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  1. I was not there then. See it isn't the same, brat.
  2. I go there and no one is there or Daryl is on a holiday.
  3. Me neither I quit IRC decades ago. But our chat is down (sob).
  4. https://kiwiirc.com/client This is where it is.
  5. No problem, I got in and Daryl was napping.
  6. Stupid thing won't let me in.
  7. I am blaming all of you men. I know what you did.
  8. I am feeling very lost without chat and it is all Ross's fault.
  9. I am sorry, life without animals/cats is no life at all.
  10. I just hope that we get a decent chat program. I have had to deal with a lot of real terrible chat programs.
  11. So we are heading into a new Star Trek. Yes, it is "Star Trek: Search for The Fire Extinguisher." Randi
  12. His hair is always on fire ! Randi
  13. I want to know also. How will we talk to each other with no chat.
  14. Much of Tandy veg tan leather is not good, or what I like. Sorry but I wouldn't buy it. I only buy Herman Oak.
  15. These machines are totally gone for about 6months.