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  1. Quality wallet fabricator wanted in UK

    Thanks to everyone who's replied to this thread, but we have now made a decision to employs a machinist directly, as this seems the most practical route for us right now.
  2. Quality wallet fabricator wanted in UK

    Hi Wizcrafts, Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it, and to be honest, the way we're currently working is as you suggested in the second option. i.e thicker top thread and thinner bottom thread, but you're right, it can cause problems. The style of the wallets we offer are pretty rugged, and we wanted to use a heavier stitch tat would be as near to saddle stitch that machine stitching would allow. I did ponder investing in a Tippman Boss but they're not readily available this side of the pond, plus I wasn't totally sold on it as I know it's not for everyone.
  3. Quality wallet fabricator wanted in UK

    Hi I own a small UK brand, and I'm looking for someone to produce wallets and cardholders in England. The wallets etc are to be machine stitched, used a heavyweight thread (ticket 10), and must be produced to a high quality. Press knives, leather and thread will be provided by ourselves. If anyone has interest in this, and can help, please get in touch. Many thanks
  4. Wanted: Lucris Hand Clicker Press In Uk

    Hi, I'm looking for a used Lucris hand operated clicker press, located in the UK, or any similar table top machine like a Noya or Tippman. Please contact me on ryan@moss5274.freeserve.co.uk with anything of interest.
  5. Finishing Edges

    Hi Bob Thanks for the great advice, I've been trying different methods with varying results, but I'm looking forward to following your process, as a professional finished edge is important, and your right, it makes a great piece stand out. Best wishes from England
  6. Hi, I'm currently in the process of setting up a small business, retailing, high quality, small leather goods, based in England. The ethos of the brand is to offer high quality, craftsman made items, such as wallets, bags, ipad covers and belts, with a strong emphasis on the quality of the leather and detail of the construction. I'd be interested in talking to experienced leather workers based in the UK, or possibly the EU who would be interested in fabricating goods such as wallets, bags etc. Unfortunately I'm unable to recruit help from my friends in the US or elsewhere in the world at this stage, as sadly the amount of import duty I would be charged, and the associated shipping costs, would make this option cost prohibitive. The style of items I want to focus on are rugged, chunky style wallets, bags etc, with stitch sizes around 4mm - 5mm, so it isn't fine, detailed work so much. Wallets will be bi-fold, simple card cases and 'biker' style, similar to the ones offered on the Japanese market. I will provide leather, pre cut to patterns and thread etc. Stitching will be mainly by hand, though some designs can be machine stitched. The initial volumes would be small, and would probably suit someone who is looking for a second income, though natural, organic growth is expected as the business matures. Payment would be on a 'per piece' basis, and is negotiable. Should this sound of interest, then, please get in touch.