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  1. This thread is 6 years old. If we are going to discuss this again, let's start a new thread without a Chevy/Ford comparison. Thanks guys! ~J
  2. That is absolutely beautiful! See you in Prescott next month, Bob!
  3. Whoa! You didn't need to delete the link! Now I can't even find it. I have no problem with anyone posting links to legit leather resources. It's okay to put the link and the info back for the people who are interested. I only meant that we are already covering the bases here, that's all. Repost please. ~J
  4. You should see the adult section when logged in above the marketplace from the main forum index page. Let me know if you have any problems. Thanks! ~J
  5. CaptQuirk- that's a set of hobbles so the horse doesn't run off. Gorgeous work, compound!
  6. Hi Johanna,

    I need an outlet to sell my belts and small cases. I was only selling my belts to the two clubs that I belong to. I ran out of people. Can you tell me the best way to sell ? I don't know how to go about setting up a web site.


  7. were you going to tell me how to get into the adult section?

  8. second person I've come across from Ohio in about the last ten minutes on this site.  Never would have though ANYBODY from Ohio worked leather except the Amish.

  9. That's a good idea. Our sponsors are the best in the business and work hard to deserve everyone's consideration. They all have quality products reasonable prices and excellent customer service, and I know this.
  10. Johanna,

    The group of us who were always in chat with Cheryl Crossan would like to start a Scholarship in her and Jazzman's honour on here. We are in the process of of now working out the fine details. She also loved her service dog so we are working out things to do with that too.  We just would love to have your permission to do this.





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    2. leatherwytch


      I will. We figured this was her place and we all met here and she would love this for the betterment of leather and people. Both of them were wonderful people, this is a wonderful place. Is there a way to have it posted in with the other categories? 



    3. kiwican


      Thanks Johanna, Well done LW

    4. leatherwytch


      I just wish that with all my magic I could bring her back.


  11. Hi Johanna,

       I am not sure if I am sending you a PM. I don't want to post his phone #, Can you please let me know if this is a PM  LOL


  12. Hi Johanna,

      I wanted to buy a Robert Beard stamp, I called a number that was posted on a web page. I man called me back and he said that he was Robert Beard. This guy talked my head off, he told me that he would make anything that I wanted. He was a very good talker and I felt that I was about to be taken. I heard that Robert was a very busy man , would he talk 5 min. trying to sell one of his stamps? He gave me his cell # and told me to draw or send him a picture of any design I wanted. He told me a lot of things that I already know about Robert Beard from reading articles on this site. He also told me I could give him my credit card # if I felt comfortable with that. I of course told him no I don't. He said it would be about a year, which I know that to be the case.I gave him my # and address,  Does this sound like Robert Beard to you? 

    Thank you Johanna, I hope I am not putting you on a spot.



    1. Johanna


      Well, that sounds like Bob. If you want to PM the phone number I'll see if it matches what I have. :)

    2. electrathon


      I started laughing as I read your post. That sounds exactly like him. 

  13. Hello Johanna,

     Having a couple problems and hoping you could help. When I open the forums the fonts for the title is one string and vertical, and when I open the box for comments I only get the click to choose file box, I cant enter text. 



    1. Johanna


      Are you using a computer or phone? Can you try a forced refresh?

    2. Dave Richardson

      Dave Richardson

      Using phone and or tablet. I have refreshed,  logged off and back on. Problem started about 2 weeks ago. Ive used the same tablet since ive joined with no problem.

  14. Hi Johanna,  Martyn started the conversation by calling all of us, and the next leader of the free world, idiots including yourself if you voted for Trump or Hillary. You let this arrogant bastard call the next leader of the free world an idiot. He then went on to call Trump a buffoon. And you said nothing. How come you don't tell him to tone it down? You could have put an end to this from the beginning. We don't need to hear some arrogant British bastard claim he speaks for the rest of the world and call all of the primary voters who voted for these two and the next leader of the free world idiots. Like I said in the one post, he could have commented on the stamps and left his opinion out of it.