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  1. Sewing machine repair book.

    Here is an old thread with links to US Army sewing machine operation manuals: http://leatherworker.net/forum/topic/22758-us-army-sewing-machine-operation-manuals/
  2. Using Wax Lube Pot on a 441

    Your lub-pot is opaque, and thread-path cannot be seen. I've only used the Sailrite lub-pot and have not had that problem. The Sailrite thread-path is on the bottom of the pot, and only a small amount of lub in the pot is necessary. The reservoir is transparent, and the lub-level can be seen for replenishment. There is also a screw-on cap, so oil is unlikely to slosh out.
  3. Deep Cleaning a Juki 563

    Here is a link on penetrating oils, including WD40. You might want to test a small spot for aggressiveness before applying liberally. http://www.practicalmachinist.com/vb/general/ot-penetrating-oil-196347/
  4. Deep Cleaning a Juki 563

    I have no actual experience using acetone for such a project, but you probably already know to google the dangers of acetone first.
  5. Grid rulers - are they useful?

    I use a cutting pad with a grid pattern and also several different Omnigrid rulers, and recommend both.
  6. Using Wax Lube Pot on a 441

    Sailrite sells a thread lubricator for about $20. https://www.sailrite.com/Magnetic-Thread-Lubricator
  7. Here is another (I didn't recall it was from this forum): http://leatherworker.net/forum/topic/54776-4-slot-bifold-template-directions/
  8. Might look at the pattern in the following link: http://leatherworker.net/forum/topic/59038-minimalist-tri-fold-wallet-uploaded/
  9. Manual For Mitsubishi Du-105?

    Link to a user manual is in this thread: http://leatherworker.net/forum/topic/75566-mitsubishi-du-105/ I have a pdf of the parts manual Mitsubish DU-105_ManyOthers Parts Manual.pdf
  10. Finally Took The Plunge Juki 1541s

    Ditto on Gregg and his mother at Keystone from another, albeit remote, customer.
  11. zipper jig

    Had to look this up, and on youtube there is a video on making a zipper jig from a fork. Not practical for production, but probably good enough for me.
  12. Bernina 217n-08

    I think that the -08 is the zig zag width in mm. Machine models came in 4.5, 6, 8 and 12 mm. The cam reader is an option, and if present is mounted on the back of the machine. Sail makers prefer a machine with a cam reader, and use cams for three-point two step and four-point three step zig zag. If you decide to get the machine, I have an adjustment manual that I could scan and post. I also have a copy of the parts manual that is too large to post but could email.
  13. Which one?

    Many of your questions might be answered by searching the forums. I think searching via google is more productive. For example in google type: juki 1508 vs 1541 site:leatherworker.net
  14. Might be an overkill, but in google try: sailboat stainless steel strap tang