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  1. Did you stop by my house and steal my idea. LOL I'm working on a vest and doing pretty much the same lacing. Only I'm making mine out of deer skin. Looks great! Hope mine comes out as good.
  2. Thanx for the comments. I should have mentioned that this was for last Christmas to make more sense.
  3. Made this for my hunting partner to give to one of the land owners giving us permission to hunt on their land. I provided the scabbard and he bought them a Henry .22 cal lever action. Also made a stock butt cover for more protection.
  4. I don't see anything wrong with Crooked K. I like it personally. You can do some fun experimenting with that brand I think.
  5. Elennah, I have the Able and love working with it. I had to do some polishing and oiling to get it to run smooth. I use it for precise sewing of up to 14 ounce leather with no issues. For projects that don't need the real precise stitching I use my Singer Model 29-4 sewing up to 14 ounce leather like cutting butter.