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  1. That’s my fault for trying to post on my phone instead of my computer. I’ll fix the times. Sorry.
  2. In Need of Leatherworker

    This is exactly the place to solicit work like this and if you aren't interested in taking jobs like this, move on. Some people are interested, and that is why this section exists- to help link up people who want something made with someone who can make it for them. Thank you for your understanding. ~J
  3. Okay, I'm not getting it

    I'm shutting this down because it's become ugly. This isn't the place to discuss this subject.
  4. I don't know where else to make people aware of this, but there is a "new member" that has started a thread with bogus links, and  smells a lot like a phishing attack. I've reported the post. It includes an obvious link to what is supposed to be YouTube, but it's mis-spelled and there is a link to an image, which is also suspect. 

    Is there somewhere  I can alert others to this type of bogus stuff?




    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Johanna


      It was posted in the Marketplace, which is the correct place for it. It's not gone, just hidden. I thought it was legit, just a bad link. Mike, give me the link you want and I'll fix it. ~J

    3. alpha2


      Sorry for the misunderstanding. It looked bogus. I'm sorry.

    4. TailGator


      Thank You, Apology accepted. Johanna here's the link you requested of me The link for the video remains the same. I appreciate the help.

      Thank You

      Mike R.

  5. Facebook Connection unwanted

    The ads at the top of the page keep the lights on 24/7 for anyone to wander our halls. If you do business with any of these companies, please tell them you appreciate their support of Thank you! ~J
  6. site chat

    IPB discontinued the chat software with no notice or explanation for all their customers. The word is that there was an exploit in it that they couldn't patch or fix. I'm getting a third-party chat software like we had in the old old days, but I want to make sure the new software is safe and works properly. Give me a day or two and we'll be back in chat, then I will need you guys to help me make sure everything is working properly and do whatever tweaks we need. Thanks! ~J
  7. Oh my, this is a new one. Let me see what I can do. (I get a tone sound) ~J
  8. Missing stuff...

    I'm checking into this now. Thanks everyone!
  9. Search function not working?

    Search seems to be working okay, but I'll check into it further. ~J
  10. Hi Johanna, Philly here.  We met several times at  IFoLG shows, you also know me/us as the Pitt Pounders LG.  You were our web master, but it apparently it hasn't been working since 2009. I've just got involved in this as I'm now V/P & Treas. What can we do to get it fired up again?  I wish you would contact me @  Thanks so much.

  11. We are now a catalog?

    Hi Boriqua Alex! Next time I'm in AZ I hope to buy you a cup of coffee. Have a wonderful day! ~J
  12. We are now a catalog?

    In the search box on the top right of the page, click the magnifying glass icon and you will be on the advanced search page. If there is an option you want that we don't have, let me know and I will try to add it.
  13. We are now a catalog?

    I try to zap the spammers as soon as I see them, or someone reports them. We get kind of busy some days, and I appreciate the help when someone clicks the "report" button. As far as the emails go- our server had a serious hiccup this week. I got over a thousand "old" emails, so I understand the frustration, but that's what happened when we cleared up the bigger problem. Emails spontaneously flew. Sigh. There is a setting for this, however, in your control panel. You can configure your notifications to your liking. The board will send you a notice for everything, nothing, or something in between. You can even get once a week notifications, or you can shut it off entirely. I'm sorry for the inconvenience with the extra emails and occasional spammer. If that is the worst problem today, however, I will be thankful. ~J
  14. Need a Raptor Hood

    Montana Raptor Conservation Center said: Hey guys, This is Becky with the Raptor Center in Bozeman. We have a female peregrine that is going to be a permanent resident at the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center in West Yellowstone and she needs a hood. Would this be something that you guys would be able to do? She weighs 760-730g. Let me know what you think and a price.
  15. This thread is 6 years old. If we are going to discuss this again, let's start a new thread without a Chevy/Ford comparison. Thanks guys! ~J