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  1. Got another round of appointments this week and 2nd operation is booked for 22nd March hopefully I can tidy up some stuff before then.I'll Pm you when I can make sure that hubby can get to the post office. Thank you It's one of my favourites as well it was done for a fan of the Fremantle Dockers not my team I go for the West Coast Eagles otherwise I may of kept it. Thank you, I'm going to do up a booklet for those interested with photos or illustrations (need something to occupy me while recovering from the operation) and share it here but it may take me a little while but I'll go into more detail once that's done. For now yes on most of the balls the stitching finishes at the lacing the light ball with red cross (rugby) has no laces and there is a bit of a knack to the way the stitching should be done with those. All the dark balls are dyed with Fiebings oil dye for the detail areas it was either Craftsha dye (japanese) or oil dye conditioned with neatsfoot oil & finished with Montana Pitch Blend. Only exception was the silver fern on the NZ ball that was Pearl Ex silver powder mixed with satin sheen. The ones with antiquing red cross, anchor & Texas Fiebings paste was used. All the balls are sewn with Tiger thread either 1 or 1.2mm depending on the colour.
  2. Thank you guys means a lot, LeatherWorthy i'll give it a month for the lot of the patterns & if there are no takers I'll pass the American patterns on to you at no cost. If your interested I have two mallet punch knives (pee wee & full size) for the shapes that go under the laces to protect the bladder you can have them for $30 AUD ea + postage hubbys work should of quietened down by then as well so he should be able to get to the post office for me.
  3. Been a little while since I've been here and even longer since I've done any leather work, would like to show some of my previous stuff though as it doesn't look like I will be able to continue with leather work due to some ongoing medical problems & loss of employment from my main occupation. I'm also showing my stuff as I feel this could be a good idea for someone else to take over I would be willing to do a booklet up to show how they are made. Someone could take over the whole thing I made five types of balls or I could split it down into what you are interested in either American football, Australian football, rugby, soccer and basketball. I will be selling off all my equipment in the next few weeks as well, first pick for equipment & supplies will go to any members located in Perth, Western Australia as it's difficult for me to get to the post office at the moment. The photos show my website but it's no longer up if you are interested in taking over the whole thing I could give you the website files so you could update yourself it was made in Xara web designer which isn't that expensive. I don't have any photos of soccer or basketballs as I had only had made plain ones to make sure the patterns were right before I came down with the medical problems. The Texas ball has a bit of a mistake the design didn't line up properly I normally checked everything but forgot to on this occasion I was going to remake it but never got around to it. If your interested in taking it over contact me by pm it will be first come first served for taking over the whole thing.I'll provide all the patterns for making them they will be full sized American football, mini American football, giant American football,full size Australian football, mini Australian football, giant Australian football, full size rugby, mini rugby, giant rugby, five types of soccer ball and a basketball. If there are no takers for the whole thing it will be first come first served for where the sport is played the most ie American (USA), Australian (Australia),Rugby (either Australia,New Zealand, South Africa or United Kingdom), Soccer (anywhere) & basketball (anywhere). I'm not after any payment for this just an acknowledgement when you first post stuff here and on the website somewhere ie a shout out if I decide to do something else art based. I could see it being successful for someone who's quite into sports and wants to make something a bit different. I'll try to get back to any interested people as soon as I can but I have some appointments this week so it may take a day or two for me to reply. Just one last thing I don't recommend anyone taking it over if you have wrist problems as they are hand sewn partly the reason I'm giving it up. Cheers, cem
  4. Cool, I'd heard of them before tried to order some but they wanted me to order a box at a time of each colour which would take me quite a few life times to get through. Is the blue brighter than Tiger ie more Royal than Navy they sent me pics and it seems to be but it's hard to tell from screens.
  5. The other Leather magazine Shoptalk publishes digitally they are on issuu.com they don't do patterns though.
  6. That looks great, I really like the pattern.
  7. Very nice Jaydela well done
  8. Carver tools were made by the Kelly Tool Co in New Zealand, I've got the set that had the swivel knife in it mine also came with the pamphlet and small booklet as well. Like King's X said they come up on Ebay quite a bit especially the Australian site.
  9. Here's a thread that might help http://leatherworker.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=19302&hl Peter Main I believe still does his scalpel handles with leather mache I can't remember if it was a book,the PSLAC Rawhide Gazette or a post here where he explained how to do it but from what I can remember the small scraps were mixed with wood glue, formed around the handle while wet and sanded down after it had set. For early stuff like the Hampton Court I would expect they would of used hide glue mostly likely rendered from hares/rabbits.
  10. Wow great work there Samar, I agree with Monica definitely a favourite.
  11. Studio-N beat me to it I was going to say Full Spectrum, if you want cheaper than that you will probably have to look at the Chinese machines on Ebay. Some people have had good luck with them but they are not high end like the guys here are using, the two people I know of who bought them in Australia rewired them as the wiring was a mess.
  12. It's normal David if your becoming more interested in making leather rather than making items from it perhaps you should look into this place http://www.northampton.ac.uk/study/courses/courses-by-subject/leather-technology and get a more thorough understanding of what it actually involves they have their own tannery.
  13. Sorry it won't work in this way RGB is only for screens (monitors,tablets,tv's, etc) it represents red, green and blue of the light spectrum, CMYK is what is used for real world materials such as printing inks, paints, dyes. You would need pure dyes of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black to be able to do it in the way you are thinking of and the pro oil dyes don't come in these colours. The closest off the shelf dyes that I've come across that might be able to do it are the Craftsha water based dyes from Japan but the blue isn't a pure Cyan so it will knock out the ratios for any colour that has Cyan in it and won't give the true colour. The Selladerm dyes should be able to do it but they aren't an off the shelf purchase for the base colours, you can get some colours. But again not the Cyan.
  14. I don't use the Roapas Batik anymore but I still use another Japanese water based dye called Craftsha, I found the colours were a lot brighter and it doesn't have that strong smell of vinegar. They are no harder to apply than spirit based dyes, I've used brushes, daubers and an airbrush to apply them. I like the airbrush the most as it's easy to change colours on my airbrush and gives the most consistent colour the same as with spirit dyes. I still use Fiebings pro oil dyes as well but mostly for large backgrounds as it's easier for me to get the larger bottles with those. I would definitely recommend the Craftsha if you want to try another water based dye, I bought mine from Goodsjapan but they don't seem to have them listed any more but they or http://www.leathercrafttools.com/ should be able to order them in as they are fairly common in Japan. I don't have any photos of my work handy at the moment but if you want to check out some stuff done with them this leather artist uses them http://ameblo.jp/chelsea1982/ Hope this helps a bit
  15. The Epson 1400 uses Claria ink which is dye based, Epson put in an UV additive but it's not as lightfast as a true pigment ink such as the Ultrachrome. I used to use an Epson 7900 and at times it's bigger brother the 9900 which use the Ultrachrome and we had no fading problems on the posters that used to hang in the shop windows over a few summers. I also did some window sill testing of it on some leather and it held up really well. That's the only thing I miss from my previous job getting to use the cool printers. I would maybe look into seeing if you could change to using the Ultrachome once your Claria ink runs out as it's definitely nice stuff to use. I know you couldn't with the old dye printers but they they may of changed the print heads they use now. Leatheroo did some experimenting a few years ago with acetone http://leatherworker.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=30822&hl I gave it ago as well but my laser printer has long since died so I haven't tried it since, was fun to try though.