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  1. Nice
  2. Made a halter for..... (I dont know the term "å ha hest på fôr" in english, but me and my daughter have a horse once a week as "our own") ...for a horse called Redeema, as a christmas gift Veg tan Norwegian Bridle, veg tan goat that I dyed pink, padded traditional with wool.
  3. I like Crooked K Leather, Kaitlyn Hoffman Leather but wondering why you dont want it feminine?
  4. I will look at this, thank you
  5. Hello, Im looking for hardware for horse tack, headstalls, halters, in brass or stainless steel, looks of the hardware: "medieval, fantasy, portoguise, arabian, warhorse etc" buckles, D rings, O, halter rings with 2 or 3 eyes, ornaments etc. (13-16-19/20-25mm) must send to Norway.
  6. tools

    Oh my so beautiful! I want one!
  7. Really nice halter
  8. No it's Ok I only borrowed the model-horse for the pictures, it's way too big for her, and we couldn't adjust it any more. The pictures only for showing the bridle
  9. Thank you for so nice words This one I used, is already dyed black from the tannery, its norwegian "english bridle" called "remlær" in norwegian. The calf for the padding is the only thing I dyed myself. The leather also comes in natural color, so it can be dyed in any color of choise. (i'll add that the reins are not handmade, only there to complete the image/leading the beautiful danish warmblood girl). Eva
  10. Thank you all for nice words. We don't need to import english bridle leahter, we have our own norwegian/swedish bridle leather. Here in Norway mostly all of the equipment for horses are english style. Want to try western bridle too, but not familiar with it.
  11. Made this bridle, red dyed calf padding, brass buckles, english style bridle.
  12. You cant make a vegtan into a bridle leather, but you can use vegtan for english riding equipment. You dye and grease it to colour you want, (dip dye for example). I try not to use resolene, so the leather can take cleaning and fats again when needed. Always think security/safety, and if leather is strong enough for horse equipment uses. Western saddles, headcollars and halters are made of vegtan (herman oak for example) heavy strong leather. I make halters of mixing (norwegian) vegtan (for tooling parts) and norwegian bridle/harness leather for strong parts, (all 3-4mm) double sewn saddlestitch. Customer know what all parts are.