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  1. Perhaps you have tried it but a Google image search for "Buck 110 custom leather sheath" results in a wide selection of the good, the bad and they ugly.
  2. Nice blade and nice sheath. I like the look of the pebble (or bubble some say) tooling and have used it places but not the main pattern as you did. worked well I think .
  3. as I mentioned I had intended to put a strap that came around the frog and captured the post... that is what that peace is... but the client decided against it so it is in the scarp bin... that's where it went off to! Dwight I get you cost analysis... I had always wanted to colt SAA which I finally did as a mid life gift but then had to get another and a lever gun and a shot gun and start shooting CAS/SASS and then of course a 1911 for WBAS... and boots and hat and period clothes... and a safe and ammo and and and.... but the leather I got for free!!!!...almost. thanks again for to support for this built especially from you guys who I am hoping to learn more from. If anyone could invent a day stretcher and energy booster so I could get some alert bench time that would be great!!! there is so much I would like to build fro me and have to fro others but just cant get to the bench between family work church etc.... and a little shootin.....
  4. Thank you Boriqua that means a lot coming from you. Dwight the knife was the clients and its a Cold Steel Natchez Lorado Bowie knife. They are on it seems and not as expensive as I thought they would be.
  5. I made one the way you describe... the frog attached to the belt and the sheath fits snuggly in and is retained by the stud. I was considering a strap to lock in the stud but the client didn't want that. I have seen it that was as well. he was happy so I was happy with it.
  6. very nice. love the pattern and tooling work on the portfolio.
  7. I love the weight and degree of detail boning.. something about it is just right. Really nice work. Looks like from the back shots that you do as I do and run a loop stick through both slots. Some times I also run a thick weight 1.5 in strap through and then pull it around a large been bag I made to help preform to the waist curve.
  8. I have gone back and poked around the videos I looked a tin the past and some new ones and nothing I found worth adding other than more Adams ones and he still is my favourite presenter between his voice and is general personality and demeanour. If I find one I will link it. Seems to lots of the same out there and even ones that look promising turn out to have bad/annoying/frustrating (i.e. not looking at what you want to see...) camera work or the presenters go on about all kinds of things rather than specifics of what they are doing. I have challenged myself with finding one fresh one though....
  9. Al Stohlman "Art of Hand Sewing Leather" page 56, 57, 58 - sewing rounds read with Al Stohlman "Art of Making Leather Cases - Vol 2 - page 21 - handle no 17 Its how I make my rounded throatlatch and works fine. Hope this helps and sorry I cant seem to get the pages such that I can attached them. If you want you can email me - or get the book electronically from Tandy as they are great resources.
  10. Nice looking holster design and that stitching awl spool rig is clever. Does the "handle" do more than hold a spool like open or close the clam shell? The clam arms look old like from a full horse but rejigged onto a pony?
  11. The one that came to mind right away ended up being the one you posted. Lots of stuff but I really found the way he cut interesting and am waiting to have the blade and nuts to try it. Easy guy to listen too... not all amped up on himself or being on the youthtub. Now I need to find another link to add to your theme here......
  12. If has been a comfortable stable wear fro 2 years then that's a success. And yes the colouring is cool.
  13. Yup jealous but also happy for you. I dream of a find like that. Literally.
  14. Sanch who made your burnishers ... I assume you but...? If it was you then would you consider making and selling them with a shaft already installed? I chuck mine in on a belt driven horizontal drill chuck rather then mount them on shaft like you seem to. Bottom left of the attached is my set up.... 3/8 threated shaft belt driven and I mount a thick buffing wheel being the drill chuck then insert my burnisher and different diameter sanding spindles mounted on 3/8 bolts (from a oscillating sander) ... with one machine I buff, sand and burnish. When sanding I attach a cut open plastic jug attached to a vacuum hose as a particle collector and works great. Not sure of the speed of rotation or surface travel (I do see the difference and consideration... good point thanks) but it isn't super fast and I can slow it down by witching the belt pullys around. little old motor is quite itself but I need to take loose stuff off the table or it buzzes around! But I really like to the look of you holster burnisher and am looking for one...