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  1. Much of Tandy veg tan leather is not good, or what I like. Sorry but I wouldn't buy it. I only buy Herman Oak.
  2. These machines are totally gone for about 6months.
  3. Personally, for veg tan, I prefer Herman Oak for anything tooled. It is beautiful and cuts like butter. Becareful if the shop is not an approved shop for Herman Oak then they are liars. Herman Oak is very strict on who get's to be a distributer for their leather. As for Kangaroo there is nothing like Kangaroo lace. I still love it. I love to line using pig skin lining. As for inlays I have a big thing for colourful leather, like hologram and many others. Just my ten cents worth.
  4. If you wanted tooling on the front, I would do a yolk on the front and the back patch, make the sleeves out of garment or even Chap leather.
  5. This is terrific, thanks so much for pointing me to eBay, seeger.
  6. KnottyLinda.com She has it and it is terrific, she is on Vancouver Island.
  7. For sale cobra 4 dream machine king cobra and a brand new never used clicker. All of these items are in Middleport Ohio. They used to belong to a member here Cheryl Crossan who died unexpectantly. The cobra is basically brand new used about twice. $2100.00 for both. Clicker comes with two maybe three dies. The clicker is a 12 ton. There are numerous other tools and leather up for sale also. Pm me if interested. Leather Wytch
  8. Excellent! They are both great looking love that gold.
  9. I just may try it both ways. Only with the lighter leather I would use glue. Randi-Lee
  10. I believe that lighter leather, like garment may be easier to work with. I have also been thinking about trying this. Randi-Lee
  11. What you need to realize is that not everyone wants crosses, skulls, or naked women/men on their things. I do not make thing with any religious symbols, skulls or naked women/men on them unless it is ordered or I am going somewhere where that is the theme. Randi
  12. I am notorious for lining things. Although I do not do flip flops but saddles with straps, I knew they would not be comfortable. So I put pigskin lining on the underside of the straps, way more comfortable.
  13. Let me know how long it lasts. I may make one for my mother Shepherd. Where did you get the squeakers?
  14. Where is she at, living wise. Meaning where would these have to be sent to?