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  1. Custom armguard for injury.

    I still run a separate business and often find myself too busy to even think about leather work! I have to be “ in the mood” before I start working on any leather or woodworking project. If I start working on a project and my mind is off thinking about other things I have to do - you know what happens! I’m looking forward to having more down time in a few years to spend more time playing with my hobbies... Gary
  2. Custom armguard for injury.

    Another interesting and well done piece Mike! Where do you find the time to crank out such beautiful work so often? Gary
  3. Leather & Waxed Canvas Backpack

    Very nice! Looks like some Sam Browne studs near the flap that hook into the canvas? Gary
  4. Tooled Wallet

    Thanks Tim - I am going to play around with your beveling technique - it really looks good!
  5. Tooled Wallet

    Really nice work Tim! How did you tool the dark border around the outside of the design? Gary
  6. S&W shield flapjack

    Stetson, looks like a good fit! Did you make your own pattern? Do you punch your belt slots or do you punch two holes and cut out between the holes? I have been thinking about buying a slot punch because my belt slots never come out as neat as I would like. I just got a sweet deal on a new S&W 9mm Shield, with pocket knife and flashlight, for $250. I want to make a holster for it when I find some free time. Gary
  7. Small Arbor Press, worth anything?

    Do you have the Grizzly press with the deep throat or a standard arbor press? I use a simple 1 ton arbor press and I have to go easy when using it for stamping or the impressions are too deep. Gary
  8. Small Arbor Press, worth anything?

    I like the deep throat on this one - maybe someone will send feedback on it! Gary
  9. Show your Shop

    Congratulations Sheila! I think you will be very happy working in this great space! Gary
  10. "Freezing" dye colors

    Chris, I would definitely use Pro Dyes instead of water based - seem to give more consistent colors. I also think spraying would pretty much eliminate your streaking problem. You can buy a $10 airbrush at Harbor Freight that will spray finishes perfectly. If you do not have a compressor, you can buy a tiny compressor for @$50-75 that will be more than adequate to run an airbrush. Gary
  11. Keeping dye off back of project

    Like Jeff, I save the brown paper W&C uses when they ship leather - free is better than cheap! I also bought a roll of brown builders paper at Lowes - 36” x 140’ for @$12. Will last a long time. Gary
  12. Very nice! I like how you stitched around both sides of the serpentine border! Gary
  13. Nice design - I like it! Gary
  14. Craftool Pro Splitter

    Quality not the best, but I can cut around the one small hole and a couple of bug bites. Back also is a bit grainy, but for $30 how can you go wrong for lining leather!
  15. Craftool Pro Splitter

    Well, I went to the Tandy store this morning and while the masses were rummaging through the stacks of $29.95 veg tan sides, I asked for a demo of the skiver. I have to say, I was impressed how it skived a strap that was about 2” wide. Tandy rep did tell me that you really have to keep the blade honed for good results. I bought one of the last 2 they had left for the sale. Also picked up a 3-4 oz side for $30 that I will use for lining. Bad news - my wife told me to turn the skiver over to her so she could give it to me for Christmas! I don’t mind because my shop is in the middle of a reorganization and I haven’t touched a piece of leather for the past 3-4 weeks. I’ll send my comments after I have a chance to unpack and test it after Christmas Gary
  16. Looks great Treed! Is that your own design? Can’t say I have seen a similar Glock pattern. Gary
  17. Waxed leather coasters

    LOL! Yes, bridle leather tools nicely. Gary
  18. Finishings and procedures

    Not sure what he is using - looks too watery to be wax. There are so many commercial and homemade concoctions! I like to use glycerin bar saddle soap to burnish. Search in the “How To” forum here - many articles on burnishing. Gary
  19. Finishings and procedures

    Looks like he is skiving the edges with a sharp chisel?
  20. Finishings and procedures

    Not sure of the leather type - looks like veg tan that he dyed That machine is a skiving machine - taper thins leather at the edges to make a thinner joint where they are sewn together. The edges are sanded and burnished and they look really good! He may have used wax on the edges for the final burnish. Gary
  21. Craftool Pro Splitter

    After hearing all of the comments I’m torn between buying or not. Think I will go over to the store tomorrow and ask them to try it out - seem to remember one setup on their machine table. If it doesn’t work as well as I expect I will pass and look for an older unit. Happy Thanksgiving to all our USA members! Gary
  22. Stitching placement and spacing

    Get a single tine chisel to go with your current chisel and adjust spacing of the last 1 or 2 holes so you won’t notice the slightly different spacing. Gary
  23. Howdy Y'all

    Welcome and hope you enjoy and learn from all the talented people on this forum. Everyone shares information to help improve the workmanship of others. Look forward to seeing your projects as you progress! Gary
  24. cross- stitch advice?

    I run stitching up both sides, then cross stitch between the two lines of stitching. Once I finish I glue a reinforcing strip on the back side. Seems to be very strong and holding up well after carrying many bottles of beer! Gary
  25. Edge Paint Rollers

    I received the new knurled roller pen today and did a quick test - seems to work really well. Very smooth rolling action and Giardini paint went on much more smoothly than the grooved cone roller I normally use. Will do more testing, but my initial impression is that this is a great tool for the money! Gary