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  1. Show your Shop

    Thanks Fire and now I need to get the time to use it since it is finally functional.
  2. Book recommendation for beginner

    wait until you move from books to tools!!!!
  3. Show your Shop

    They are called drill press clamps or bench clamps.... ebay, amazon... but I got these at Princes Auto cheap. Very handy. My bench is so thick I just drilled a 3/8 hole where needed and the threaded shaft spins in and hold just fine. I use the same set up on the cutting table to hold the flat steel cutting guide down. yaaa...... I got a few stamps..... I inherited some and was given a bunch from an old friend as barter but have also apparently bought a few too along the way.....usually when Tandy has their better line on sale..... wish I hade more time to use them all. surprisingly few doubles in all that and I plan to see if I can alter/customize them someday.
  4. Show your Shop

    So I wanted to do some work over the holidays but since I have now dragged everything from home shop to the farm I realised the farm shop was not set up (i.e. I could find anything so I could make anything!) and so I spent the break setting up and think it is a now a good working space. I little bigger than the city submarine shop and cozy with the stone walls. not sure how they appear but we have: Bench is 2 x 12 two layers cross ways with 3/4 inch ply on top with 4x4 post legs corners and centre to concrete = solid left side of bench for detail cutting, prep/process etc stamping. punching and such - I inch stone slab with self healing flooring on top - bench has 2 stack of drawers and place to store the stool underneath right side of bench for the mechanical/assembly stuff that gets swapped around and held with hold down clamps etc - also has the swing out hanging pouches for punches etc. examples of how the press, last, splitter attach press station large pattern, colouring and cutting surface 3x6 foot 1/4 HDPE buffing, sanding, burnishing station (also shooting bench!) table machine and leather storage and my banging hitting things
  5. Looking For Marble Or Granite

    I get mine out of the dumpster behind counter top shops...with permission... often they think the use is cool they will give me a nice big square thick left over no charge. I have several and haven't paid a dime for them... the best one came 50 feet from the Tandy shop that wanted stupid bucks for 12x12....
  6. Show your Shop

    look forward to seeing what another Ontario-an leatherworker comes up with! My pony is designed slot into a chair I rebuilt OR just sit under my thighs on when I sit on whatever. So no matter what I sit at the work is at the same height. I usually in front of the bench to rest tools etc. but the pony isn't affixed to the bench...stay stable enough and I can move my body around it, or lean it side to side if necessary plus it has a swivel feature that I can leave loose or set with a bolt
  7. Show your Shop

    Sheilajeanne, perhaps you already have but if you quickly join Pinterest and search fro images on leather working tools, stitching pony horse etc. there are some real interesting ideas and some will actually lead you to the source. for some reason I see more images there than just a Google search.
  8. Book recommendation for beginner

    I have a lot of Stohlman books and keep going back to just the carving/tooling ones but the sewing, case building , holsters, belts galore, tools, general craft etc.
  9. Bible Cover

    Very nice work. Your Bride to be will be pleased. Your setting the bar pretty high early in the "marriage" though......
  10. Stamping causing leather to misshape

    use shelving paper mack tack on the back side, or painters tape. that way I can still move the piece around on the slab
  11. To paraphrase a famous saying "Sewing is easy. Patterning and order of operations is hard!!!!' I am finding that the mechanics of sewing on the table top machine are less and less this issue... but man making the patterns and knowing how much to leave for seams and turning outside out etc. and then thinking through the order of assembly operations... that's where its at... duh. Most things end up too big but as my kind son said...easier to make it smaller than bigger! yup. Not news to many I am sure but my light bulb just went on this week.
  12. If you keep adding to the billet end the buckle will move another 6 inches off centre or the holster if attached to the belt will shift backwards if he centrres the buckle... extend buckle and bullet or splice in the belt as Dwight did. Then the buckle and holster will stay relatively the same... in fact by adding to the back/belt then the holster will in effect move slightly forward on this waiste if fixed to the belt in a drop loop or such. But not as noticable as working with the billet length.
  13. Cowboy machine dealer in Canada?, Ontario?

    Good to know thanks.
  14. I am reworking my shop at at the farm and had an idea on how to have all the hitting banging punching tools handy but not take up loads of space so.... a 3 bar swing out towel rack and some couch leather pouches took care of all of them and keeps them out of the way when not needed. thought I would share if it helps any other space challenged folks.
  15. Been practicing carving and tooling.

    well worth showing off. Skull is king of steam punk cool and the mares leg reminds me of Dead or Alive the old show with Steve McQueen which I got on DDV for xmas... must now watch it.