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  1. Cleaning Leather

    Thanks Tom will try a eraser and see if that will work.
  2. Cleaning Leather

    Please help! I'm a plaiter not a stamper. I have carved and stamped to my harts content. Now I'm ready to dye my creation but find I need to clean it before I start. I have marks ie pencil on it. Please please what do I use to clean it with and where do I get it from. Have herd lemon juice is this right. With thanks.
  3. Barney Belford Knot Book?

    Unfortunatly Barney passed away a few years back now. I would say a expert on knots and turkheads. He didn't put out any books but did do a few sheets of papper to some close friends. I do have some, somewhere about my office. He is sadly missed. He's coin purses were a pice off art, made just out of a turkhead.
  4. A Gift

    Thanks everyone. Yes It was made for Clinton. My sister knows him and his family well and stayed with them for a few weeks last year. She thought it would be a nice gift. ( It cost my sister abit of cash). And yes he is useing it. Bloody horse trainers LOL.
  5. A Gift

    This is a 7foot, 24 plait, two tone Austrailan whip. It has interlocking dimonds. A gift for one of our ex pats
  6. 1/2 Inch Bosal

    This is a 1/2 inch Bosal. It has a plaited raw hide core,with a 12 plait overlay. Nose button is 8 plait turn back with a over 3, under 3, interweave. The heal knote is a 12 bite, over 3, under 3, for the first 2 rows, then a over 4, under 4, for the center rows.
  7. Computer program

    I'm looking for a computer program that I can use to draw up pattens for braiding. At the moment I use papper with diagonal lines drawn up and colour in the squares to give me the patten to follow. I would like to know if there is any programe that I could use and be able to save it. Please help. Bob
  8. Making Rawhide

    Hi Skip, This is where I get my hides from. 1. I'm lucky enough to live on a dairy farm with Jursey cows. At times we have to destroy a cow that has trouble calving and can't get up. If you let your farmers in your area know that you would like the hides off any animal that needs to be destroyed you'll be surprised what will show up. Only thing you'll have to have a sharp knife and be prepared to do a bit of skinning. I often have people ring up with an old cow and want to know if I could do something with her. 2. Slaughter houses - I have a small one that is fairly close to where I live but are expensive. (I pay by weight $110 - $130 AU) 3. Tannery - Some tanneries will sell there hides at any stage of the tanning stage. This saves a lot of hard work. I can get a hide that has the hair off and ready to be pegged out. The only trouble it is a fair way to drive from where I live. (I pay by full hide $130AU) 4. Home butchers - In Australia we have butchers that go around to farms to butcher cattle for the farmers table. (I have paid $60 - $80 AU) Bob
  9. Making Rawhide

    I'm with Allen and Chris on this. Don't change your lime wash. Depending how soon I get another hide, I sometimes use the same wash. I use a large plastic drum and lift the hide out and turn by hand. I did try a washing machine once. I found it ideal for small hides eg; goat, roo, calfs. When it comes to cattle hides you will find it a bit to heavy for your washing machine. I'm like Chris and use vinegar (cleaning vinegar, or white vinegar). If you use lime you must neutralise it. Battery acid can use but very dangerous and you can use to much and ruin your hide.
  10. Goat Rawhide

    I have used goat rawhide as an overlay on a bosal. It has a interesting finish to it. The only thing to watch is that it has a lot of stretch so cut your strands wide, stretch, then re-cut to sizes required. All it can be very thin so watch how much pressure you apply. If you are after something different in look and texture try rawhide pig. good luck.Bob.
  11. Hand Crank Splitter

    Hi, Just a quick question. I'm looking at buying a Weaver Hand Crank Leather Splitter. I would like too find out if anyone is using one and if so are they worth the money. I live in Australia and these items are hard to find, is their any other company's that will sell too overseas customers. Any thoughts would be helpful. Bob.
  12. Spur straps

    Just a quick Question. I would like to make a set of spur straps but need too know what OZ leather should I use. With thanks Bob.
  13. great to see another aussie here, love your whips