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  1. Latest Saddle

    Ryan, Thanks for the comments. It doesn't cost to enter this contest. The winner in each division receives a belt buckle. I'm not sure about other contests. Randy
  2. Latest Saddle

    Clyde, I also thought the quality of saddles was great. I received a lot of good comments and suggestions on my saddle. It was really motivating. Thinking about next year already. Randy
  3. Latest Saddle

    Thanks for the compliments. The conchos are not burnished. I try to cut the as clean as possible. Ron, I always appreciate your critique of my work. I've picked up a lot of tips from you. I'll see if I can find a binding edger at the show. The wife would be disappointed if I didn't buy anything. BTW there's some really nice saddles here. Randy
  4. Latest Saddle

    Here's my latest effort. I'm entering this in the Wichita Falls Saddle Contest. Look me up if you are going to the show. Comments and critique are always welcome, Randy
  5. Oak Leaf Pattern

    Thanks. Randy
  6. Oak Leaf Pattern

    Thanks for the comments and encouragement. I'll post pictures in the gallery when it's complete. Oltoot, Can you share a picture of your breast collar dee? I know you don't like domed rivets, but I feel like trading some durability for appearance is acceptable. Maybe if I was fixing them, I would change my mind. Randy
  7. Oak Leaf Pattern

    Here's the final product. Not the saddle, just this piece. Still room for improvement, but not too bad. I tried to get the rivets in gaps. Randy
  8. Small Ranch Saddle

    Ryan, Thanks for the comments. I get most of my leather from Panhandle in Amarillo, but am looking into ordering direct from Hermann Oak. Randy
  9. Roping Saddle

    Bob, Thanks for commenting. I've read your burnishing tip in other posts and think about it all the time when I'm working. I just need to follow it a little more. I've thought about dying the edges, but haven't attempted it on a saddle yet. I need to do it on some smaller projects first. Randy
  10. First Sheridan Drawing

    This looks nice. I suggest carving the practice piece as I think that improves my drawing. I feel that some items are easier to draw than to carve. But then, maybe I need practice on both ends. I hope to see the carved product. Randy
  11. Lucky Seven on Wallet

    Well done. Randy
  12. Oak Leaf Pattern

    Ryan, Good catch. I did miss that area. The bevel marks are exaggerated because the leather was too wet. Normally I would go back over them, but I was in a hurry. In the past I have drawn really nice patterns that I felt were difficult to tool. By just practicing on this and the comments here, I found a few things that needed changing. The presser foot marks are primarily due to wet leather, but I have since reduced the pressure. I'm about as low as I can go now. I'll post pictures of the finished piece here and the saddle in the saddle gallery section. Thanks for the comments. Randy
  13. Oak Leaf Pattern

    Ron, Thanks for the tips. I modified the pattern some, but here's my practice piece. As noted by cowboycolonel I need more space along the edges. It was tooled and sewn too wet so it's not great. I'll draw a new version this week and maybe get it tooled next week. Thanks again. Randy
  14. Oak Leaf Pattern

    Thanks for the comments. I'm too close to the stitch love on the bottom, but have plenty of room on the top. The jockeys will cover a lot of this, but I didn't like the empty space above the cutout. I don't know why. I copied the empty acorn from another pattern, but haven't really warmed up to it. I'll probably replace it with a full acorn. Thanks again for the comments and suggestions. I'll post the final product when it's tooled. Randy
  15. I'm looking for feedback on this oak leaf design. It's for the rigging plate on a saddle. Red is the background and the green points will be copper rivets. All critiques and comments are welcome. Thanks, Randy