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  1. Looks great, Nice ,clean and simple
  2. The loops are a bit low it was going to be floral carved and I wanted to show that off but I changed my mind on that, the bump was just the way I drew the pattern, nothing special under there. Thanks again, John
  3. Thank you for all the positive comments, I try and improve something on each item I build. John
  4. Recent Builds

    What do you use for dye and top coat? Thanks, John
  5. 7oz HO for the outer and the liner, dyed in multiple coats of red and brown fiebings dyes applied by spraying, top coated with tankote, sticker with 277 bonded nylon thread on a CB4500 at 5 SPI Thanks
  6. Made this one awhile back, looking for any comments or criticism. Thanks again, John
  7. Second saddle

    Thanks Randy, I knew the rear rear rigging looks a little weird, the patterns I made for the rigging work well with that tree, I should have ordered some different Dee's but I got kinda lazy, yes it's rigged 3/4, seems to work well with the short seat. Here is a picture of the first one I built, I didn't like how the rear housing looked, I used the same rigging patterns for the second one, I was happy how the rear housing turned out but I should have redesigned the rigging a bit. John
  8. Second saddle

    Billy H, thank you for the input, the small seat was difficult to shape, not much material and it needed to go a lot of different places. I will try you method on my next one. Here is a better picture of this one. Thanks again
  9. Stamping Saddle Questions

    Thank you for clarifying that, I've been taught that a row of stiches around the skirts before the woolskins go to help keep the plugs from doing strange things. I would also think that a high end saddle would still have the skirts cut from the most appropriate part of the hide if they are plugged or not,but I also understand trying to get the most profit out of each job.
  10. This is the second saddle I've built, it's a 12" seat for a 10 year old girl. I'm looking for constructive criticism, I know there are a few design issues, any feedback is appreciated. Thank you
  11. Stamping Saddle Questions

    Why aren't the plugs a good thing?
  12. Clicker services offered, Southern Wisconsin

    How much are you asking for the clicker? Thanks
  13. How much for a set?
  14. What is the cost of this kit shipped to the USA? Thank you
  15. Draft Horse Tree

    Thanks Keith, that is what I thought, this experiment is constructed that way, and it is pinned on each side with 3/8 dowels in four different directions to help restore the strength, like I said, I'm trying to learn something new, if it works, great if not I had a little more wood working experience. Thanks again