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  1. Finally Done!!

    The main difference in the two MSDS' is not the carrier but the "Oil" or Pro dyes use a solvent based colorant dye while the standard dyes use a metal pigment based colorant. The pigment colorant is obvious when dry as it rubs off while the solvent dye penetrates the leather better. Definitely worth going for the pro dyes as recommended in the video. Personally I buy all my leather drum dyed from Wickett and Craig. Bob
  2. Where to find tape measure holder

    Really long story: Bob
  3. Where to find tape measure holder

    I make a product called Sink the Stink, a wet suit deodorizer. They are one of my main wholesale distributors. Bob
  4. Hydro/ vacuum formed knife sheath

    GREAT! suggestion!!
  5. Hydro/ vacuum formed knife sheath

    I have one unit for leather and one for sous vide. I generally put the sealed bag in the sun to set the leather for a few hours and then open it up. It will never dry in the bag!! Bob
  6. Finally Done!!

    Actually Feibings Pro Oil Dyes and Feibings Pro Dyes are identical and are both alcohol based dyes. No idea why they were called Oil Dyes unless many years ago they were a different formulation. Just like the Tandy Gum Tragacanth contains no gum tragacanth and is 100% Xanthan gum. Celtic work looks great and don't give up on the HeatnBond. First tack to the thinner material then remove the paper and heavily iron on to the heavier. DON'T forget to remove the paper! Been there, done that! I have made many of the same mistakes, spilled a bottle of USMC dye down the white wall behind my bench, got glue all over everything when the glue was knocked over, and on and on. Most important thing is to have fun! Bob
  7. Where to find tape measure holder

    Ha! Spent some time in Boise and McCall and one of my best customers in my day job business is NRS. Good luck with the leather advice is find a niche and go for it! Bob
  8. Resolene Problem.

    I seal ALL dyed leather, and I only use alcohol based dyes. Resolene is my sealer of choice, one or two coats, but there are many to select from. Resolene, like all acrylic paints and finishes polymerizes as it dries and forms a plastic finish over the dyed leather. There will always be some excess be some pigment or dye left on the surface which will rub off, possibly on clothing or furniture, so sealing is a good idea. Bob
  9. Not leather work but....

    It will be a while yet, but I will be offering a range of woods including zebra, bocote, and a number of other tropical hard woods. I am in the process of having the glass made to my specifications overseas. There are no suppliers in the US and the radius is very unusual. Bob
  10. Suggestions for slowing down machine

    I did a thread on it a few years ago. You simply change the values on the resistors controlling the motor speed. Very simple circuit, since the speed controller is a variable resistor. I either added or removed resistance. I have been using is ever since and works like a champ. I won't be doing and sail making with this setup but great for very slow and accurate stitching. Bob
  11. Hello From South Africa

    The small and large maker. I keep it at 26C or higher and humidity around 10%. Usually takes 2-3 days for dry biltong. The big one is good for +- 10-15 kgs. Spice from Amazon and made in Cape Town.
  12. The link above is for Amazon Canada
  13. HeatNBond is available at ANY hobby or sewing shop and Amazon: Bob
  14. Not sure what you need. My press is a standard t-shirt press: Heatn Bond: All the above purchased from Amazon. Not sure what you mean by "blank Products"? Bob