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  1. 96K51 bottom stitch issues with 207

    Fair enough thanks. with a needle smaller than 22 I have in now the hole and thread will look more proportioned.
  2. SInger 95K51 finally with reducer and...WOW

    Now thats wow!. I tried to find a pully for the machine and larger hand wheel but rhe ID is just larger than 1/2 and smaller than 5/8... i could find anything off the shelf and am still considering getting something machined. Where is you get yours? And clever McGybering using other sources for the motor and controls. For my other machine i already have a servo motor to install.
  3. 96K51 bottom stitch issues with 207

    Thanks for the clarification Bob and i will try 92 and of no luck then be happy with 69 and and use the machine for the appropriate materials and projects. Glad I asked rather then keep banging away missinformed... or at least missunderstanding the manual. Would using a size up needle improve the chance of 92 working?
  4. To begin with I have searched, read and followed a lot of similar threads for other machines and tried a lot of the fixes which I could so far. The manual states it can run a 23/160 needle and thus 207 thread BUT I have only tried to set up for 138 thread and : when I set the bobbin tension as usual and get the top stitch looking excellent the bottom thread runs straight and flat - almost look good until you look closer when I loosen the bobbin then the bottom thread runs crazy and loose when I reset the bobbin tension and tighten the top tension more (essentially as far as I can ) the bottom starts to come up but the top thread starts to fray My question then based on other fix suggested are it is not the OME feed dog plate so perhaps the needle hole is too small? how can it be enlarged? there was mention of an abrasive cord but I cant find it again. I have a spare and go dremmel on it but prefer something subtler. could the top tension spring, discs, or whole assembly need replacing - but if more tension then more fraying? I always use all 3 holes on the thread retainer but would more wraps of the thread it help increase tension and perhaps not induce fraying? I have some 92 thread and 19 and 20 needles on order and will try that as soon as it arrives. I would be happy with 92 for all I plan to do on this machine. Actually happy with the 69 but would be more happier with more...138 yah!!... I don't dare dream of 207..... will the improved torque of the reducers help with the up lift? my science gut say no but these are weird machines these sewing machines I lost my pictures and sample got chucked in a clean up after the reducer install but the results are exactly as described above. Any thoughts on this specific case folks?
  5. I finally completed my franken-reducer set up on the singer and WOW what a difference. As much as I appreciate the lower speed it is the controlled start up I love and with just a little practice on the pedal I was getting single stich placement. It is doing a great job punching through about 22 oz just for fun with #69 thread. The manual for this very machine sasy it can go up to a 23 needle and this 207 thread but I could NOT get it to pull up the button with even 138. BUT that's another thread. I learned a lot with working this set up out so it will be easier for my Pfaff335 which is coming downstairs tomorrow. I can just imaging what a servo and reducer set up will be like for control. Right now it starts at 1275 motor RPM and 3 inch motor pulley belt drives 6 inch reducer pulley which then shaft drives - 1.5 inch pulley that belt drives the 2.5 inch machine pulley at approx. 425 rpm (calculator doesn't do half inch increments) so a 1/3 drop through the system. I have a smaller motor pulley coming which will replace the OME 3 inch and make things even better. A few lessons: cut the shaft a little longer than you think so you have some room to spread out and align the pulleys used shims at the top (or bottom) of the mounting board to help get belts more aligned - pictures are pre shim as the idea came when looking at them and really seeing where the belts needed a little more space and alignment when enlarging the belt slot in the table go bigger than you think the first time as this stuff is impossible to "shave off a little more" buy a few belts around the size you think/measure you will need so you have some option without running back to the store... can always return them after the next one is done. drop the motor to the mid point so you have room to move in either direction before setting the pulley assembly placement cut the boards that clamp to the table legs long than you think so you have lots of adjustment room for the final pulley placement threaded rod make great universal length bolts!! buy a complete set of metric and imperial long allen keys..... it is worth every minute of effort and the few dollars in stuff to do this. I am very pleased with how it all fit together and lined up. Thanks to the inspiration from photos of someone else's set up... who I can recall their name right now but they will recognize the approach. This is definitely one of the things I wish I had learned about before!
  6. FS Copper Belt Rivets #8 5/8"

    I am in TO and will take a pound or 2... I will email for complete the connection.
  7. Patterning the old way when the CAD is just too hard

    Brian we are lucky to be the beneficiaries of your poor memory and need to document your process for yourself in the collective memory forum. This is fascinating to see... thanks as always for sharing your craft. Murray
  8. WIP wide belt

    Very cool.
  9. OK wow let me have think and bank balance review (read justification process) and will get back to you.
  10. message sent thanks also interested in the edgers thanks.
  11. But we Canadians really are friendly..... OK thanks anyhow. Sorry....
  12. I am curious also as I live in Toronto and if there is stuff still available I would like to check it out.
  13. Happy Birthday Johanna!

    Have a blessed day today and many many more and thank you for this forum.
  14. Leathercraft Tools for sale (Package)

    Jayker2002 I am in TO and wish I had seen this earlier... dang. There are a few things I would have gone for.