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  1. backgrounder vs matting

    Personally I don't like the matting tools. For their size they can't reach into tight places so that limits their use.
  2. backgrounder vs matting

    OK, thanks.
  3. backgrounder vs matting

    When would the backgrounders, bar grounder and matting tools be used? Is it personal preference or is there a standard? Thanks I found this: anyone care to add more?
  4. Craftool stamp modification

    Hello, I read a post by someone here that said " To improve the impression of most Craftool stamps grind the hammering end flat". After looking at mine all of them are domed shaped. Has anyone tried this? Thanks Tony
  5. How I lace some sheathes

    Tandy still has that book.
  6. Leather size for 4 strand braid

  7. Gluing wallet before double loop stitch

    Tom- I don't like the glue tape either but if it holds everything together especially on a large piece like a bag it might be worthwhile. Thanks for the reply.
  8. I don't think I have read this anywhere. Is it necessary to use a strong adhesive like weldwood or barge before double loop braid stitching a wallet or anything with a front/back pieces? I have 1/4" double sided sticky tape.
  9. Leather size for 4 strand braid

    Knothead - the finished rope/cord should be around 1/4" in diameter.
  10. Leather size for 4 strand braid

    For the double loop I have used 3/32" and 1/8". It depends on the size of the project. For a wallet or smaller I use 3/32" lace and 1/8" for everything else. I assume this will be a 4 cord braid?
  11. Leather size for 4 strand braid

    Hello, I just starting to teach myself braiding. I have the double loop down and figured out how to splice and end the braid early and when joining with the start. I now want to try making my own cord for wallets etc. I want to keep the dia. around 1/4"/6mm because many of the beads are sized to 6mm hole size. My question is what size braid do I use? Is it the same as the leather I use for double loop or is it different? I will want various colors. Thanks Tony
  12. Leather Braid

    Thanks. I found a source on fleaBay that has many colors. I ordered 1 yard of 6mm as a test.
  13. Leather Braid

    Anyone know of a good source for leather braids that would be used for biker wallets? I found some but they were sized by MM. I have no idea how that translates into what I'm looking for. The ends don't have to be finished, I found a few youtube videos that show that. Thanks Tony
  14. Just learning how to lace, what size lace did you use and how far from the edge were the holes (slits) punched? I assume the slits are the same size as the lace. How do you know when to use 3/32" or 1/8" lace? Tony
  15. Tips from Uncle Dave

    I made some of this according to your directions. I melted 3 oz each of bees wax and paraffin, then added about 5oz of neatsfoot oil. It's still hard and stained some english bridal . What am I doing wrong?