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  1. Both the 4 blade and 2 blade model come standard with #2 blades, but you can request another size when you order it and we will accommodate switching them out. We have sizes 0, 1, 2, and 3, similar to your standard hand edger sizes. If you have any other specific questions on either machine, let me know and I will be glad to help.
  2. We have 3/4oz drum dyed Chahin English Bridle. Nothing in strap/tooling in that weight dyed however.
  3. We have a 103 and a 104 rivet. Our 104 rivet should have a 1/8" tube and a 5/16" head. We also sell a 103 which has a larger tube diameter and head diameter so i think the 104 is specific to the tube and head size. But yes, you should be able to find them anywhere Weaver is not the only place. However, our 104's do have a flat head and I am not sure how the driver will work with a domed head rivet. Sorry to hear your account was closed. The requirement is $1200 per calendar year, and if you don't hit that and are closed then it takes a $500 opening order to open back up. Once open again there is no order minimum through the year. If you wouldn't hit the $1200 in 2017 then again next year you would need a $500 opening order. I understand your frustrations, but just wanted to clarify. You do not need to place a $1000 order to be able to buy wholesale. The anvil you need for the cap is our item # 65-6455 and is available for $18.25 on our retail site www.weaverleathersupply if you choose not to open your wholesale account back up. Good luck with your Little Wonder.
  4. If you can cut a small bit off take it outside with a lighter and hold the lighter to it for a minute or so then let it smolder a bit. If its chrome the ash will be a bluish to greenish tint. Veg will just be normal ash.
  5. If you find a setter I bet you could use a copper burr for the washer as well.
  6. These look like a regular tubular rivet set with a washer and a rolled edge vs a double cap or a splashed/split back. I have seen these used and they make a nice finished smooth look. However I actually do not know where to buy them or the setters.
  7. You guys are correct that none of our double shoulders are from Chahin, only sides. I am not sure if ALD natural shoulders are Chahin tanned or not, I would ask before you order to confirm that. We basically carry a line of strap/tooling, English bridle, latigo, harness, and skirting from both Hermann Oak and Chahin. I would be glad to discuss leather with you further if you have any questions or get you out cuttings of anything you would like to see. Shoot me a pm if you wish...would like to hear which line of double shoulders you had an issue with as well and I would check into that also. Thank you
  8. We have a heel bar roller buckle in black in 1", 1-1/4 and 1-1/2. We also have a 225 snap in 1"...but it is the standard style snap and a round eye. We will have more in our line of black hardware in our next catalog in April, and I believe the scissor style snaps are on that list. The item # for the buckle is our 00050-BA-1 00050-BA-11/4 00050-BA-11/2 http://www.weaverleathersupply.com/search/Search/00050/001/10
  9. What I understand about the dyeing process is that aniline is more the type of dye used. Not the process. For instance you can have an aniline drum dyed leather. And neither aniline nor drum dyed necessarily means struck through (the color is fully penetrated through the center). Aniline is the type of dye (it is translucent and allows blemishes/wrinkles/scars show through) and drum dyed is the process of dye application. So, you are correct in that most people wanting a full grain leather wants an aniline dye so that you see the natural characteristics. What you see in the center is not necessarily cheap leather. A lot of harness and english bridle leathers are not struck through so they will have a natural center. I am not 100% sure what allows a drum dyed leather to be struck through. I believe it is a combination of the ph level and time in the drums. But all drum dyed leather should have some penetration into the fibers. Now in your chrome tan leather that center will be a bluish gray, which is the color of a chrome tanned hide before finishing. The alternative to drum dying is spray dying in which you can apply an aniline dye but there will be very little or zero color penetration. Then you have the alternative to aniline which is pigment. Pigment is non translucent and will cover blemishes and defects. A combination of the 2 is a semi-aniline. A lot of chrome tanned leather is top grain (surface grain has been buffed off to remove defects) and then pigmented to give it uniformity (and you can use low grade hides).
  10. We are looking for a Randall R-12 strap cutter. If you have one to sell or even any leads please PM me. Thanks!
  11. We are seeing some leather being sold as "synthetic tannage" but i am not sure what it is.
  12. Weaver sells their Strong Leather Cleaner. We use this in house to remove excess fats and things from leather. Then you can follow it up with the Spew Remover which locks in the fat and stops it from coming back up to the surface. These are both in the new Master line of leather care products. These 2 products I have personally seen used here on multiple leathers. They do work. The cleaner will take the residue off with little effort, then you follow up with the Spew Remover. Be sure to follow the directions on each for best results.
  13. You can buy custom steel rule dies retail and you just have to pay sales tax. Again, if you want a quote, send me an email. No obligation to buy...
  14. Just seeing this post. Weaver makes clicker dies in house as well. We can take any file as far as I know, including CAD as well as traced drawings, or cut patterns in the mail. No obligation for a quote. We strive to keep lead times at a week, sometimes they stretch out 2 weeks depending on how busy they are. We can take your die orders even if you are not a wholesale customer. Any questions, or if you want a quote send me a pm on here or an email at Dustint@weaverleather.com and I will get you in contact with the guy who does the die quotes. Our standard steel rule is 4x32mm Viking made in Austria.
  15. That is an interesting video, I hadn't heard of that test before. I have done the burn test. If you burn a corner of the leather the ash on the chrome will turn visibly green. However, I don't know about retans and if they perform like a straight chrome or veg in these tests, or a combination.