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  1. I'm looking for feedback on this oak leaf design. It's for the rigging plate on a saddle. Red is the background and the green points will be copper rivets. All critiques and comments are welcome. Thanks, Randy
  2. Bridle ready to go

    Looks great. I really like that style and have made a couple like that. For what its worth, I end the liner piece just short of the buckle slot. It creates a nice pocket for the buckle. Sorry, I don't have any pictures to share. Randy
  3. Roping Saddle

    Thanks Josh, I'll, have to try the cordura. I built a burnished out of a bench grinder, but I haven't used it on saddle parts. It makes burnishing bridles and breast collars easier. Randy
  4. Roping Saddle

    Ron, Thanks for the compliments. I bought a 3/4 hp bench grinder and my dad made a burnishing wheel. We still need to do a little fine tuning, but so far it is working alright. I am hoping this helps with some of the edges, but the horn will still be by hand. I have two new trees and leather should show up this week. I working hard to turn a hobby into a job. Randy
  5. RFI Seat at Hand Hold

    RFI=Room for Improvement In looking at the saddles I have built, there are few areas where I feel like there is a consistent need for improvement. One of them is the seat fit around the hand hold. I don't seem to be getting the seat to fit as tight as I want in this area. These are from #3 and #5. I feel like I am getting it tight when I fit the seat, but it's too loose after it dries. Any tips are appreciated. Randy
  6. Buckaroo Breast Collar

    Josh, Very nice. I like it. Do you think the pattern would also work when connected to the breast collar dees on the saddle? It looks like it would. Randy
  7. Roping Saddle

    JD and Ron, Thanks for the compliments. Howard Council was a renowned (his saddles are coveted around here) saddle maker from Lawton, OK. I am not sure what is different about his tree, but from what I have learned Sonny was making them for him. My friend, who I built this for, is a saddle junkie and he called Sonny to order the tree. I looked at some of Mr. Council's saddles and tried to follow his pattern. I struggled with the rope strap because of the swells. I worked with the customer to place it where he wanted. I agree on the front rosettes. I need to clean up the front jockey area on my saddles. It seems that there are too many after thoughts. I thought most of my edges were pretty good until I started taking pictures. I rubbed that horn a lot, but never got it slick enough. I'll look at the DVD. The cantle binding is certainly an area that I would like to improve. If only it means gaining some confidence. Thanks for the tooling and stitching compliments. This was my last hand sewn saddle (bought a Cobra 4). I like hand sewing, but the time was killing me. I appreciate the comments. I am working on 6 and 7 in hope of finishing them for the Wichita Falls contest and they will serve me well. Randy
  8. Lining Leather

    I haven't lined a belt. I mostly make tack. I try to rub the heck out of my edges with either beeswax or glycerine saddle soap. However, I recently built an edge burnisher from a bench grinder. I still need to work on my methods, but I think it will help. Randy
  9. Lining Leather

    I would also second Big Sioux's comment about finishing latigo edges. I don't know about harness leather, but it sure doesn't get slick like veg tan. Randy
  10. Roping Saddle

    Here's saddle #5 that I just finished. It's built on a Howard Council roping tree from Quality Mfg with Hermann Oak leather. I am making improvements in some areas, but still have a lot to learn. Comments and critiques are welcome. Randy
  11. Lining Leather

    I have used veg tan to line breast collars, but that was mainly because that's all I had. They are holding up fine, but I doubt they will hold up like harness leather. More recently I have been using 5-7 oz latigo to back 13 oz HO. I really like that thickness for roping gear. I have been using 3-4 oz veg tan to line headstalls made with 7-8 oz veg tan. That's because I don't have latigo that light and I don't want them too thick. I preshape the outer pieces before gluing the liner. That keeps them from wrinkling too much. I look forward to seeing the final product. Randy
  12. Howard Council Trees

    Thanks Steve
  13. Will James Rough Out

    Clyde, Thanks for sharing. I really like Will James saddles. Your work inspires me to do better. Randy
  14. 8 string saddle

    Mike, Nice looking saddle. I like the dragonfly and cattails. Kudos for trying some new things like the inlaid seat. I haven't worked up the courage to have exposed stitches on cantle binding, but I will have to tackle it at some point. Thanks for sharing. Randy
  15. Seat Patterns

    Ron and Ron, Thanks for the comments. I have my seat formed and ready to glue down, but I think I am going to make a paper pattern. Then I can compare the two before I glue it in. Maybe I'll learn something. I have only built swell fork saddles. It would be interesting to see if people think one method is better suited for this style. Unless really pressed to change, I probably won't. Randy