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  1. misc work

    Nice work for sure.
  2. Got a Pearson #6!!!! wee hooo!!!

    Thanks Matt for all that. It will be on a concrete floor so th oil situatiion is no concern. I could see the handle and would look to do something about eventually but it is functional. Wax pot i will find eventually if i can just for cometeness but iwont be waxing the thread. 4 more sleeps!
  3. Got a Pearson #6!!!! wee hooo!!!

    Get her out and give her a clean and oil and some fresh air and sunlight. I have my grandmothers singer too in the wooden vase woth the knee control and have made tool roles with old couch hide. The paint and detailing is in excellent shape and i just love the look and feel of it. Form and Function and a little style too boot. Show us yours and ill shown you mine!
  4. Got a Pearson #6!!!! wee hooo!!!

    Here is the pic from the add. Leaving out west today in a crate to be here Wednesday. The seller bought it from an "old guy" then had it worked over thoroughly by a saddlermaker he says was an expert on them. Seller used it to make "bronc halters" and "horse flanks".
  5. Got a Pearson #6!!!! wee hooo!!!

    Its being shipped and the one from the add is crappy... stand by
  6. Got a Pearson #6!!!! wee hooo!!!

    No worries as dikman says... if only we could hear the tone of voice in which things are written and no I don think emogies help. Written communications can go south pretty quick sometimes when we don't read what the writer hears in their head. And to be honest I am sure those of us (at least me for sure) with a few machines (now) are primed to be a little defensive since some folks close to us just don't get it! and it is worth a discussion since this is a forum.
  7. Got a Pearson #6!!!! wee hooo!!!

    Well said. While I am a small shop (to be bigger when I retire from the day job) I have several different products that all required different weight thread and walking foot versus non - cylinder versus flat - upholstery leather versus veg tan of various thicknesses. If I am to see any return then I am not doing everything by hand (just the custom stuff) and I need to be properly tooled up for the different project requirements. And what may look like, or even be for that matter, tool junky behaviour can also be that I work hard for my money and I can spend it on what I appreciate and feel is worth the money... and these machines will out last me and if my son goes into the business as he is thinking about then he has a leg up the other start ups from his old man. Not to mention there is a story behind each machine and who it came from and how I got it that means something to me and my sense of history, tradition, even connected to my Mennonite faith and traditions. And as with my firearms there is a line on one side of which you are a "shooter" whose sports/disciplines require various types of firearms (and if your a competitor then back ups of them) or you are a "collector" who has safe full of unused tools. With my firearms I am a "shooter" with my sewing machines I am a "user"... to some they just look like collections but perception is a personal thing and you are free to have yours ScoobieNewby.
  8. Sheath for a... uh.. uhm... Bread knife

    The Persain Flaw. I leanred of it as a practice of the Persain master rug weavers. Made me feel more like a master by nature of the fact i was already making work with flaws and now had a cool rationalization! But seriously i believe thw the spirit of humility and reverence behind the Flaw.
  9. Snap Setting Issues

    Mike thats a cool approach. Can you post i pic?
  10. Got a Pearson #6!!!! wee hooo!!!

    naaaaaahhhhhh just well tooled.... I do like looking at them though!
  11. Thanks for the help

    That is excellent stuff. Sure brought the leather to life.
  12. Looking for advice on a stitch groover

    For those who do not use a groover I assume you also do not tap the stiches down with a cobblers hammer afterwards? I am still working out which approach I prefer as I still see advantages to both and am not afraid of the groover boogie man of weaken the leather (as I don't groove on anything less than 6 oz) I also don't groove deeply.... I suspect I am leaning towards just scoring a line to follow....
  13. I just closed a deal for a functioning Pearson #6 after humming and hawing around the likes of 441 clones and the older Landis #1... and for much less than any of those new or used. Now off the Aaron Martin's to pick up a stand and some pointers as soon as I can. - need to sort out a bobbin winder or make one.... I am now very happy with my stable - something suited to almost any project and all nice old machines: Singer 95K51 Pfaff 1245 Pfaff 335 Pearson #6
  14. Double border lines

    You can get double line swivel knife blades if you Google around. Depending where the lines are I use an adjustable creaser, wing dividers or an tool I made using a dremmel and file and an old large believer stamp tool. I get a picture when I am next around it.
  15. Spur straps

    That is some boot bling there for sure! Lots of work on the scalloped edges and it looks good. Give them what they want.