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  1. thank you will have a play and see how I get on.
  2. thanks for you help have just ordered. They looked like a great idea for edging.
  3. Thank you but I cant play the video I get the error message This video contains content from SME, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds. (not sure what that is) I can do bleed knots if that is what the video shows it is more the order in which to do the strands in the latice I was wondering about. Thank you for trying Johanne
  4. Hi Does anyone know where I can buy these. They look ideal for applying edge dye and I thought I may give them a go.
  5. I am thinking that the two centre strands are worked first probably together as you said dirtclod and then the one that becomes the centre bottom loop as that seems to go around all the other strands which appears to me that it is done last. May have a play this weekend wish me luck
  6. Sorry here is another picture of the same thing this one has less strands but made the same way I can see that it is done using bleed knots and I can do them just after some clues on whether there is a system to do this e.g. do I start at one end and work accross or is the middle one done first etc. Just not certain how to tackle it. I have hunted on youtube and found one on a person doing it but there was just a quick shot and I couldn't get an idea so that I could reverse engineer.
  7. Can no one here help please
  8. Thank you keplerts, much appreciated johanne
  9. Hi I am wanting to fix some cracking in the leather on my lounge cushions. I found this video on Youtube (see below) and I wondered if anyone knew what the filler is? or is there something comparable to use. I dont want to buy an entire kit and thought someone could tell me if they had some ideas on what they think may work. Johanne
  10. Hi I saw something on youtube on removing scratches where he steamed them out by putting a hot cloth on top of the scratch to plump up the leather. I haven't tried it but the demo looks quite effective. He also used the steam on an iron with a cloth pad between to help lift them. Maybe worth a try on some scrap ?
  11. Hi, I am wanting to make one of these fringes for the horses browband. I can see it made using bleed knots and looking closely at the picture I can sort of work out the sequence. I was wondering if anyone here had made one and could give me some ideas or tips. This will probably save me a lot of time and cursing as I try to work through it myself. Also looking at the leather in the browband it appears to have a scalloped edge with a little hole on the middle of each scallop. Is there a stamp or something one of you may have come across that would speed up achieving this look. Thanks in advance.
  12. I dont normally post, but the burnishers look lovely and well worth the money. I dont understand why some of you are getting so upset either buy one or dont it is that simple. If you can make your own wow I am impressed I cant so I have to rely on other peoples skill. I am a professional leatherworker and lovely individual tools make the job that much nicer especially when they are made with care and not a mass produced item. Like Sceaden I love that this forum has the For sale option and look forward to seeing and sometimes purchasing items like this here.
  13. Thank you very much Tosch at least I have a starting point. Johanne
  14. Hi, I was wondering if someone can tell me the diameter of a cinch safe are they 6" or 5" ? I dont have one to measure from and hunting on the web has failed to give me any dimensions. I know the buckles are usually 4" so I assume some clearance is needed. If anyone has any clicker dies available to make these I would be very interested in them Thanks in anticipation Regards Johanne
  15. Hi She is not making them any more as she has become allergic to the plastic. Maybe grab some of her stock she has already as I dont think there will be more once that is run out. She made my stamp for me (very happy) but mentioned the allergy when I wanted more work done. Get in quick.