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  1. Bridle I Made For A Marine

    Nice job on the bridle. Keep up the good work. When you are in need of conchos for sale or future projects contact me-the marines is one of ours. I have them available for several different special organizations Masons, Military etc. I don't sell retail, so I'm not in competition with your market if you're a retailer/maker. We are making one now that you can adapt to any emblem that is maximum of 25mm diameter ie. lapel/hat pins or "bling". We also do maker's stamps for the craft. I can be contacted at or John aka Indy
  2. Nighthawk, that looks really good and retro too. In the 70's Tandy put out leather that had the yellowish base but you can't get it today, at present, so tooling hides need to be adapted with the yellowing technique that you have discovered buy trial and error (nice research). Another way to apply the darker color of choice is to wrap a small block of wood with scrap tight weave linen, daub the dye on the linen and wipe over the project until you get the effect you want (old school approach). Keep up the good work! Indy P.S. The leather was called "Nature Tanned".
  3. Hot Off The Bench

    Doc, nice job! I'm sure your Dad will love it. I know I really like anything that my sons make for me. I haven't made holsters for my LE peers for a long time. Keep up the good work. Each project gets better with time and you'll notice the difference in comparison-I have. Indy
  4. Good job for an early try. I agree with the lacing comment. Try to work the tooling/carving when the color returns natural after casing. It takes the impressions better and gives you better depth and definition. What leather did you use-weight & type? Keep up the good work and we'll see your work on the front of a trade magazine in the future.
  5. Bobby, Good job smoke eater. Your Buds will love them! A few suggestions: 1) make a stitch line and follow it slowly stopping at the points and lifing the foot, turn and proceed to the next point. sometimes you just have to hand turn the drive wheel OR hand stitch them using a stitch spacing wheel. 2) try using an acrylic white for the background at the bottom and around the red numbers. It is forgiving and can be colored over if there's a booboo. dab out a lot of the extra runnyness on a paper towel then proceed. 3) good idea regarding the stitching then glue. use a good contact cement and fasten small binder clips to hold the edge until the glue sets-it's a short wait. approximate the edges then sand them even before slicking. I hope any of this helps! MERRY CHRISTMAS John aka indypbear
  6. Johanna, Can you please remove the ad for the Tippmann BOSS™ from the equipment for sale section of We sold and shipped it last November to a fellow in IL. Thank you for your help. Let me know you received this message. John Name: Johanna UserName: indypbear IP Address: Email Address:
  7. Bible Cover pattern

    I am looking for a pattern for a Bible cover that is relatively simple in design with a loop or tab to fasten it closed. The design I can create but need help with the construction design. Indypbear
  8. Nice work Gesa! I appreciate his love of our working tools and knives. Leather always enhances the hardware and you have made them look really good. I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future. Give him my best regards for a safe career to a happy retirement. Sr. Insp., retired Indy
  9. Sewing Machine

    BOSS™ manual sewing machine (cast iron casing) with needles, thread, bobbins and maintenance tools. $1000.00 firm plus shipping from Weatherford, TX. Photo available for interested craftsman. Contact at John <>
  10. Key loop

    I am trying to locate a key loop in volume that screws together. I have seen one that I like that is like a wire cable that screws together that is 5-6" long. It can be an out of U.S.A. supplier/manufacturer.
  11. Tim, I like the construction design, quality leather weight and workmanship. Your color choice (Desert Tan) is good also. I've not used any of the Eco-Flo finishes todate but I'm going try them soon. Good job on the edges and stitching. I agree with Tom's "girlfriend" on the minor flaws. They show handcrafting as long as they don't jump out and grab the recipient. We all start there though. My $0.02 worth: Basketweave & Camouflage tools seem to large for the size of the project. Maybe try smaller ones on your next project this size. The basketweave on the strap gets busy. Try using a small Camouflage or border tool top and bottom and leaving the middle open and see what you think of it. Basket weaving the back is nice but rarely shows. It's a good place to set your maker's mark (ID). Over all good job. Keep toolin' then carving! John aka Indy
  12. Skullbelt

    Looks good bud! "That's the way I like, I like, I like it-uh huh..........." so the song goes. JKK
  13. Skullbelt

    Hey Tommy, Good lookin' belt. Can't read what's above the skull if it's lettering. What kind of finish did you use on it? Hope you're doing well and what's with the weight loss? Doing something to make that happen like starving artist stuff? I'm a fan of slicked edges but that looks good natural. I agree with the comment on swivel cuts-looks like someone has been practicing his name and other great images. Hope to see some items this year again at the IFOLG in Indianapolis. Let me know if I can help you at all with that again. Best regards, John aka "Indy"
  14. Ghillies for my Wife...

    You did a really good job on those. I saw some at a recent Scottish Festival here in TX and want to make some for my wife and myself to wear with our Scottish clothes. They put a sole on theirs made of a composite shoe sole. I understand the prices. The high tops wear $250-$275 a pair and nothing special. Best regards, John aka "Indy"
  15. Josh, Your workmanship is getting really good or you're covering your mistakes better or both. That's what we all learn to do donchano! I carried one of those for 25 yars and what I looked for was comfort and functionality. Mine was for concealment though. The best I wore counter balanced with two magazines on the opposite side and draped over each shoulder hanging under my arms. This one looks comfortable with the shoulder pad but I question the strap around the back (I know it's a design necessity) for long periods of time. How easy is the weapon drawn and does the bottom strap have a tendency to tip the grip out? Look at your stress points and how they effect the wearer by trying it our your self (I know you did already). Beautiful work. Looks like your our next upcoming John Bianchi. Best regards, Indy