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  1. No this bag does not have a frame. I'm relying on certain parts of the bag being double thick to maintain the structure. The 'panels' at the zipper, in this case, are double thick. I've found that if you design the bag correctly, with careful consideration, you'll never need a 'frame'. Unless you're working with dense veg tan/bridle,
  2. I actually don't. I get carried away and forget to snap pics during the process.
  3. Thanks! Yes its cotton canvas. its essentially a big inside the bag. to attach it i simply turn the edge all the way around to hide the "rough edge" and stitch it to the bag all the way around the opening.That method does't always work for every bag but it suits this "bucket" style bag Thanks very much
  4. Thanks! I believe the side was 19 sqft. I had to cut around some imperfections and still had lots of left over (4 sqft easily).
  5. I much prefer the full veg tannage of Horweens Essex. In my opinion, it is a little more refined than the chromexcel. I feel the heavy pull-up of chromexcel is best suited to more "rustic" bags etc.
  6. I'll start off by saying finishing edges is my least favourite part of leather work. Some people are fanatical about, I am not. That being said I know they are important in creating a nice finished product. My process can vary but my key things are making sure the edges of each piece of leather that I glue together line up exactly, or as close to exact as I can get them. Then, before I add any paint, I sand (600grit paper) and heat them with my Iron to make them become "one". Once they are smooth and uniform I sand them again with a more coarse sand paper to give the leather a bit of a "tooth" for the edge paint to hold on to. Then I paint the edge and smooth it with my iron. This process I usually never need more than 2 coats of edge paint. And as little sanding the paint as possible. I'm sure that's as clear as mud but that's what I do. Chris
  7. Love it. Beauty in its simplicity!
  8. Thanks very much. I'm not fan of working with Chromexcel to be honest. It doesn't burnish, due to the high oil content it doesn't love edge coatings and it scratches so easily. That being said the customer was insistent on using CXL. Definitely, we'll have to set something up in the future! Thanks Adam! Thnaks very much Pete!
  9. Thanks very much, and its my pleasure. Thank you! Yes I'm an hour north of Toronto.
  10. Ha I was waiting for someone to notice that. That was a progress pic I took before the lining was sewn in. I posted it because I liked the angle and lighting in that shot.