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  1. Tippmann Boss for sale located in Dallas, Tx. Will ship. Asking $1,000 shipped. Like new condition, still in the box, comes with everything as if you'd purchase it new. I haven't even used half of the first spool of thread. Call or text Roper 806-930-2575 or email
  2. How do I- roughout/raw

    If I wanted to just make an "unfinished" wallet or a roughout wallet, what would I need to do to the leather? "Unfinished" meaning no dyes or stains. Do I apply some sort of sealant? Oil? All insight is appreciated! -Roper
  3. I'm not sure how to even word it, but here it goes. When making a tallybook/notebook/legal pad cover etc., I get it cut out and finished up and even though I have excess leather on both sides past where the book sits, when I insert the book and close it to use as the cover was intended to be it won't fold right and it's like I didn't cut it wide enough. So, what should I do to account for the fold? How much extra should I give myself? Is there a general "rule of thumb" you more experienced guys use? More generally- Layout and design wise- what's the process you use for doing any kind of book cover? Any help or insight is much appreciated! -Roper