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  1. LotR style bowie sheath

    Nice work. How did you attach the gold leaf?
  2. I use a mixture of 50% neatsfoot oil, 25% beeswax, and 25% tallow (by volume) Make a paste a little softer than shoe polish. Just rub it in with a soft cloth.
  3. Dragon figure carving

    Beautiful work
  4. Ring purse hardware

    Never thought of that. Ill have to check the out. Thanks
  5. Money Changers Purse

    Thanks. Its a large center bag with four pouchlets. The bag is mafe from onebpiece of leather.
  6. Ring purse hardware

    Jarred I'm looking to make a pouch that uses a large ring at the top for an opening. You lift the ring and the top of the pouch opens. When you let go of the ring gravity closes it. There are examples on "Purses in Pieces". Fyi another source fir chain maille links is The Ring Lord. They have everytype of ring you can think of from Aluminum to Gold.
  7. Just finished a Money Changers Purse, also known as a Mother's Purse. The design was based on piece that is in the Cluney Musee' in Paris. Saw it in Purses in Pieces and it looked cool.
  8. Odin, part deux

    Truely impressive work.
  9. Looking to make a ring purse. Does anyone know of a source for the rings?
  10. I am looking for a source for the swivel rivets used in M1912 holsters. Does anyone know if these are available?
  11. Medieval Sword Scabbard

    Thsnks, Here's the seam. I made the chape by gormong copper sheet around the bottom of the scabbard, then fitting a piece of copper into the open end. The whole thing was soldered together.
  12. How Do I Cuir Boil With Glue?

    Mrs Hicks. Great reference article. I have started experimenting with this method of hardening leather. Do you have any historical references for this method?
  13. Medieval Sword Scabbard

    They are beautiful. Here's my first scabbard.
  14. Just tried the concoction. Finished with satin sheen.
  15. Thanks for the input Chuck. I just combined 16 oz of tallow with about 3oz of beeswax. I'll try that and see how it works before I add any oil.