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  1. One of the best hand stitched bags I've seen. Really great job.
  2. For Gimpy

    Looks great. I'll bet your next project won't have so much backgrounding to do.
  3. I've not had any trouble with Fiebings or Tandy dyes. Just follow directions on the bottles, and both brands will work well. Read some old posts in the dyeing forum and you can get some other views and tips.
  4. Free to someone who can use them.

    Has someone claimed these yet?
  5. Next time try Lexol conditioner on your old leather. It replenishes oils and only makes a slight change in color, if any. I don't know of any way to highlight the tooling. All the regular ways to do it make the leather darker. I've never used olive oil, so I don't know how it will react with standard waxes or finishes.
  6. I agree with JLS on the stamping. I always preferred a border line around the stamped area. Kind of cleans it up some. Just my opinion. Other than that, it looks pretty good.
  7. I never cared much for them. I always preferred steel. Try it before you replace it.
  8. It's probably ruby stone. Tandy stores sold them years ago.
  9. Leather Crafters Journal

    Got mine today.
  10. Weaver Strap Edgers

    We use the bigger model in our shop. It works very well, and is easy to use. We usually make 40 to 60 belts at a time, so the time savings is tremendous, and that justifies the high cost. I've not used the smaller version, but I'm sure it works just as well. If you're only doing a few belts at a time, that's probably the way to go.
  11. What this tool?

    That's an edge creaser. You dampen the edge of your project and push the tool down the edge. It will round over the edge and make a bead line. You hold the tool vertically, and with the long edge of the tool hanging over the edge of your project. Then push the tool with some good down pressure to get a finished edge.
  12. Thanks CraftyNick. The color is Tandy's EcoFlo mahogany gel antique. I applied the antique directly on the raw leather. The picture is slightly browner than the actual color. I finished it with Master spray with lanolin and wax. That's a product made for shoes. Tom
  13. Here's a Christmas gift for everybody's special uncle. Tom .picasa.ini
  14. Bracelet Sizes???

    I don't make a one size fits all. I start at 6 1/2" and go to 9" in 1/2" increments.
  15. Bracelet Sizes???

    The longest bracelet I make is what I call a size 9. It's 9'' between snap centers and will fit almost all big wrists. I also use 7/8 leather.