myself too busy to even think about leather work! I have to be “ in the mood” before I start working on any leather or woodworking project. If I start working on a project and my mind is off thinking about other things I have to do - you know what happens! I’m looking forward to having more down time in a few years to spend more time playing with my hobbies... Gary
  21. Custom armguard for injury.

    Another interesting and well done piece Mike! Where do you find the time to crank out such beautiful work so often? Gary
  22. Very nice! Looks like some Sam Browne studs near the flap that hook into the canvas? Gary
  23. Tooled Wallet

    Thanks Tim - I am going to play around with your beveling technique - it really looks good!
  24. Tooled Wallet

    Really nice work Tim! How did you tool the dark border around the outside of the design? Gary
  25. Stetson, looks like a good fit! Did you make your own pattern? Do you punch your belt slots or do you punch two holes and cut out between the holes? I have been thinking about buying a slot punch because my belt slots never come out as neat as I would like. I just got a sweet deal on a new S&W 9mm Shield, with pocket knife and flashlight, for $250. I want to make a holster for it when I find some free time. Gary