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  2. welcome to leatherworker feel free to post pictures!! we all like pics n progress!
  3. this place has a couple templates but you can design your own they will make a template for you.
  4. looks very nice. nice job
  5. im having withdrawls lol

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    2. leatherisfun


      Check your email only.

    3. Halitech


      blame it on kiwi, I did lol

    4. OffKilterLeather


      Kiwi!! Did you spill beer on the chatroom again??

  6. im having withdrawls lol

  7. I cant get the pdf to download for some reason. keep asking me to sign in and i am in.
  8. not working on attachment
  9. I havent posted for a while but havent done much either lately. heres some high point awards i did for my fun shows i run. thanks for looking
  10. thats why i drive myself lol. cant rely on others especially cabs planes trains n buses
  11. herea a special browband someone had me make for them
  12. might scare the bulls
  13. hello wisconsin people!!!
  14. Thanks all I thought they turned out pretty cool to.