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  1. "European" style awl haft

    Does anyone know where I can find an awl haft like the one in the picture? Can't seem to find one anywhere.
  2. Applying Wax To The Surface Leather

    Great info! Thank you very much!
  3. Applying Wax To The Surface Leather

    Any idea as to the ratio of wax to oil?
  4. Applying Wax To The Surface Leather

    That's simple enough! Thanks guys!!
  5. I had a question about the wax (and mystery substance added to the wax) that was applied to the belt in this video; At 2:38 in, you can see that pieces of wax (bee's wax?) are being chipped off and subsequently added to a pot along with the "mystery" substance pored from a bottle into a cap and then added to the wax. It appears as though this wax is then melted and mixed and ultimately applied to the surface of the belt. Once the wax is applied to the belt it is then rubbed into the leather with some sort of cloth (wool?). I was hoping that someone could provide further info and explanation on this technique. I like the idea of using wax to protect my leather pieces from a more "natural" point of view. Your help is appreciated!!
  6. Motorcycle Seat....

    Incredible!! Very nice work!!