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  1. With this particular bag the lining is essentially a "bag within a bag". Nothing too complex. Its just a matter of clean execution. lots of checking and re-checking my measurements.
  2. I do my best to line everything up as square as possible. Then I use edge paint; sanding between each coat. A little assistance from my hot iron as well.
  3. Thanks! Yes i guess you could say its a dropped in lining. I personally, don't know the terms, just how i do them. I could not agree more. Its the main reason why this bag was a success. Thanks!
  4. Thanks or the kind words. Yes, as we all know one you make a cut or a punch there is no going back. I spend more time planning my next move than I do the move itself. Thank you very much Thanks DJole! Thanks very much
  5. They are a "filled handle" you can use rope or tubing. Roll the leather around it and sew it all up! Thank you very much. Some people love the edging process, to be honest, I despise it lol! Thank you
  6. Thank you. Far from flawless lol, but thank you very much! Thank you!
  7. Hello everyone Here is a recent woman's bag I made using tumbled Horween Essex. The leather is about 6/7oz and slightly spongy. Its sewn at 6 spi (7 tpi) with fil au chinois linen thread; size 432 Fully lined with interior pocket. And a shot of the hide Thanks for looking
  8. Hey guys Just a few pics of a dopp kit that I'm making for a family friend for Christmas. It'll be gusseted construction. 5 oz Horween Latigo, hand sewn with 432 fil au chinoise linen thread. stay tuned Chris
  9. This is a pretty rad look
  10. Monica, Love the harness. Stitching looks fantastic. The Nautical clips are super cool too.
  11. Thank you very much. I too felt it was a daunting task to create a bag from scratch, never mind making it lined. What i do is spend 90% of my time mentally breaking down each component of the bag into its basic parts. In this case the bottom, front and back, gussets, flap, closure, inside pocket and lining. On my commute to work, watching television, etc I try to come up with every roadblock or complication I might run into before I even touch the leather. How will the stiff (double thick 5 oz Latigo) font and back behave when i try to bend them around 90 degrees to meet the bottom of the bag? How will i attach the lining, and internal zipper pocket? How will the gusset behave and what will the final form look like? etc I use paper templates or cheap felt to make prototypes. This is all very time consuming but if a beautiful finished product is more important than getting it done quickly, this is the way to go. If you take the time to plan, the bag will come together effortlessly.
  12. That is a great option and have not heard about it until now. Since my initial post i have purchased a m6000 machine. I do love it. The initial stickerprice is crazy it is very robust and well built. Definately an industrial machine, not a comsumer/hobby product by any means.