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  1. stamps

    I too would like you to send a stamp catalog to shubbs66@gmail.com. Thank you so much !
  2. Nice works ---- I think I like bespoken best.
  3. Exceptionally Awesome !
  4. Rohn... As always, These are exemplary, and inspirational to others . ________ Wild Bill46
  5. As usual Chief, "Superior"
  6. No I don't have an answer for you, As I struggle to find the same solution for my newly aquired shop bldg. I'll be anxious to look over your sholder for an adiquate answer, Thanx for asking this question !
  7. An awesome undertaking for a first project, to be sure. But you persevered and its a really nice piece ! I may need to come to Mexice to look over your sholder. LOL Great first attempt ! ---- Wild Bill46
  8. Sounds ;like a winner , Chief Let me know ?
  9. Your Projects always turns out great ! --- Wild Bill46
  10. Im with Colt NOT always, but when I do, I tape the back side before I begin stamping ! ----- Wild Bill46
  11. Not Impossible at all ! But a huge undertaking for a newby. Without the proper skillset yet. might be impossible indeed ? --------- Wild Bill
  12. I like the wood effect too ! Nice job !
  13. Really nice Colt, The theme you have chosen is a good one indeed ! It looks nicely done too !
  14. The Creaser is basically a guide line marker. it could be used as you describe, But, I don't practice that method myself. I'm in favor of the groove.( it seats the stitches in the stitch line, and makes for a much neater apperaence). The grooved line is simply colored before stitching. There is a basic leather tool collection available on such as, Tandy Leather, E-Bay etc.i've seen them on Pinterest too ! Hope this might have helped in some way! --- Wild Bill46