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  1. Pattern for a cue case

    Hey Coles carvings, what I ended up doing was, I took John Barton's idea and expanded it. It's really pretty easy. I got another insert for the cues. They make cheap cases in which you can pull them out of. If you would like some pictures seems a reply to this message.
  2. Pattern for a cue case

    Hi John, I looked at the full size patterns and when I go to print them out, it only has one page, not all of them. I love your design for the scalloped case. Is there a way I can blow up the small picture that I found of it? Thank you! Traci
  3. I am wondering, in making a pool cue case, where do I buy the tube that goes inside to help theleather keep the form. I have a guy who is wanting me to make a case for him and I need some pointers. Thanks!!

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    2. tkirwan


      i dont make these but i would use pvc piping for a mold

    3. LNLeather


      There is quite a bit of info available and some great pics to look at if you use the search engine and search for pool cue case. I have also seen some totally Amazing Cue Cases made by JohnBarton and Cyrex and many more…

    4. Majesticmustangs Leather

      Majesticmustangs Leather

      Thanks ya'll. I will post anything I come up with. Right now the idea of pvc piping is what I have come up with Lavendara.

      tkirwan, if pvc is just for a mold, what do you use to actually make it out of? Is there a liquid plastic or resin to use for this?