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  1. Do you have any stock dies available..like for key fobs?
  2. SOLD!!
  3. SOLD!!
  4. I'm moving and I don't want to take this with me...make me an offer I can't refuse. I also have an older table I will throw in with this.
  5. ..I'm moving and I don't want to take this with me. Must go...make me an offer I can refuse.
  6. I bought this machine thinking I was gonna go into a little patching for bikers business, but it didn't materialize. I was told by an expert that all the parts are there, but it needs some tuning up by someone who knows what they're doing with it...and that's not me. It's been a good conversation piece in my shop, but I'd rather have the space. Asking $300, and must be picked up in Toledo Ohio as I wouldn't know how to begin to prepare it for shipping. Contact me for more pictures or to discuss. Rick
  7. Used much, but works well. I haven't used it much and it's taking up space in the shop so it must go. Clutch motor and table is in excellent condition. I've used it to put together thin upholstery leather projects, but I don't do much of that kind of work any more. I understand it can handle much thicker leather (and canvas). Located in Toledo Ohio, must be picked up, I'm not interested in preparing it for shipment. Asking $250 Contact me for more pictures or to discuss.
  8. Craig....I believe most will agree with me that in leather work, any two (or more) surfaces that are to be stitched together, should be glued together first. Does at least two things: Creates another degree of bonding the two layers together. And holds the two layers together as you stitch them..be it hand stitch or machine...makes the stitching job easier to manage. And of course for edges, keeps them from separating.
  9. My bobbin winder...I've never used the one that came with the machine (Cowboy 3500)
  10. Another vote here for Weldwood contact cement...I would just add to get the "gel" version. No dripping mess.IMO
  11. I make machine stitched belts and they DO NOT stretch...between gluing two layers of leather together and the nature of the lock stitch, stretching just ain't gonna happen. So good luck with that. I generally use 207 nylon thread, top and bottom with #25 needle for most of my work.
  12. Yes, but it has to be in the 6-12 ton range....depending on the size of the die. There's an old thread on here somewhere showing some.
  13. Hand stitching a belt is not difficult, IMO, just time consuming. As for a stitching machines (electric) I know nothing about cheap ones.
  14. Richard, ...I see why you would argue the double thickness belt...but it's a fact...not opinion...that two layers of leather glued and stitched together will be more stable, stronger, less likely to stretch as readily as a single layer of the same thickness. Think plywood.....same principle. I don't blame you for arguing your case....I hand stitched a belt once. I vowed never again.
  15. $65 up to 44" of belt size...beyond that we discuss.