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  1. Hey Everyone! Actually working to develop a flat cap rivet as we speak and stumbled on this post! Have a look at the image below. Let me know your thoughts?! Thanks. Hugh
  2. Eyelets, Rivets, And Snaps, Oh My~!

    Hi Onlyoblivion, 1) when you say antique nickel do you want a nickel matte, or a darker nearly gun metal type finish? Antique nickel is a broad finish in the realm of hardware, so most likely it will be difficult to match this finish across multiple suppliers, unless one supplier has all items you are looking for. 2) If it is a center bar buckle, then it can be used 2 ways. 1) what Thor has said. 2) to act as a keeper to hold the leather down against the strap. 3) Most likely you will need a separate setter for each size. Maybe an anvil can be interchangeable for the bottom piece, but the stick to peen over the metal will need to be sized correctly. 4) Again Thor provides a good example. Thanks! - Hugh
  3. Need Help Finding This Bolt Snap

    Hey Stephanie, They look like marine trade swivel lever snaps, and perhaps stainless steel. I would also check local hardware stores like ACE or TruValue, I have seen them there as well. Or marine store if they are around. Thanks! - Hugh
  4. Hardware For Nato Watch Straps

    HI Everyone. We have just began stocking ZULU watch hardware on our site. In the next few months we will also have NATO hardware and stainless steel watch buckles. http://www.buckleguy.com/zulu-watch-hardware/