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  1. Jang, We have started putting together a series of tutorials that are getting really good reviews online. Check out Chuck Dorsett in his videos here. http://www.weaverleathersupply.com/learn/master-your-leathercraft There are multiple videos with specific tutorials on individual projects as well as numerous videos focusing on one tool or method. I think many of these would benefit you. Thanks for checking them out!
  2. Also, if you are a football guy you might want to schedule an extra day and check out the Pro Football Hall of Fame, its only about 45 minutes away from Weaver.
  3. I just made another post in another sub-forum with the brochure and the early consignment listing and a little additional info. Here they are again. Any other specific questions let me know. 2017 Consignment Listing.pdf
  4. ELeBlanc, you are correct. You can put a reserve on your items, but commission is paid on no sales up to $200. I have attached a couple files of our auction brochure, and the early consignment list. I hope they all work here. Had some issues with file sizes. As far as the outside auction Weaver is basically just the host for the auction. Paul Z Martin, Martin Auctioneers conduct the auction. We have a cash and carry discount on inside sales and have most of our machinery setup for demos inside as well. Its a 2 day auction, mainly selling leather most of the day on Wednesday and getting into the hand tools in the afternoon, and then continuing with hand tools and getting into the machinery and equipment on the second day. We also have tours of our facility running both days. Any other specific questions let me know. Note the link to open pdf below images. 2017 Consignment Listing.pdf
  5. Are you looking for the line 20 (Dot or similar) snaps? Or something else?
  6. Weaver Leather would like to introduce our Leather Craft Expert Chuck Dorsett, with Weaver Leather Craft Supply. From step by step instructions on projects for crafters of all skill levels to tool tutorials that help you discover new and creative ways to use your tools. Chuck has something for you in this breakout series of video tutorials! Check out the links below and let us know what you think. To learn more about Chuck, please visit the following link: http://www.weaverleathersupply.com/learn/about-chuck-dorsett For some educational videos with Chuck, containing plenty of tips and tutorials on mastering your leathercraft, please visit the following link: http://www.weaverleathersupply.com/learn/master-your-leathercraft We hope you enjoy Chuck and his videos.
  7. TomG, let me know if i can help. We should have what you are looking for. My direct line is 330-521-7592 or send me an email at dustint@weaverleather.com I can send you some samples if needed.
  8. Weaver sells the exact same red can with brush. Retail site www.weaverleathersupply.com and the item # is 65-6075, you can put that in the search field to pull it up. This is also available in our wholesale catalog.
  9. Hermann Oak natural veg will be fairly firm. The back sounds like a typical dry-split piece of leather. Shaggyness is normally loose flesh which is also not desirable in a good piece of leather. What are you planning to make with it? If you are going to be doing any tooling or carving you want that firmness to accept nice crisp stamping. The finished piece will soften up some if you oil it and with use.
  10. Both the 4 blade and 2 blade model come standard with #2 blades, but you can request another size when you order it and we will accommodate switching them out. We have sizes 0, 1, 2, and 3, similar to your standard hand edger sizes. If you have any other specific questions on either machine, let me know and I will be glad to help.
  11. We have 3/4oz drum dyed Chahin English Bridle. Nothing in strap/tooling in that weight dyed however.
  12. We have a 103 and a 104 rivet. Our 104 rivet should have a 1/8" tube and a 5/16" head. We also sell a 103 which has a larger tube diameter and head diameter so i think the 104 is specific to the tube and head size. But yes, you should be able to find them anywhere Weaver is not the only place. However, our 104's do have a flat head and I am not sure how the driver will work with a domed head rivet. Sorry to hear your account was closed. The requirement is $1200 per calendar year, and if you don't hit that and are closed then it takes a $500 opening order to open back up. Once open again there is no order minimum through the year. If you wouldn't hit the $1200 in 2017 then again next year you would need a $500 opening order. I understand your frustrations, but just wanted to clarify. You do not need to place a $1000 order to be able to buy wholesale. The anvil you need for the cap is our item # 65-6455 and is available for $18.25 on our retail site www.weaverleathersupply if you choose not to open your wholesale account back up. Good luck with your Little Wonder.
  13. If you can cut a small bit off take it outside with a lighter and hold the lighter to it for a minute or so then let it smolder a bit. If its chrome the ash will be a bluish to greenish tint. Veg will just be normal ash.
  14. If you find a setter I bet you could use a copper burr for the washer as well.
  15. These look like a regular tubular rivet set with a washer and a rolled edge vs a double cap or a splashed/split back. I have seen these used and they make a nice finished smooth look. However I actually do not know where to buy them or the setters.