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  1. The God of Wine

    Godly work!
  2. Butt stock sleeve/cover

    Yup that is a fine piece of work.
  3. oops I did it again as the song goes - Singer 29Kxx

    Chrisash thanks.. when i get to it i am sure there are lots of excellent psots i will need to revurw like this. Constabulary - yes i will make sure part numbers are all accurate or deal only with folks who know. The assembly woth the hear pictured was spare and looks like the disc area is broken There is an assembly in the machine i have not pulled and wont unless function trouble shooting warrants. Thanks for the tip on reliable shuttle source. The rebuild i am talking about is where the arm cast metal appears chipped on the arm just around the area where the shuttle etc sit in. This i can reconstruct. It looks like some aress alreadt where so it looks like ot may have landed or beem struck on the end of the arm at some point. All this is much appreciated and i will refer back
  4. oops I did it again as the song goes - Singer 29Kxx

    constabulary - I have not gotten to downloading the parts list and I am not actually worried about the gears right now - would need to see how it sews I suspect. I have determined I need to rebuild some of the casting around the bobbin shuttle area as suggested by catskin. As for appropriate parts I am hoping shoepatcher here or other machine rebuild gurus can help there before I commit to buying anything "wrong". Thanks for the heads up though.
  5. oops I did it again as the song goes - Singer 29Kxx

    catskin - thanks for the observations and experience. I can get the pinions on or if they are needed. as for the shuttle enclosure I believe if I get some good pictures and someone with an intact one can determine what and where the issue is I can rebuild the material with JB weld and a dremmel toll butt thanks the heads up. constabulary - yes I was going to ask/look around for something that can de-grim but mild enough not to destroy the decals. As a Canadian I am not familiar with the term soda wash unless you mean a baking soda mixture? is there a brand name? Still excited about the old girl.
  6. oops I did it again as the song goes - Singer 29Kxx

    I picked up the machine and have had a look at it. SO far: 29K2 - with original manual!!! how cool - 1920 dated will take the motor off and use another treadle to try to rebuild it to foot power somehow the top drive shaft seems to have been lengthened to accept the new pull added with the motor rig original top pulley is chipped but I am sure would still hold the belt - I will use the larger pulley track which seems fine runs absolutely smooth and quiet and there is still oil where there should be haven't tried to sew as I down have the threading rod to get down the head to the need and the bobbin winder needs a new rubber... needle is still in it and straight!!! there was still a loaded bobbin in it so its as if she just stopped using it one day their seems to be a mystery tensioner (broken) threaded into the front of the head...not needed as far as I can see unless for the winder? but cant see how that would work Seems to have all other screws. knobs, wing nuts, springs, guides etc. came with 3 shuttle hooks and the one installed had a make shift metal band as a replacement for the missing "wall section" - other 2 look fine but I would know if they were worn out or not - not sure they why they would not have been used instead of the broken one... unless they are worn out functionally and the broken one still hooked came with an extra shuttle carrier and the drive pinion look to have all its teeth so to speak came with 9 bobbins but are rusty and easy enough to get new has a metal repair on the very end of the arm so it may have taken a header some where in its life...haven't we all? I think I need for function new top tension disc and spring new winder rubber new needles (came with a pill bottle full and labelled - "old patcher needles"... so are the old needle from the patcher or needles for the old patcher? rusty anyhow and better to replace with new wait to seeif it sew then perhaps new shuttle hook and carrier and drive pinion assembly For aesthetics noting!! - I am just going to clean some of the grim off and perhaps polish up some of the bits that used to be shinny and leave it as is... nothing wrong with it showing its age and signs of loving use.
  7. Decided to retire so Cobra 4

    So happy for them!
  8. 3 durkopp adler 291 for sale $200 CDN in toronto

    Add is down now...must be sold.
  9. oops I did it again as the song goes - Singer 29Kxx

    shoepatcher I will have possession Friday and can look for the model number and thanks fro the offer of help. And yes the motor rig is coming off!
  10. Round Braid English Point

    check this thread from the forum...same question and good help. And as mentioned here Tandy has good braiding books electrically now. So do some other leather supply set ups. just google around. Book are always worth getting hard or soft format.
  11. I need to stop looking at Kijiji. This popped up for $250 CDN and was used for years by an older lady who was a leather worker when she was younger and she held on to it. It went to her caregiver whose son posted it for sale. He said he was glad to sell it to someone who would actually use it and not put plants on it. Needs some clean up but was operating when she stopped using it and it has just sat collecting dust and rust. Another old machine with a story behind it. I like that idea. Just like my others... well one other doesn't have an oldie thyme story just a lucky findy story. I will take the old motor monkey business off and I have a signer treadle set that I can us to convers it back to treadle. The I will need to learn what the old cobbler up the street used to call the "click click" Any help again with the xx part of 29Kxx? NOW I stop...... no more room in this shop....
  12. Not my sale and not affilliated with vendor just passing on... On Dixie Rd in Mississauga Just went up on.Kijiji. shop closing. 3 machines same model different vintages Look like servo but vendor says they are wired 22Ov Wish i needed one.....
  13. Pearson Mounting Table option - thoughts

    I was wondering the same about movement but it is made fro working on dirt bikes so I don't thing you would want that wobbling around on you at almost 3 feet of the ground.... And yes this are nice work tables.. maybe look for something second hand.... thanks for the feedback.
  14. folks the original stand I was looking at for my Pearson is becoming less attractive for various reasons and I wondered what other thought of mounting it on this? May not be stable enough? Material Steel construction Lifting Capacity 300 lb Max. Lifting Height 34-1/4 in. Min. Lifting Height 13-3/4 in. Lift Range 13-3/4 to 34-1/4 in. Platform Dimensions 13-3/4 x 16-1/8 in.