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  1. No one has responded. Message me and I'll give you Calvin's phone number. Bob
  2. I was really referring to the China of the 80s. Things have changed in many industries and are becoming more profit oriented with better QC. Garment and shoe production has already strated leaving China for cheaper countries like Vietnam and Cambodia. Unfortunately Trump is an idiot and doesn't understand that we now live in a global economy and his tariffs have already generated $12B in welfare for farmers after he trashed the soy export market and well on his way to trashing the US automotive, and many other export sensitive industries that will get hammered by reciprocating tariffs. Trump is focused on the next election, the Chinese on the next Generation! Who do you think will come out on top? Bob
  3. What you have to remember is that you are dealing with a communist country where state controlled production was all about quantity, not quality. It has always been a sellers market, never enough consumer goods to meet demand and no profit motive. Generally they took their costs and added a small fixed percentage for "profit" and that was it. Things are changing but some of the more industrial products are a victim of their history. If you manage the Chinese , especially QC by having a US or other foreign representative in the factory, thing go quite well. Also they will always sell the best production domestically as there is less blow back from faulty products. It is changing and the better they get the more business they will attract. Bob
  4. Basketweave belt

    Beautifully done! It will look even better over time! Bob
  5. Years ago you could fly to Germany and pick up a Mercedes, drive it around Europe on a vacation and ship it home. The car would arrive as a used vehicle and not subject to the duties that have recently been reimposed by our fearless leader. My dad did this every few years and used the car for business in Europe, brought it back and then sold it at a profit a couple of years later, and then bought another. Many of the European luxury car manufacturers offered a complete package. I started doing business in Shenzhen in the 80s. Senzhen is a pretty interesting place to visit. If you had the inclination to visit China, you could probably purchase your machine at the factory and make sure it was set up and working properly and you would probably get a tour of the factory and be treated to a nice meal. In addition you could write off the trip as a business expense.There is a cultural theme park there, definitely worth a visit and you would offset your expenses a bit by saving a few bucks on your machine. I would NOT purchase it sight unseen unless you are looking for a huge paperweight. Bob
  6. Which leather burnishing machine to buy?

    Looks like the vibrator from Hell!
  7. Which leather burnishing machine to buy?

    For +- $36 you can't beat: It has a 1/2" arbor and 1/2 hp motor...All you need!
  8. Which leather burnishing machine to buy?

    Great minds think alike!
  9. Which leather burnishing machine to buy?

    I already owned the burnisher which I was using in my drill press but I would have purchased this one: Same guy makes it and has the adapter for the buffer built in. Another benefit to having this buffer is using the buffing wheel for polishing edges after sharpening. Bob
  10. Hi BDAZ,

    I need some help.  I'm trying to replicate your set-up for the burnishing machine and I'm wondering where you purchased the burnisher with a shaft, and where did you purchased the arbor adaptor that your using.?

    Thanks for your time.


  11. I this is similar to what is required
  12. I had an enquiry to replicate what appears to be a turn of the century coronet case and music stand case. I am backed up with work and it's not my bailiwick. Someone making valises and traditional s would be better suited and more efficient than I would be. These are the remaining pics. Please PM for the email and phone number of the customer.
  13. copyright infringement?

    Remember that a copyright is not a patent. In addition they would have to prove damages so I would just ignore anything that came from those Jokers. Let them take you to court and then you can cease and desist if and when that happens. Generally it's a lot of smoke and Bluster. Good luck Bob
  14. copyright infringement?

    The business side of leather making can be as challenging as the making side... I do think Kiwican came off a bit aggressive and condescending, although I assume he didn't intend to. Bob
  15. copyright infringement?

    One aspect of patent or copyright is damages. You can send him a cease and desist letter and he can either ignore it or stop copying your design. You would have to prove that your design is unique and YOU didn't copy it or it's unique design aspects. Quite frankly its a check book cover with a built in pen holder. Nothing unique there. Even if there was you would have to prove damages. How many lost sales due to his product being on the market. My guess is damages wouldn't pay for a lawyers visit to Starbucks. My advice....fogedaboudit! Spent the time on making and marketing. Bob