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  1. Motorcycle seat finnish?

    I only use oil dye... so i can just speak for its success with that. But i dont see why it wouldnt. Do a search on forum bout resolene and im sure someone will have already addressed that topic. Good luck
  2. Motorcycle seat finnish?

    I finish my seats with resolene then use kiwi nuetral. Give kiwi a try.
  3. Another Theobald Inspired Build

    Forgot... kiwi nuetral after resolene
  4. Another Theobald Inspired Build

    Pre airbrush dying and after. I assemble seat, then dye. More specifically. .. I Dip dye natural kangaroo lace. Lace. Airbrush dye seat with fiebings and denatured alcohol mix. Resist 2 coats of rtc. Antique with fiebings cut with tan kote. Then, 3 coats resolene. Dying after assembly cuts down the chance of an undyed section showing through.
  5. Another Theobald Inspired Build

    Thanks for the kind words. Just got an accufast west eagle style pan for seat number 4.
  6. Another Theobald Inspired Build

    sorry for the confusion... here are the details: - 6-7 HO top - 5-6 tandy economy bottom (wont do that again...too light and the not the best quality. ripped through lace holes on nose) - 1/4 kang lace mexican braid - 1/8 kang lace single loop detail - fiebings walnut dye (big fan of color: one a fiebings few browns without heavy orange or red undertones) - fiebings black antique paste - built on biltwell slimline seat pan
  7. Another Theobald Inspired Build

    pictures not cooperating. will post shortly
  8. Seat number three built for my personal bike. as the title says, alot of the detail and construction was derived from david theobald seats and instructional posts on forum. -
  9. 1St Solo Seat

    Thanks for the kind words. One riding season and still holding strong.
  10. 1St Solo Seat

    better pics to show curve of pan. takes a few seconds once you sit on it to find a happy place. once you're there, its all good. seat is sitting on a drop seat swinger shovel.
  11. 1St Solo Seat

    a challenging pan with xian leather inspired design. 7-8 herman oak top 5-6 herman oak bottom 1/8 roo mexican basket lace 1/2 inch neoprene foam saddle tan airbrush in different dilutions 4 coats resolene,1 coat kiwi nuetral
  12. The Clown Seat..

    Got it. Thanks for the info. Once again, looks great.
  13. The Clown Seat..

    Could you briefly explain your dye technique? Thats if its not a trade secret. End result looks awesome and very unique. Thanks
  14. 2Nd Solo Seat

    and one of the bottom.
  15. 2Nd Solo Seat

    simple, theobald inspired, solo seat. herman oak 6-7 oz top and bottom 1/4 mexican basket roo lace 1/8 single loop detail roo lace fiebings yellow to saddle tan airbrush fade 4 coats resolene, 1 coat kiwi nuetral any questions /comments are welcomed