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  1. Looks like a Juki DU-1181N clone to me.
  2. Or the same. lol
  3. Looks great!!!!! I can't wait until I get home tomorrow and show you pictures of mine. You will understand why when I share. I made mine about 5 years ago.
  4. I mark my spacing most of the time where the stamp will cover it up. I'm not sure I understand what you are saying about a guide line ( my fault I'm sure ). As for the tool, It's a Barry King so I won't be filing it down. However that does give me an idea....
  5. Right! I have a project I'm working on in which I've run into this problem. I can do 90's and full rounded. It's 90 on the inside and rounded on the outside. I don't want to change the layout to the point of making both either 90 or rounded..
  6. That is all GREAT information. I didn't see where anyone addressed a rounded corner exactly but I found a lot of that very useful. I could have missed it too. lol I'm off to try that out..... What about where the outside is a radius and the inside is square?
  7. I can't seam to work out using a Serpentine on a rounded outside corner without ending up with a blob in the corner. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I didn't recognize it. I glanced at the thread and thought you needed help getting something so I offered to help. I have a bunch of machines and couldn't begin to to profess what they all are. Heck, I haven't seen many of them in a long time. I've purchased a good number of groups of sewing machines and set aside the ones I have no use for. There was a factory close to me that made jeans for years. When it shut down the building and everything thing in it sat dormant for about 30 years. When the contents sold I purchased the bulk of the sewing machines. Nobody around here knew a thing about sewing machines and I knew I could sell the super E really quite. The man that started and owned that factory was a cobbler at one time and had all the machines to perform those tasks. I sold the vast majority of that stuff to the same person. I pulled one of the 29's to use for myself and stashed the rest and haven't even looked at the rest of them in years. Apparently one of the machines I thought was a 111 I have now learned with this conversation is a 117. I would go look but it would take me a week to get to them and I'm not that interested .
  9. So that's what that is.....I have a couple...few 111's and one of them has that. I was after one machine but had to buy the group, I came out okay. The rest have been stacked out of the way since. I plan on keeping at least one because I have a near perfect treadle base with all that mess. I was after a Landis super E. Sold the super E for twice what I paid for the group the next day. Only thing I've used from that particular herd is one of the Singer 29's. Thanks for the explanation and pics.
  10. Frankfort, Indiana. I don't mind green at all. I landed some stuff today down in Indy that's really nice but the green has my attention for sure. Do you have a picture?
  11. I did the burn test. It's upholstery leather. Thanks everyone! This stuff is great for making tool rolls with. I got a bunch of it a long time ago at an auction with some leather tools. I've used all but a couple of pieces and want to get some more.
  12. Have it sent to me and I will send it anywhere you need it to go.
  13. Thanks everyone. I've used sheen and resolene. Guess I haven't applied enough coats....... Time to test on some scrap
  14. How can I get a serious deep shine one veg tan? Like BAM shinny,show car shinny.