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  1. "Shop Talk" magazine, its a Leather Retailers and manufactures journal. Lots of great articles and how to features. Published monthly. John
  2. Round knife

    If the time comes that you need to sell a professional quality knife, should be able to recoup a good portion of what you paid for it and it will be a quick sale. John
  3. hand sewing ostrich leg

    Finished my sheath and posted it in the Critique section John
  4. Types of wallet leather?

    Also ask Hide House for their catalog, has their hole line of leathers in it.
  5. hand sewing ostrich leg

    Ok, will do. Putting the belt loop on tonight and sewing lining. I do a little at a time after work so it will be a few days before complete.
  6. hand sewing ostrich leg

    You are spot on with the advice you gave me, I ran the stitching wheel without the groove and I can see the marks just fine. If this sheath comes out ok I will post a picture of it. Thanks again, John
  7. hand sewing ostrich leg

    Thanks for the advice, you did a nice job on your sheath, your edges are sure smooth. Do you think a lacing chisel would work better than the stitching wheel? I was thinking about purchasing one. Take care,John
  8. I'm making a knife sheath with ostrich leg and 2/3 cow lining. What is the best way to groove and mark my spacing for stitching? I grooved a test piece and ran a stitching wheel to mark spacing but could not see the marks. Also will the groove look unattractive? Is there a better way I should be doing this? Thanks, John
  9. Having my doubts about Springfield Leather

    I live in Illinois, so not to far, they shipped priority mail so its one set price. Seems like SL problem is inconsistently. John
  10. Having my doubts about Springfield Leather

    I just received my order which was from there special order section (shark) and some hard ware. total was $65.00 shipping included ($6.05). The shark was a vary nice piece and shipping was a reasonable price. arrived in three days. I can't complain John
  11. Awl Handle

    Following up on this thread, I emailed Barry and he recommended the medium awl and #1 blade for the type of use I described to him. I purchased them and used it on a few projects. The awl fits my hand well, I push downward using my hand and palm. Lots of control and comfort in my hand. The blade is sharp and goes threw leather smoothly.
  12. Awl Handle

    Well I don't stitch traditionally, sometimes pushing the awl through four or maybe even five pieces of leather making sheaths. Thanks, John
  13. Awl Handle

    Hi, I'm going to buy a BK awl handle, is there a preference as to which one to purchase? large, Medium, or small. Its hard to tell without holding one. Thanks, John
  14. Anyway To Tighten A Line 24 Snap

    I bought snaps from Tandy and was unhappy with the snap action and the overall quality. I recently bought some that are called Fasnap that are stainless steel. I haven't used any yet but you sure can tell that they are better quality. John
  15. Anyway To Tighten A Line 24 Snap

    Just a thought, I noticed that the spring in the button socket are listed as Normal action, Easy action, and Hard action. Would you know which one you are using? John S.