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  1. Old West Double loop holster

    Toe plugs are actually not as hard I I thought they would be. I follow the Stohlman stitching technique. Very satisfying oddly enough when they are done.... although as Brother Lawrence would say you need to "practice the presence of God" when doing them!... and if you are not believer at least practice some breathing... in and out... I liked the challenge of visualizing the awl following the line of the "spokes" towards the centre so the stich spacing on the face and the plug have different spacing due to the curvature but remain even in and of themselves. RegisD - I admire someone who can use the saddlers stamp (least that's what I call it.. the meandering border stamp) and execute a nice smooth patter. Do you run a swivel cut or a scribe along the inside edge of the pattern when done to clean it up? If the belt is unlined is that a real stitch lien or just a run off an overstitch wheel to give the impression of stitches? and excellent colour... I may have to get some.
  2. Invisible stitch from both sides of leather

    In the Stohlman art of hand sewing there is a hidden stich technique but used to wrap a covering piece around the open edge of multiple layers on a saddles and even then only one side of the stitch is hidden. It involves essentially making a flap in the leather into which you set the stitch and then bone the flap back down over the stiches as in the video. However if you are sewing edge butted to edge as it appears you want to you would need to is a flap on both sides of the butt seam on the top and then use your technique but from the top so the stitching works against the way the seam wants to open...... good luck..... and mean mentor.... should the mentor not show you how by...mentoring?
  3. Shotshell pouches

    Are you sure these aren't for shot glasses? Nice pattern and good idea with the snap around belt loop.
  4. Old West Double loop holster

    Very nice. Hard to see but is there a toe plug?
  5. My first leather project a 1911 holster

    Excellent basket weave. I use the cammo the other way around but your way is interesting...
  6. My first leather project a 1911 holster

    Hey TM it looks good but would love to see some closer, brighter shots..... and nice vaqueros and cant wait to see what you wrap them in.
  7. Back stitch capability - how critical?

    That's a seriously strong technique... you could even back stich the saddle stich one or two holes for real holding power.
  8. I am looking now at 2 machines. Both heavy duty cylinder bed walking foot machines but the less expensive does not have reverse stitch and the more expensive does. Same manufacturer and almost all specs the same except for the back stich and a few other bells and whistles in features or accessories. On my table top I just back it up a stitch or two by hand if I can't spin the work to run back over it a little. I am not a production maker as of yet but would like to buy a marine that will serve me now and when I do semi-retire and am ideally making more pieces. QUESTION - In your experience(s) how critical is the back stitch ability when making belts, holsters, sheaths, cases/pouches?
  9. My first attempt at making a bi-fold wallet

    G'day eh! from another Canuck, Excellent first go at it. All I can suggest is to carry on a crease on the outside piece in lien with the stitches... its just my thing and not a deal breaker at all. And I like Borique's idea about position the wolf to be down left and howling up to the heavens! still not a deal breaker on great first go at it.
  10. Selling near new Cobra Class 4

    I am too far away to buy the machine but not too far to say how sorry I am to hear of your situation.
  11. Briefcase using Wickett and Craig

    That helps!
  12. Briefcase using Wickett and Craig

    Then that's a worth while lost leader. 6 more all hand sewn?
  13. Briefcase using Wickett and Craig

    Your a good friend....
  14. Briefcase using Wickett and Craig

    Nice detail on the strap cross over on the top. Well done....what's inside?