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  1. Monogrammed 1911 Holster

    where did you get your 1.5 inch punch? it also looks wider than most bag it custom?
  2. Monogrammed 1911 Holster

    Just wow.... and 2 questions... how do you cut or punch your belt slots?... are you machine stitching?

    I make one with two straps that do not cross... one up high and one lower down across the shoulders and back. No complaint so far and I find it comfortable. Seen here made for an HW45 pneumatic pistol and pellet tin instead of mag pouch. hole in holster is for the tension screw yet to be installed. The holster and pellet pouch can detach and mount in any orientation or go on the belt.

    Best bet is to just google image search and see what others are doing... millions of ways to skin that cat...1911 or otherwise...
  5. My first wallet

    That looks like a great first go at it. Well done.
  6. Ks blade punch

    Ooohhh talent envy..... Very nice box and tools.
  7. Kimber K6S Holster

    I love how clean you work looks.
  8. There goes em Tony Lamas

    Well done!
  9. Nyah nyah nyah NYAH NYAH!

    I am inspired and I am sure you des3rve very well earned nyah you utter.
  10. What kind of leather did you say where using?
  11. A lot of leather hides.

    Sole leather went for armour I bet! I wouldn't say buy 100 pallets!!! but buy what you can afford and have space for... if it is chrome leather for the uppers it is really most likely you will use for (if not shoes) bags/liners/box covering - maybe book sleeves...vests ?. so if you think you will use it, can afford it, and can store it GO FOR IT. and send pics!!
  12. Made a Petal Lifter, Carved a Leaf!

  13. Beautiful work. So does medium minimalist = mediumist?
  14. A couple of Bible Covers off the bench recently

    His Word is well carried and honoured by those.
  15. Made a Petal Lifter, Carved a Leaf!

    As had been said... very well done. Can see your lifters up close?