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  1. Thank you very much Tosch at least I have a starting point. Johanne
  2. Hi, I was wondering if someone can tell me the diameter of a cinch safe are they 6" or 5" ? I dont have one to measure from and hunting on the web has failed to give me any dimensions. I know the buckles are usually 4" so I assume some clearance is needed. If anyone has any clicker dies available to make these I would be very interested in them Thanks in anticipation Regards Johanne
  3. Hi She is not making them any more as she has become allergic to the plastic. Maybe grab some of her stock she has already as I dont think there will be more once that is run out. She made my stamp for me (very happy) but mentioned the allergy when I wanted more work done. Get in quick.
  4. I would be interested in this as well
  5. Thats lovely well done
  6. Thank you all for your imput. She just wants one becuase "they look nice" so I have had her measure and it is between 12" - 18" inclusing snap, in case anyone else is going to make one. I did pass on the comments about pressure etc that you have raised but it falls on deaf ears. I guess it will have to start rubbing the mane before she will think of that. What can you do ....people Thanks for your help. Johanne
  7. They must come in some sort of standard length as they are sold on breastcollars as in the illustration. I just have no idea how long to make one. Anyone out there got one they can measure for me please. Johanne
  8. Hi, I have a customer that wants me to make a strap like the one in the picture circled to go over her horses neck from one breastcollar ring to the other. She has no idea on size. Can someone please tell me roughly how long this should be please. Johanne
  9. Hi, An UK supplier would be fine as there isnt one in Australia that I can find. Any ideas on the flat square buckle for a supplier? Regards Johanne
  10. Hi I am after a manufacturer of the enamelled "studs" that are used on bridles and saddle with the makers logo on it. It looks like a blind rivet (to me) but have not idea where to get them. I have a customer who whats to use them on a range of bridles she is designing so any help would be great. Also I am after some buckles I have enclosed pictures so if someone knows a supplier who sells in quantity again thanks.
  11. Hi I went to Singer home page and they have a parts manual as well as a operating manual you can download. Using a combination of the two I got myself out of strife. The parts manual was especially helpful as it showed how everything went together. It was all under the industrial machine section on the singer home page. Johanne
  12. Hi I also have one of these machines and the feed grips the little material from underneath have stopped moving so the material is not being advanced. Does anyone know how to fix this or what to look at or even if it is possible to do so myself, as I live in the middle of nowhere so a mechanic is not an option. Johanne
  13. Thanks Steadybrook, I just wrote to Aaron and if you come across one Bruce please let me know. Biothane Yuk why would you want bridles etc made from that Thanks for your help
  14. Thank you for the picture Bruce appreciated. Please I would love if some one could find me one. Johanne
  15. Hi, Surely someone can help me with this??? If you don't have one for sale could you let me know if you hear of one please.. Johanne