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  1. It really depends on the bag weather i have it finished with leather inside (Like Hermes) or if im doing a fabric lining. This specific bag has a "drop in" lining. Its essentially a bag within the bag. It gets fully sewn around the opening. You can see it in pic #8 Looking for pics of the Inside?
  2. I'm just using vernis edge paint. What I DON'T do is try to burnish the edge before applying the paint as it does not give the paint anything to bite on to (being somewhat oily). I leave the edge kinda furry to accept the first coat of paint and then sand and iron smooth each following coat. And thanks for the compliment.
  3. Instagram story of my client using his bag during a flight.
  4. They look fantastic and I'm sure will sell out. Good luck!
  5. Alex Thank you very much. That means a lot. I'm glad I've inspired you as so many have inspired me on this forum. Chris
  6. Thanks for the kind words, Dunluce. The piping has been skived down to roughly 3oz. I don't have a splitter so I, unfortunately, have to do it by hand. It takes a while and a sharp knife, with lots of stropping, but its worth the effort in my opinion. Thanks very much! Thank you!
  7. Hello everyone ***re-posting this as i lost my pictures in the Photobucket ransom*** Here is a recent woman's bag I made using tumbled Horween Essex. The leather is about 6/7oz and slightly spongy. Its sewn at 6 spi (7 tpi) with fil au chinois linen thread; size 432 Fully lined with interior pocket. Thanks for looking
  8. Hello everyone, ***I'm re-posting this due to losing all my photos being lost in the Photobucket ransom. I've had a few request to re-post*** Here are a few pics of my latest bag. It is a commission piece. Customer requested a bag that resembled the Louis Vuitton Greenwich Neo. The bag is made with Horween Natural Chromexcel. Fully hand sewn with beige fil au chinois linen thread (size 432 @ 6spi) There is a shoulder strap, strap to secure this bag to his rolling luggage, luggage tag, padlock with keys and clochette. Riri zipper, polished nickle hardware, cream canvas lining.
  9. No this bag does not have a frame. I'm relying on certain parts of the bag being double thick to maintain the structure. The 'panels' at the zipper, in this case, are double thick. I've found that if you design the bag correctly, with careful consideration, you'll never need a 'frame'. Unless you're working with dense veg tan/bridle,