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  1. John, If I had a splitter, I would take it down to about 10 oz. However that's just a gut feeling on my part as I have no experience other than twisting 13/15 oz stirrup leathers. Randy
  2. Thanks Denise, I hope things are going well up north. Randy
  3. No one has a story to share?
  4. This is just my opinion and I am certainly not an expert. First, I think your pattern is too wide for the belt. The flowers run into the border. While you could probably make that work, they look crowded to me. Personally, I like the swirling flow that is typical of Sheridan tooling. Your design has 'hints' of that style, but it is also kind of linear. My suggestion is to consider the individual elements (leaves, scrolls, flowers, etc.) and how they flow together. Just my opinion. Take it for what it cost you. Randy
  5. John, I replaced the dee in its original position. I cut a small slot in the fleece (synthetic) just large enough to let me work. It was less than an inch. This allowed me to get the old rivet out and gave me enough room to work on the new one. Then I used some contact cement to glue the fleece to the skirt. I thought about sewing the fleece, but figured it wouldn't really help anyway. It was a pretty simple job. Randy
  6. I am starting to build a saddle on a Howard Council tree from Quality Mfg. I have researched Mr. Council a little, but am interested in learning more. Any information is appreciated, but of particular interest are his trees. Most of the ropers who have one of his saddles are very complimentary of it's fit and function. Does anyone know if he built his own trees? It looks like there is a Quality tree in the background of a video about him. Thanks in advance, Randy
  7. Well done. It looks fantastic. Randy
  8. That looks nice. I think you'll like the shorter one also. Randy
  9. Thanks Bob. That makes more sense. One more thing to learn. CaptQuirk, Yes I built the saddle. There are more pictures in the saddle gallery under "Small Ranch Saddle." Randy
  10. Bob, Thanks for the suggestion, but I don't quite understand it. What do you mean by halo? Can you attempt to clarify? Thanks, Randy
  11. Both sides are wrinkled the same, so it's balanced. Thanks for the comments.
  12. Thanks Billy, My buddy picked up the saddle today. I can't wait to see pictures of his grandkids riding pasture with him. Randy
  13. Thanks Ron. I need to buy a sewing machine. Good point Oltoot. I suppose I was being generous with the term. Randy
  14. I rebuilt (used the tree) this saddle for a friend. He had a worn out saddle and wanted a little ranch saddle for his grandkids. The seat is 11" and he made the stainless steel stirrups for the saddle. He also wanted a basket weave, but I talked him into letting me add the oak leaves. Let me know what you think. Randy More pics
  15. It's not floral, but I would entertain comments or critiques. Randy