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  1. Sewing cinch straps

    5 or 6-cord, nylon thread, equal to or greather than A-A-59826 Type 2 Class B. A-A-59826 supersede the older VT-295E spec. Pay close attention to the way your sling will be loaded with regard to the splits or joints for the eye's. Please have a look at the linked PDF for some interesting technical reading.
  2. Adler Paint Polling

    By accident I found a couple of pictures of the Singer 7 class with an adler-looking head and spring.
  3. Adler Paint Polling

    Also, the Adler 20 class is longer than the Singer 7 class. The base differs an inch or two in lenght if im not mistaken. Regarding the square faceplate of the Adler 20 I have actually seen a Singer 7 with a similar look for sale here in sweden, unfortunantly I did not save the pictures the seller sent me.
  4. Adler Paint Polling

    That looks like an Adler 20-20 with a standard lift. High lift machines has an extra spacer in between where the head is mounted to the base of the machine. I don't know if you disassembled it or if you're just missing a few parts for your thread tension mechanism.
  5. Adler Paint Polling

    I would love to see one in gray hammer paint with black details. <3 Make sure you post PLENTY of pictures during the process
  6. Adler 20-2, Anyone Here Using It?

    That might be the case for my machine since its using SIMANCO parts for the shuttle, hook and driver. This would explain why it might be a little bit off in timing. None the less, shortening and reshaping the hook worked like a charm so give it a shot.
  7. Adler 20-2, Anyone Here Using It?

    To be honest with you Sandyt, I solved it by reshaping the hook. I shortened it a couple of millimeters with a dremel and it's now working perfectly. I figured I could give it a shot since I got an extra hook with the machine.
  8. Singer 7-33

    On my Adler 20 I can move it buy gently tapping it with a mallet, on the 7-33 however, it's a completely different story. I did try tapping it with a mallet but perhaps I wasnt using enough force.
  9. Singer 7-33

    CowboyBob: I did loosen the screw in an attempt to slide the shuttle race closer to the needle (just like I did on my adler 20), but this one is properly stuck for some reason. Its not even budging.
  10. Singer 7-33

    Yeah. Cant thank you enough for all your help Gregg! Now I just gotta figure out how to get the shuttle race moving to adjust the needle to shuttle relation. For some reason I cant get it moving closer to the needle. Also somewhat worrried about the amount of sideways play in the shuttle hook. I can push it closer to the needle and make it shift a few millimeters but I'm not sure if this will actually be an issue while sewing. I dont have any play even close to this in my Adler 20.
  11. Singer 7-33

    If all else fails you can always buy the new style rock shaft from Keystone sewing. That is said to mitigate the broken-pin-syndrome and I gotta say the NSRS is looking pretty darn sweet.
  12. Singer 7-33

    I got the parts from Gregg @keystonesewing today and I wasnt really expecting the tapered pins to be this big and for a moment I thought he had sent me the wrong pins. However, I guess youre supposed to drive them in and then just cut to size wich is kinda neat Thank you for the super speedy shipping! Yetibelle: I also included a picture the shows the approximate angle between the two sides of the rocking shaft.
  13. Singer 7-33

    I love how much time you are putting in to restoring that old beast. I'll see if I can get you of the rocking shaft tomorrow when I'm at the shop again.
  14. Singer 7-33

    Yetibelle: What subclass is that Adler? I have the Adler 20-7 as well and it's massive, quite a lot bigger compared to the 7-33. My 20-7 has a SIMANCO shuttle race amongst other parts so I guess they're fairly similar in some aspects and I've also seen pictures of a Singer 7-class that is fairly similar in appearance to the 20-7. For my 7-33, they're more or less in line. Gregg linked me this as an alternative solution in case the rocking shaft I had wasnt repairable. Not sure if it will fit yours, but it might be indicative of the angle between the two arms.
  15. Singer 7-33

    Thrash threasure: Please post som pictures of the Adler 20 you are restoring! Id love to see what you've got going on. On a side note, the hole in the shaft is very clean and not worn at all on mine. It was just a broken pin and the break was so clean I could barely make out the pin from the shaft when I took it apart. Yetibell, I have fixed it with a temporary pin for now and there is no play at all, what so ever in the linkage.