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  1. Thread getting dirty, how to avoid?

    I've had the opposite result
  2. Coloring Embossed Leather

    Fill these with your paint for precision application. Lifesavers
  3. Thread getting dirty, how to avoid?

    Wax your thread with beeswax before stitching. Always works well for me.
  4. Come join are group at I host how to and informational videos if your a beginner or an advanced leathercrafter come join us!

  5. IWB holster fitment issue

    Thank you for your replies. After trimming the sweatime shield, adjusting the stitch line, and making a relief cut and the bend point I've come to the conclusion it's the cant that is causing my issue. I will rework this design and hopefully that will be the fix.
  6. IWB holster fitment issue

    Noted in the stitch. I can get some more pics. I'm just the opposite I hate the leather straps. The clips are fromany Multi Holster. It's just a prototype the edges have not been touched. Shouldn't be to hard to accomplish. It's a prototype so I will give it a try. Thank you
  7. IWB holster fitment issue

    Yes it fits just fine on the back and appendix. My thought was the front wing is to short as well.
  8. I'm having trouble with my design not fitting correctly. There is a gap at the top forward of the holster where it wraps around the hip instead of following around snuggly. Any ideas on where adjustmentshe need to be made?
  9. Badluckleather

    Finished works
  10. First tool bag

    Whoa late reply sorry. 5/6oz
  11. First tool bag

    Thank you.
  12. First tool bag

    First motorcycle tool bag.
  13. Motorcycle Tool Bag

    I've done it with a sponge but without great success. I use an airbrush now. I like to use it for most dyeing now as I can get a super even dye job with it. No problem. Thank you
  14. Motorcycle Tool Bag