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  1. Yes it is. -Adam
  2. Thank you for the tips but I am hand stitching. I'm sorry if I put this topic in the wrong spot -Adam
  3. Thank you for the interest! Same thing. The belt above I did wax before sewing. I would say it makes it worse... I am in contact with Amy Roke. I appreciate that they answered my email and are looking into it. I don't want to cause them any trouble or be difficult. Amy Roke thread is loved by many people so it is probably just some of my thread that are doing this. If this was happening with other threads then I would mark it down as user error. However, I have no problems with Lin Cable or Tiger, and we have sewn a lot of items. What I would really like is to hear the experience of other people who have used the Amy Roke poly and have tested it in real life wear.
  4. Another one.
  5. Another photo showing what I mean in more detail.
  6. Someone on Instagram suggested I use a hairdryer to melt the wax back into the thread. After some work this did work. Is this normal? I did not add any additional wax to this thread. I do not have to do this with Tiger or Lin Cable. Is this a manufacturing fault? It is not worth my time to melt the wax back into the thread. Thanks, Adam
  7. I sent Amy Roke an email, giving them the same details here. We will see if they respond...
  8. Thanks for the idea. Unfortunantly, a groove will not work with some of the leather I use. The strength of the thread is fine, I have no concern about the wear, just how it looks. At this point I will use Lin Cable, it's easy enough to get from France Just hate that I bought all this thread and it is doing this. I thought Amy Roke poly would be a great thread giving the reviews on the linen thread they sell and their pricking irons...
  9. Hello, I would greatly appreciate some feedback about the Amy Roke Polyester thread. We are really frustrated, any help would be wonderful. I am having a problem with the Amy Roke poly threads (532 size). I have searched the internet, asked questions (on Instagram), and it seems that I am the only one having this issue. For reference I have used and have Tiger thread and Lin Cable. We are using Wuta pricking irons in 7, 8, and 9 spi. We have been using the Amy Roke for a few months on many items. Here is our problem: The wax or coating on the thread is coming off. You can take your fingernail and scratch it off, or with very light use it will start to look like it is fraying. If you look closely the fibers are fine, but it is in fact the wax that is coming off (the wax from the factory, most of the time we do not wax it before sewing). It looks terrible. Sometime you can burnish it off by taking a cloth and rubbing hard, very hard. This is happening with multiple colors, whether we wax the thread or not etc. We have 24 of the colors so it is not just one spool. I am confident the thread is strong. However, I cannot send a product out with this happening. I compared this to Tiger thread. Tiger thread will discolor a bit with wear but it's not near as bad as Amy Roke and it does not look like it is fraying. Lin Cable does not seem to have this problem at all. Is anyone having this problem? Is there a solution? Am I doing something wrong? I would LOVE to be told I am doing something wrong Here are some photos (it is hard to get a good photo of it). Trust me though, it does not look good in person... Thanks! Adam
  10. That is a very good question. I have often thought if I needed to glue and stitch wallet linings at the edges. I normally use a wax based paint (heated) for the edge, so that would probably help keep it together. How about small turned edges? I "think" have seen some very good leather workers (on Instagram) only glue a folded edge on wallet pockets. In that case It might be good enough. Thoughts anyone? -Adam
  11. Thanks for the advice, I agree. It's good to see someone else from Brasov doing fine leather work! I am trying to be careful with my budget....once my business gets up and running I will be willing to spend more. I might just wait until I can justify a 1500+ euro used machine. -Adam
  12. The Chinese ones all seem to be about the same, basically an 801 or Global SK111 model. I can find the following machines in Romania: Japsew Q-801, Jack T801, Dison DS-T801, Global SK111 and probably many other "brands." Some have a servo motor and others a clutch. I'm familiar with the vacuum attachment, so far none of the used ones or even new ones here have one. I could always purchase a used machine from Germany if I needed to.... Thanks!
  13. Thanks Brian, Where I'm at I have found the typical Chinese machines (which I believe will have the blade and feed in sync) and a used Fortuna and Fav. Not sure what model the used ones are and if they are setup to have the blade run at a constant speed. Looks like I should hold off for a constant blade and clutch feed.
  14. Hello, I need a skiving machine (bell skiver) for splitting wallets back, thinning pockets etc,. I need it so I can line a wallet, so I have to get it down to below 1mm. Here in Europe it seems common to do that. I would be using it for 2-3oz (1mm) goat, calf and veg-tan. Maximum 2mm thick. My question is do I need a duel speed set-up? In other words, a constant knife speed and a variable feed wheel speed. The price difference can be almost twice. I have heard some say that you need the blade running at high speeds, but I also need control. Any thoughts on this? Thanks! Adam