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  1. I'm not finding anything on our server's end that is abnormal, or underperforming. I do appreciate everyone's feedback, and I try to fix the problems that I can.
  2. Semper Fi My Marine

    Battlemunky, He arrived in MO yesterday at a large Army base for his MOS training. He said that they (Marines) have to do more PT and dress sharper than their Army peers because, well, you know, they are US MARINES and the difference must be immediately evident or he's in trouble. I love the USMC. They have class, style and they're deadly. Semper Fi!
  3. Semper Fi My Marine

    Exactly. And then Florence, so they canceled graduation ceremonies and did a lot of work detail. He seems to have made a few Marine friends of the female persuasion, and has one doing his laundry, so I don't think he's suffering much. Thank you for the good wishes! Semper Fi!
  4. Semper Fi My Marine

    He's doing well. Next week he flies to his MOS school. He's going to be an MP.
  5. I don't like to edit posts and threads because i do believe we all have the right to our opinion, however we will not have with hate speech, threats or general trolling on the forum. There is some useful info in this thread, so I left it, but I did remove parts of it. If you see something offensive anywhere on the board, please hit the report button. Be part of the solution instead of the problem. Thank you for your cooperation!
  6. This week I'm going to pick up my Marine from Parris Island for his short leave before combat school. Bear with me if I'm slow with my messages, please. I'm 2 sleeps from my 758 mile trip to get this kid I've missed for 13 weeks. His dad went to PI in 1968, and he'd be so pleased with this kid now. I've never met a Marine who wasn't proud to be one. I would love to hear your military stories. God bless our veterans.
  7. Happy Birthday Johanna!

    Thank you everyone! All I do is keep the lights on and the coffee fresh. It's all of you that make this place fun to be- learning and laughing. You leather folks are the very best. ~J
  8. What do YOU like about figure carving?

    Craftaids are a good place to start. After you've developed a feel for the leather and your tools, like Mike said, you can carve an original piece. If Kathy reads this post she will think "Huh?" and wonder if you're okay, JLS. I don't know what it is exactly, but I feel like you're picking at Mike, and I don't know why. Both of you have spent many hours helping others, so you share the same objective. Please be mindful that we are all friends here, and there is no need to go out of the way to be rude. Charging for lessons: The old man I learned from explained that any time away from the bench cost us money. He could carve a good pic of your sailboat or girlfriend and that's how he made his money. His leatherwork was personal. I learned everything at his elbow trying to do things so he could do what only he could do, carve leather his style and the customer's way. No one is getting rich selling lessons except maybe Tandy. The lessons being offered now by Elktracks and are state of the art, and expenses have to be paid. It's a fair trade, IMO, and it's helping people. Video technology has made huge strides, and most of us can understand it better when we see it, rather than read it. Most of us learned by the standard of the father of leatherwork, Al Stohlman. He was the one that wrote the books, he wasn't the best leatherworker in the world necessarily. History is always made by those who write the books. PS Mike, FB is holding LW's posts and shares hostage, so as an experiment I "boosted" the promo Dave made. For whatever reason they aren't showing it outside the US. I'm annoyed with FB because they want us to use them to crosslink, but they want to charge me money to share info that interests a lot of people. I'll keep you posted. ~J
  9. Carving surface question

    Go to a monument (gravestone) company. Out back they have a pile of stones that are chipped or have the wrong engraving, or some reason they were discarded. Often as not, they'll let you have a piece for free if you tell them what you what the stone for. Take a strong friend if you want a heavy thick piece.
  10. Good youtube videos for beginners? is the most convenient source of videos for serious leatherworkers. If you attend the class you can ask questions in real time, but either way, you can watch the video, start, rewind and pause, over and over again. The teachers are masters of their style and they patiently guide you through whatever the lesson is. If you don't see what you're interested in, ask. They will find a pro and set up a class. Most leatherworkers are willing to share their ideas and techniques because they know no one can steal their imaginations, which the lack of is the only thing that will ever limit your progress.
  11. The old man never soaked his leather or put it in the fridge or buried a dead cat and walked counterclockwise circles around it. He spritzed it with water evenly every time he went to work on a piece. That's it. Simple. (He did prefer distilled water, but if he was carving most of it he didn't care). I was astounded when I first learned there were 47 ways to case leather and no one will ever agree. Bob Beard is still making tools, but get your order in soon. He's usually working at least a year out. ~J
  12. Coffee and donuts

    Okay, more donuts are here. Clay's dog used to lick the icing off of them, so we switched to cookies after awhile. But Krispy Kreme is nationwide now, so I put a microwave in the corner. 8 seconds to heaven.
  13. That’s my fault for trying to post on my phone instead of my computer. I’ll fix the times. Sorry.