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  1. Thanks for the advice, I agree. It's good to see someone else from Brasov doing fine leather work! I am trying to be careful with my budget....once my business gets up and running I will be willing to spend more. I might just wait until I can justify a 1500+ euro used machine. -Adam
  2. The Chinese ones all seem to be about the same, basically an 801 or Global SK111 model. I can find the following machines in Romania: Japsew Q-801, Jack T801, Dison DS-T801, Global SK111 and probably many other "brands." Some have a servo motor and others a clutch. I'm familiar with the vacuum attachment, so far none of the used ones or even new ones here have one. I could always purchase a used machine from Germany if I needed to.... Thanks!
  3. Thanks Brian, Where I'm at I have found the typical Chinese machines (which I believe will have the blade and feed in sync) and a used Fortuna and Fav. Not sure what model the used ones are and if they are setup to have the blade run at a constant speed. Looks like I should hold off for a constant blade and clutch feed.
  4. Hello, I need a skiving machine (bell skiver) for splitting wallets back, thinning pockets etc,. I need it so I can line a wallet, so I have to get it down to below 1mm. Here in Europe it seems common to do that. I would be using it for 2-3oz (1mm) goat, calf and veg-tan. Maximum 2mm thick. My question is do I need a duel speed set-up? In other words, a constant knife speed and a variable feed wheel speed. The price difference can be almost twice. I have heard some say that you need the blade running at high speeds, but I also need control. Any thoughts on this? Thanks! Adam
  5. Hello, I sent you a e-mail. Thanks, Adam
  6. Good question! I would also be interested in knowing where in Italy to purchase good leather. I live in Romania and can't find veg-tan leather. The shipping from England is about 40 pounds...
  7. Thanks for the pattern! I'm new here and to leather work in general. Lot's of great help on the forums.