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  1. Hiking Boots | Feet Asymmetry

    I have a new pair of Ariat hiking boots. Composite soles: New Buck uppers. The left fits almost perfect while wearing a heavy sock. Even after adding a second thick sock the right is still significantly loose. I have not seen significant improvement with foam bed liners or tighter lacing. Is there some combination of shrinking and / or leather inserts that could offset the asymmetry? Thanks for any thoughts.
  2. New Bag

    Inspirational for this newbie! Amazing work
  3. Womans Suede Wallet

    No tips sorry. I started writing this to yoiu, but it came out so well I'll post it. A gift of a piece of suede motivated a deeper look at leather work and joining this forum. Making a small purse stands as my first project. I am soliciting tips for sewing suede (like from a jacket) using a home sewing machine. I purchased some leather needles and a piece of stabilizer,but that's as far I as I have progressed. Thanks, BTW. I grew up in Chicago and traveled through WI for family connections and sales work.