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  1. I've been ordering through buckle guy for a couple years, great company, and I love that they don't have minimums. Just looking for similar style/quality with a wider variety. Sounds like I'm going to have to save up and order wholesale. In that case, what are some good wholesale suppliers that have similar quality/style?
  2. I am a huge fan of buckle guy, but I am looking for some more suppliers that offer similar quality/style without minimums. I am specifically looking for some sleek/minimal looking solid brass center bar buckles. It would also need to be a situation where I could continue to buy stock in the future, so I don't think anything on eBay or amazon would be a good choice (unless you know more than I do). Ive checked out buckleguy, OTB, leatherguy, leathersmith, weaver, zack white, tandy, springfield, brettuns... Maybe overseas? I don't know. Thanks! Zayne
  3. I didn't take top side photos because my concern wasn't about the top side. Also, I stated that I liked the top side of the swatch they sent me, so that is kind of irrelevant. Yes, I realize it was not a fair comparison (as the other two commenters already pointed out), because the swatch they sent me was most likely not split, whereas the Hermann Oak piece was.
  4. Ahhh, okay. I still have a lot to learn about the different cuts and their attributes. I pretty much have just been ordering the highest quality sides in whatever oz I need and hope for the best.
  5. I do a lot of accessories like belts and wallets, so I like the flesh side to be as tidy as possible without much work (or any preferably). Thank you for the knowledge! I guess I didn't take into consideration that the swatches were most likely not split. Great point. I did get a response from the sales manager stating that the tooling swatch I received (i sent him a picture) might have been cut from the belly, but wouldn't it be a lot thinner (not 8-10 oz) if it was?
  6. Well, thats good news! I don't think it was split, because it seems to be some of their "8-10 oz" which they then will split down for you. The HO piece I have there is 4/5 oz so I'm assuming it was split, but it was just in my scraps and it might have been from a less than A grade quality part of the side I purchased. Still, I liked it better than the swatch WC sent.
  7. Hello, So, I've been wanting to SEE a good comparison between Hermann Oak and Wickett & Craig, there is a lot of people somewhat DESCRIBING the differences (or lack thereof), but I have not found anyone having actually documented it with photos/video. So, I received some swatches from W&C the other day, and decided I'd upload some pictures for reference. I have been only using Grade A Hermann Oak (yes, true Grade A). I was excited to hear that Wickett & Craig's tooling leather is lighter in color, and that they have no minimums straight from the tannery! I have to say, though; I am a little concerned with the flesh side quality of the swatch I received. The big thing I've taken away from HO's Grade A tooling leather is that the flesh side is always very tight and the fibers seem to be very short and consistent across the back. I was hoping that would be the case for Wickett & Craig's top grade leather, but the quality isn't quite the same for the flesh side. The flesh side of the W&C tooling swatch seems to be looser, the fibers seem to be a bit longer and inconsistent. Not a HUGE difference, but a difference, nonetheless. Now, I wrote the sales manager regarding the quality, assuming that the swatches that they used were just from scraps and aren't of their "Standard" or "Top grade" quality. The response I received was this: "The flesh will not be a problem Zayne. I'm sure it is just where they clicked the swatch?" Im not exactly sure that means, but I'm assuming it has something to do with them cutting out the swatch with a press, and it just doesn't seem like thats what would have caused the flesh side to be the way that it is. Anyway, have a look at the photos I uploaded. Again, I don't know for sure if the tooling swatch W&C sent me is factually top grade, but the sales manager didn't say that it was or wasn't when I asked him, hence the response. So, I'm assuming that the swatch I was sent IS their top grade, unless one of you can prove me wrong! In one of the pictures, I included the flesh side of the "Oak Skirting" swatch I was sent with all the other swatches from W&C. The flesh side of this one really scares me. It reminds me of the first cheap side of leather I purchased from Tandy. I'm really hoping this isn't W&C's "Standard" quality. Please prove me wrong! P.S.- I am in no way trying to throw shade at Wickett & Craig, I actually do prefer the lighter color of their tooling leather compared to Hermann Oaks. I'm really just looking to provide some information and hopefully gain some insight in return.
  8. Awesome, can't wait to check out the swatches when I receive them. Thanks for the input!
  9. I contacted W&C to see about getting a couple of swatches sent to me. So far it feels like I'll be ordering a back from them. I do actually like the idea of the W&C being lighter in color, I prefer my natural undyed/finished products to be lighter in color. I have noticed HO to be a little darker than I'd like. I don't do any tooling or anything, but I guess the softer top would help with cutting out my designs. Thanks for the input!
  10. Do you mean "whiter" as in that it is lighter in color?
  11. I actually considered ordering a back from Wickett & Craig, its amazing they don't require a minimum, but I'd read that W&C leather isn't as firm/stiff as HO leather. Have you had any experience comparing the two? I really like the stiffness of Hermann Oak's leather and the tightness of the flesh side.
  12. You're probably right. They have always been very courteous. I'll give them a call on Monday and see what they say. Thanks, Zayne
  13. Hey guys, I'm looking for a supplier (other than direct from HO, as I can't afford their minimum), that carries Grade A HO backs WITHOUT the moss flesh. I have always purchased through Goliger as they seem to be the only supplier that sells true Grade A HO sides without a minimum, but they only carry the backs with the moss flesh. Well, I guess I should back up a little and say that I have had no experience with their "moss" flesh, and have never seen it, it just doesn't sound like something I would be happy with. With that said, is there someone out there that has purchased said leather with moss flesh, and would kindly post a picture, or at least describe, in detail, what exactly it looks/feels like? Is it like suede? One of the big reasons I like HO is how tight the grain is on the flesh side. Thank you!
  14. I ended up getting some of the 8mm thread and it seems like it will be perfect. Its amazing how much better the quality is compared to tandy's thread.
  15. That is something I have neither thought of, nor tried. I'll give that a shot. Thanks!