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  1. Where does Tandy’s leather come from?

    a tip that I THINK that I got from Kevin at Springfield leather. Wet a little piece of it and smell it. If it smells like a cat box, urine, or something like almonds it is probably from mexico and has been urine tanned rather than oak (VEG) tanned
  2. what is best for coasters to overcome water stains? resolene rtc, neat-lac,,etc,??
  3. Contact cement residue

    what is it that you are trying to do?????
  4. SHERIDAN RTC- best there is- waterproof et
  5. Leather conditioner

    BICK'S is all you need
  6. If the scribed lines are your fold lines- I GUARANTEE that the pouch is going to be way too small. You need to consider the thickness of the leather and allow for it when marking your folds. Make the fold lines/cuts outside of the actual width of the piece by the thickness of the leather. 1/8 leather- the fold is 1/8 outside of the actual edge. You LOOK as though you are measuring the leather to actually fold up at the edge of the box.
  7. 1976- I liked it because it had all the newer material.
  8. Excellent condition FO Baird leather secrets for sale. $125.00 or best offer - you pay shipping . US dollars only
  9. last saddles

    Beautiful! What is the tool that you use for the outside edge? Looks like a mules foot or some kind of arrow stamp. Beauty!! edged stamp???????
  10. Had a thought . I got tired of seeing and doing the criss-cross quilting so I gave this a try and like it hope you do too. 1-oval 2-pebble background 3- cam 4- freehand sqiggles 5-seeder 6-50/50 Bicks and chocolate dye
  11. I have bought a few metal 12" rulers over the years and cover the backs with clear tape to keep them clean. I also measure the rulers widths and write the measurements on the back with a sharpie. They are all different but handy to have a known width. The 36" aluminum ruler is a Johnson and Level Tool Co part # js236-0554. It is 1 1/8 wide and I can scribe a 36" line on each side on my tracing film to get a perfect border line(s) as I use 3/16ths borders. for 1 1/2" belts- the width I am most asked to make. got it at Springfield.
  12. thanks! it was fun to do. now that I am happy with the design i have a partner with a laser who cuts the parts perfectly. don't even have to edge the final piece as the laser cuts and burns the edges! might see if I can sell these as pre-cut kits. You tool if you want, sew and finish.
  13. I took the tandy field-note design and downsized it for a 3x4 notebook. Also put the pencil holders on opposite sides so it stays closed.
  14. anyone know where to get a backgrounder like this (size)? Is it a big seeder???