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  1. Make Your Own Skiving Knife(S)

    How hot is just past non-magnetic? Can I do this with bottle LP torch?
  2. New Tools

    great idea with the turnbuckle, I will steal it!
  3. High Desert Winter Day

  4. Stamps

    There is a set on ebay now that is with another set of regular alphabet stamps! The bidding ends SOON (less than 18 hours from now)
  5. Make Your Own Skiving Knife(S)

    I search ebay for french edgers. I look for the widest I can find and they work great for skiving when sharp.
  6. Craftool stamp modification

    You may have been the one that wrote the comment in post I asked about. I have some rusted tools I'll experiment with.
  7. Craftool stamp modification

    must be a tough question.
  8. How do I use a pattern?

    Saw this on tube. To print out a tooling pattern and print it on tracing paper at the same time to reduce a step; Use rubber cement or a light holding glue and attach the printer paper to the tracing paper for support, I suppose you could use heavy card stock as long as your printer will handle it but both pieces must be the same size or trimmed. Then print ON THE TRACING paper your pattern, separate the 2 papers and transfer your pattern to your cased leather the usual way with a stylus.
  9. Made a Petal Lifter, Carved a Leaf!

    That looks really good. I have not tried just the antique paste. Good idea!
  10. Stamps

    I see them on ebay occasionally. search for craftool alphabet stamps
  11. customer stamp maltese cross with flag

    I like that. Are they for sale?
  12. Made a Petal Lifter, Carved a Leaf!

    +1 on the airbrush!
  13. First round knife

    I have 2 knives from Terry Knipschield, the French model and the pull cut model 1. Both are really nice knives and really sharp!
  14. 3/32" angled lacing chisel

    Does anyone make a 3/32" angled lacing chisel with more than 4 teeth? Google gave me nothing. Thanks
  15. backgrounder vs matting

    Personally I don't like the matting tools. For their size they can't reach into tight places so that limits their use.