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  1. Cool, I'd heard of them before tried to order some but they wanted me to order a box at a time of each colour which would take me quite a few life times to get through. Is the blue brighter than Tiger ie more Royal than Navy they sent me pics and it seems to be but it's hard to tell from screens.
  2. The other Leather magazine Shoptalk publishes digitally they are on issuu.com they don't do patterns though.
  3. That looks great, I really like the pattern.
  4. Very nice Jaydela well done
  5. Carver tools were made by the Kelly Tool Co in New Zealand, I've got the set that had the swivel knife in it mine also came with the pamphlet and small booklet as well. Like King's X said they come up on Ebay quite a bit especially the Australian site.
  6. Here's a thread that might help http://leatherworker.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=19302&hl Peter Main I believe still does his scalpel handles with leather mache I can't remember if it was a book,the PSLAC Rawhide Gazette or a post here where he explained how to do it but from what I can remember the small scraps were mixed with wood glue, formed around the handle while wet and sanded down after it had set. For early stuff like the Hampton Court I would expect they would of used hide glue mostly likely rendered from hares/rabbits.
  7. Wow great work there Samar, I agree with Monica definitely a favourite.
  8. Studio-N beat me to it I was going to say Full Spectrum, if you want cheaper than that you will probably have to look at the Chinese machines on Ebay. Some people have had good luck with them but they are not high end like the guys here are using, the two people I know of who bought them in Australia rewired them as the wiring was a mess.
  9. It's normal David if your becoming more interested in making leather rather than making items from it perhaps you should look into this place http://www.northampton.ac.uk/study/courses/courses-by-subject/leather-technology and get a more thorough understanding of what it actually involves they have their own tannery.
  10. Sorry it won't work in this way RGB is only for screens (monitors,tablets,tv's, etc) it represents red, green and blue of the light spectrum, CMYK is what is used for real world materials such as printing inks, paints, dyes. You would need pure dyes of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black to be able to do it in the way you are thinking of and the pro oil dyes don't come in these colours. The closest off the shelf dyes that I've come across that might be able to do it are the Craftsha water based dyes from Japan but the blue isn't a pure Cyan so it will knock out the ratios for any colour that has Cyan in it and won't give the true colour. The Selladerm dyes should be able to do it but they aren't an off the shelf purchase for the base colours, you can get some colours. But again not the Cyan.
  11. I don't use the Roapas Batik anymore but I still use another Japanese water based dye called Craftsha, I found the colours were a lot brighter and it doesn't have that strong smell of vinegar. They are no harder to apply than spirit based dyes, I've used brushes, daubers and an airbrush to apply them. I like the airbrush the most as it's easy to change colours on my airbrush and gives the most consistent colour the same as with spirit dyes. I still use Fiebings pro oil dyes as well but mostly for large backgrounds as it's easier for me to get the larger bottles with those. I would definitely recommend the Craftsha if you want to try another water based dye, I bought mine from Goodsjapan but they don't seem to have them listed any more but they or http://www.leathercrafttools.com/ should be able to order them in as they are fairly common in Japan. I don't have any photos of my work handy at the moment but if you want to check out some stuff done with them this leather artist uses them http://ameblo.jp/chelsea1982/ Hope this helps a bit
  12. The Epson 1400 uses Claria ink which is dye based, Epson put in an UV additive but it's not as lightfast as a true pigment ink such as the Ultrachrome. I used to use an Epson 7900 and at times it's bigger brother the 9900 which use the Ultrachrome and we had no fading problems on the posters that used to hang in the shop windows over a few summers. I also did some window sill testing of it on some leather and it held up really well. That's the only thing I miss from my previous job getting to use the cool printers. I would maybe look into seeing if you could change to using the Ultrachome once your Claria ink runs out as it's definitely nice stuff to use. I know you couldn't with the old dye printers but they they may of changed the print heads they use now. Leatheroo did some experimenting a few years ago with acetone http://leatherworker.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=30822&hl I gave it ago as well but my laser printer has long since died so I haven't tried it since, was fun to try though.
  13. The one company I know of who makes custom punch bags uses the same leather as those used for baseball gloves, chrome tanned cow leather. Going on the cost of them I expect it might be the stuff from Horween.
  14. Weaver now do a larger press http://www.weaverleathersupply.com on the whats new page under machinery not cheap though,if you want the swing arm type I'm afraid they won't be cheap. You may want to contact the people who make the Noya hand clicker based more off the Lucris than the Weaver and see what they say about a bigger one, I believe they are based in Korea. The Lucris ones do come up on Ebay every so often.
  15. It's been around for awhile it didn't come in as many colours as Tiger but looks like they are starting to do some more now, the braid also isn't quite as tight as Tiger but it's still a very nice thread.