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  1. My chinese patcher

    Sorry Chadd for a delay respond, I didn’t realized that I had not checked in for a while.
  2. My chinese patcher

    Good job I just made this tote bag for my wife with this badass machine. I really like it and it saved me alot of time not sewing it by hand.
  3. My chinese patcher

    This was also done with the patcher 6x10 in clutch purse.
  4. My chinese patcher

    I filed the bottom of the foot to avoid the teeth marks and I’m getting a little more than 3 feet with #138 in the bobbin enough for wallets, cases, key chains and other small items. I figured out that you need perfect tession of the thread top and bottom and I’m using a #21 needle by the way. I think it’s a good machine for small items.
  5. My chinese patcher

    Long time lurker first time replying, just wanted to put in my 2 cents about the patcher. I got mine in late December and I know it’s not a CB3200 but I got it to sew 138 thread like this and because I’m a tinker I love this machine.
  6. Thank you Ill check it out...
  7. Card Slots

    I'm trying to figure out how to do a card slot with out stitching in the front or even stitching in the front. I ones saw that they do a long nylon fabric with folds to do the pockets in the inside but I cant figure it out.. Its all to make a thinner wallet..ThanX in advance.
  8. Card Slots

    Yes thank you... thank you... I also found this one... The Attached Thumbnails gives a lot of information.
  9. Card Slots

    Thats true..thank you.
  10. Hello Pzarkov Great wallet do you mind me asking how you did the card slots i have been researching how to do it with out any luck.Can you direct me to a place .Great wallet once again .
  11. Card Slots

    That doesn't seem promising.. Is there another way to achieve this design ?