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  1. Wow..... great design and attention to details like edging and beading all the edges. I am sure the customer will be very please.
  2. WOW. do you engrave the silver plates yourself? Also is that real or artificial shearling? hard to tell and I assume real but.... curious is all.
  3. Nice work for sure. And have also started using the LePage low voc contact cement and love it... as do my lungs...
  4. Yah not trying to be critical just curious thanks. I have on of these on my wish build list but don't even seem to get to the bench at all these days between obligations and commitments. It is a relaxing "jobby" for me (hobby that maybe sort of almost pays fro itself!). Perhaps this summer I can take a try at one and let you pass on some tips.
  5. Yes Dwight that makes it very clear.... don't knock your artistic side! question I have is.... in a period correct model would they would have had dome snaps? so what would the fastening method have been? mind you I am not sure what period a money belt gun belt is from and perhaps they had snaps?
  6. Ok that all makes sense Dwight thanks.
  7. Dwight what are the snaps beside the keeper for? And I assume you mean that you leave enough length from the "mouth" of the money pouch for the bills and then the rest of the belt length is glued full width. correct?
  8. Really nice work. I like the alternating camo boarder.
  9. classic lines nice and clean. Well done and welcome. And everyone will know who they belong to!
  10. Just wow and thanks for the extra pics. Cant wait to see what's next.
  11. Sorry for your loss and "well done" to you as well.
  12. Dave I am a tri-weave fan and also really like the lacing touch around the flap edges. Nice work and nice looking pistol too. I agree that the book patterning guides need a little more room as his leather weight guide is lighter than I generally use. And for sure I have learned to watch even more for the chunkier semi-autos or big barrelled revolvers... and rails...etc. I must have been ambidextrous when I started because 50% of the holsters I made were lefties! Now every pattern gets a big sharpie shout out "RH this side UP" marked on it... immediately. JLS I am not sure what you mean by the comment "I never did - and still don't -- "get" that thing about tracing the gun"... your own tutorials talk about tracing the outline so I assume you do but were working towards making the valid point made about watching how you trace... parallax, (perpendicular, etc)... so other than being very careful and consistent with the mechanics when tracing (which is a hard thing to "get") I don't see another way to pattern. (maybe card stock and stapling around the gun but...) Just curious.
  13. O&S. I often die before assembly and then another coat after wet molding and working the edges again and agree it takes the dye real well. Glad your hands are back in action for you and nice looking fish scale (at least that's what I would call it... what is it called?)
  14. Very nice thanks for the pics and experience with it.
  15. Yup the wallet is very sharp. Good work and welcome!