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  1. Border Stamp Identification

    How do you like the Czech tools? I have been considering some but wondered about actual quality and crispness etc.
  2. juki 1541 top tension knob or nut or post thread

    Kgg That is where i got the machine. And coincidently i got to his shop today with the while assembly and he had a metal thumb screw that fit. Now i have that i may be able to match the thread and get a larger one which would be easier to adjust Dale thanks for the lead and i will check them out as well.
  3. Juki DNU1541 top tension unit I have a stripped top tension knob - plastic - and would like to either source a new knob or even better - know the thread of the post and replace with a metal knurled knob or wing nut. EVEN better is to get the part in the manual which is metal knurled Thread Tension Nut B3125-012-000 Thanks in advance for any assistance. Murray
  4. Show your Shop

    Ouird, Nice little set up and welcome from another Canuck. Looking forward to seeing what your obsession has produced other than receipts for all the stuff the obsession needs!
  5. BUSMC #6 HM (Head + Bobbin winder) - I can ship

    Well that is stunning.... trouble is I have a head but no treadle stand or winder.... I assume the cost to US and Canada is in USD?... had to ask.....
  6. Laser cut and engraved "Spirit Bag"

    That's a very purdy bag Amigo. Well done.
  7. Sheridan tote bag

    Roland you are one of the truly gifted.
  8. Glue pot on the cheap

    Latigo i will have a look but amazon canada did not provide many results and it is getting harder and harder for us Canuks to order from Amazon US Update... that very bottle on amazon ca is 107-125 dollars Canadian before shipping taxes duty and our now famous Boarder handling charges... i still with a kong in a spice jar...
  9. Glue pot on the cheap

    that's what I am after for v2.0!!
  10. Glue pot on the cheap

    I just could not bring myself to pay 60 plus buck for a real glue pot as i am not at the bench enough these days.... so after a few combinations of bits and pieces i ended up with a 11 dollar dog kong and 4 dollar walmart spice jar. Bingo. Seals fantastic.
  11. Is this a leather working tool?

    Hah that is for sure!!! I am not in the KW area but have dealt with the Brothers for years. Sister in law is Amy who owns Old Mill Alpacas in Salem.
  12. Storing chrome tan in a shipping?

    Good stuff thanks.
  13. Is this a leather working tool?

    Take it up to Aaron Martin Harness in Wallenstein. They may know and it is a great place with nice Mennonite folks who can talk leather work. Then go next road south and visit his brother Levi and Harness Hardware and he may know and grab a 5 dollar grab bag (or three!) of mixed hardware for fun. While I doubt its a leather tool it may be felting tool for some fibres like Alpaca? I'll ask my sister in law who has an Alpaca farm and product business.
  14. Storing chrome tan in a shipping?

    Good news Fred thanks.