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  1. First attempt at a wallet

    Thanks Jeff. I'm just doing some simple tooling at the moment. Just a couple of initials for a guy who asked me to make a wallet - if it works out - its his! I just need to figure out how to put the holes in to stitch it :-/
  2. First attempt at a wallet

    FYI - its this design - Thanks leathermunchkin. The only bit I can see myself getting frustrated with is the hidden card slot.
  3. First attempt at a wallet

    I'm about to attempt a wallet, however I have a question. There are several layers of leather required to be on top of each other. All stitched in some way - do I stitch each individual piece (meaning stitching over the same place two or three times? Or do I cut all the pieces, lay them on top of each other and stitch them all in one go? It is a PDF pattern I bought from leather craft patterns.
  4. Lacing (a handbag)

    I have a bag to lace together, but I'm not sure how. It has a front, a back, and a gusset. I have looked for lacing ideas but have seen none that will help me put this bag together. I have already had a go at making one, but I don't like how the edges turned out. Is it possible to do a whipstitch and have both flesh sides facing each other, or will that not be strong enough when each part starts to turn out as it all gets put together? Heres the one I already did.
  5. Exotic leather in the UK

    I looked on their website, didn't see anything available. I have just ordered samples from Walter Reginald. I'm also going to see if faux leather is something I can work with.
  6. Flesh side finishing

    Will using a burnisher on the back affect the tooled front? Should the back always be burnished?
  7. Flesh side finishing

    I've recently made a few bookmarks from some spare leather and I'm wondering how I should finish the flesh side. I've dyed, and antiqued the front, and a little of the flesh side got antique on. I didn't want to leave it pain anyway - but what is the best practice for colouring the flesh side. Do I need to do anything to stop it being so spongey? Should I put some resolene on then antique over that? Any other suggestions? Many thanks
  8. TONS of snakeskin hides for sale!

    Any idea about getting these shipped to the UK?
  9. I was wondering if anyone could tell me where I could find some exotic leathers in the UK. All I can seem to find it pre-dyed stingray skin. Although it looks quite cool, I'm not sure what I could use it for. I'd like to get something interesting looking to make guitar straps with. I've seen pictures (and I'm aware of how controversial it is) of seal skin guitar straps. I don't think this is legal to export to the UK however. Any suggestions? All I can seem to find is cow hide.
  10. Guitar strap installation methods?

    I think the wide bit at the front and thin at the back looks really odd. I have made two adjustable straps but have never been sure of the measurements. I just winged it each time. Is there a sure fire way of measuring up to make a guitar strap in this manner?
  11. Acrylic paints. When?

    I've just ordered some glow in the dark acrylic - not a clue what I'll use it on, but it'll be awesome!
  12. Neatsfoot oil, and Mink oil

    Thanks Buko - so are you saying that the neats foot should be after dying, but before the finish (i have fiebings resolene) or can it go on after the finish layer?
  13. In my learning about leather, I have come across people talking about neatsfoot oil as a way of softening leather. Although I was a bit confused when I saw a thread in which someone wrote he uses neatsfoot which stops the leather from getting too soft. Anyway - when tooling and dying veg tan leather, it seems to go quite tough and rigid. My question is: can I use neatsfoot oil when working with dyed veg tan leather, or is it purely to use on plain veg tan leather? At what stage in the process of casing, tooling, dying, and finishing the leather item can I apply neatsfoot? Am I right in thinking that mink oil is a waterproofing finish to apply when everything else is done? I have tried to search for answers here but didn't come up with anything that I was looking for. Many thanks
  14. Acrylic paints. When?

    Oh cool - so does the acrylic act like a resist layer so that the antique doesn't stick to it? It only goes in the tooling?
  15. Acrylic paints. When?

    Thanks, that what I thought, but I wanted to check. Thanks for your advice.