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  1. First bag

    She will love it. Good dad!
  2. Most popular gun and holster?

    Lobo that is all invaluable stuff thanks.
  3. Maul. Doubts with the purchase

    For tooling I use 1lb (or sometimes my slightly lighter one depending on the work) - for makers marks and lettering (i.e. everything imprinted other than tooling) I use a 1.5lb framer's dead blow hammer which eliminates any bounce and has worked great for years. For punching I use a 2 pound maul or mallet which ever is close at hand.
  4. How I make Wedding Ring Boxes

    thanks for the chuckle LumpenDoodle2...
  5. Maul. Doubts with the purchase

    HDPE rod head with homemade stacked leather handle...brass fender washers...acorn nuts and threaded rod.... marble rolling pin section to add weight... this is off now as I made a larger heavier one. Not fancy but works great and was not expensive and just fun to know I made it myself. I have the parts for one almost ready to go that will be filled with bird shot to try and create a dead blow maul. And then I will try tapering the head on the belt sander... There are other great posts where folks have made much more polished (literally sometimes) mauls but in the end they do the job.
  6. How I make Wedding Ring Boxes

    Thank you Brian and I must say I am most envious of your quality control K9.... he looks like a great shop companion.
  7. I thought it would be fun to start a thread where folks can post pictures of their stitching herd. Ponies or horses (or clamps - whatever) , hand made or purchased lets have a look. Here are my horse (made by my furniture repair master brother in law but saddled by me) following the classic design of the foot bar and ratcheted notches but he used a cable instead of a strap. still it works great. I have long since this original picture changed the profile of the top of the jaws as these were a little to thick and I couldn't get my hands in close enough in thin work where the stich line is close to the top of the clamp line. and my pony made by me from oak floor boards and MacGyver hardware with tie down strap - ratchet tensioner, swivel base and can sit under my legs on my stool or slot into a chair I adapted just for it. Lets see the stitching herds folks if you care to post them I know at least I would like to see them.
  8. Papa Duke's harp cases

    Thank and All at one i believe... haprs in different ways.
  9. background idea

    Pineapple!! looks good. I like the pebble BG myself.
  10. Shoemaking! [first ever shoe I made]

    Well I am definitely not a cordwainer!!! and 2x on the difference of the awl over the pricking irons. I started with awl and keep coming back to using it from the most part.
  11. Shoemaking! [first ever shoe I made]

    Wow good for you. I am not a cobbler so no comment on the craft but I like the product and that you had the stones do try it!
  12. How I make Wedding Ring Boxes

    I get as much of a kick out of the tools and jigs and creations than the end products! even when I am making things myself. Like living in an episode of "How it's Made".. I love process engineering.
  13. Crosman 2240 holster with applique

    Thank you. Mostly luck!
  14. Crosman 2240 holster with applique

    In will ask him. Thanks.
  15. Some recent and long overdue projects