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  1. Noticed you had an older post about surplus saddlery supplies.  Did you sell it all?  We are a small mom and pop business looking to restock.  email if possible,  

  2. Leather Company Went Out of Business, Trying to Sell Assets

    Thanks for the note. Our double shoulder's are all 8-9 oz. There are a couple of un-opened leather rolls, but one is black and the other is reddish so we have not bothered with them. There are 1,000's of D-Rings, 100,000's of rivets, 1,000's of buckles, not as many snaps but a good bit (dozens), there is also quite a bit of other stuff (name plates, chains, cattle and horse leads, etc.) Let me know what size of d-rings yo uare looking for and what sizes rivets, etc. and I will shoot some pictures for you. Thanks for the note.
  3. Leather Company Went Out of Business, Trying to Sell Assets

    Thanks for the note. Yes we do. We have been very busy with our "real" jobs so we have not been able to work on this as much as we should, but we still have a lot of the hardware, half the machinery and 20-22 double shoulders. I don't know what you were interested in, but let me know and I can get you additional photos if wanted. Thanks.
  4. Leather Company Went Out of Business, Trying to Sell Assets

    Terry, No worries. We will be loading more items all weekend and if there is anything you see, let me know and I am sure we can get together on it.
  5. Leather Company Went Out of Business, Trying to Sell Assets

    Ron; Good evening. First let me apologize for not explaining the sample I sent a bit better. We have some piece cuts, but not much in the thicker (8/9 oz) size and I do not want to start cutting up the full hides for samples so I send out pieces of the other leather which is already cut. I honestly did not know the thickness until you wrote in and said it was a 5 oz. I should have looked through the pile a bit more carefully to ensure I found a thick piece for you. I have attached a photo to show the thickness of the full double shoulders. They are all in the 1/8" (8/9 oz) thickness. Shortly after we spoke last week, we received a set of gov't PO's and have just now come up for air. It is 11:30 pm and it is probably to late to give you a call. If you are free tomorrow, give me a shout at your convenience, I should be in the office by 9:00 am and good all day. I look forward to hearing from you. Also, here is the beginnings of the hardware web-site. I will continue getting more up, but this will at least give you an idea of where we are at on it.:
  6. why send me a phone number and not answer

    1. goldstamping


      Still a bit confused. I thought I had returned all the phone calls we received. Give me your number and I will be glad to call you tomorrow if that works for you. I am not going to make excuses, I just really thought we had returned all the calls.

    2. thunter9
  7. Leather Company Went Out of Business, Trying to Sell Assets

    Thunter9; Good morning. I apologize for not contacting you directly, I answered your question when asked by someone else and just got my emails messed up and thought it was to you. The Double shoulders are $75. As to the hardware, we have had so much interest that we decided the best thing to do was put the items on a WIX website so that we could better show what is here. As I have mentioned, we have thousand's of pounds of this stuff and not being in the business, I do not know what it is all called and I found myself spending hours looking through boxes for a particular piece someone asked me about. The pictures are taken and they will start going up this afternoon. I will post a link to it it, but it may not be complete for days, but you will be able to check back and see the updates as they occur. Hope this helps, and please understand, we have been blown away by the response and because it is not organized by item, size, brass or nickle, etc. it is a tough task. Thank you, Scott
  8. Leather Company Went Out of Business, Trying to Sell Assets

    Dear OLDNSLOW; Yes it is for real, but it does take me some time to get back to this as it is not my full time job. I own a company which has nothing to do with this that takes up 12-16 hours a day, I hope you can understand, that this is something I am trying to work on when I can come up for air from what I have to do. The double shoulders have been selling at $75 per piece and there are currently approx. 29 left, along with a bunch of cut pieces. I do apologize for the delay, please bare with me as we are truly swamped by the response we have received. Thank you.
  9. Leather Company Went Out of Business, Trying to Sell Assets

    The shoulders are $75 per piece plus whatever the actual shipping charges are via UPS.
  10. Leather Company Went Out of Business, Trying to Sell Assets

    We are located in Gastonia, NC
  11. Leather Company Went Out of Business, Trying to Sell Assets

    Other than the hardware, this is the machinery: The other equipment that is here is: Tubular Rivet Machines Western Cut-Out Machine (plus 2 dies) Numberall Marking Machine (Looks like a dog tag embossing machine) Schmidt Marking Machine (same as above) Landis 30 (with additional blades) Milford Rivet Machine(Spot Setter) North & Judd Spot Setter Electro Punch - Black & Webster (Strap Cutter)
  12. Hello; We just purchased a building which used to be the home of a leather working company. They produced everything from halters (horses & cows) to dog leashes. We purchased the building and contents because the family did not want to spend the time to sort all of this out. We are now in the position of trying to find homes for everything. There are over 900 halters, there is all sorts of equipment and tons (literally tons) of hardware in this building. He bought his hardware by the pallet and most is North & Judd. There is a 55 gallon container of a tanning compound he had custom made for his business and a dipping tank, I can not even tell you everything that is here because not being in the business I would do it a dis-service, so I have attached some links to pages of pictures we have so far. If anyone is interested in, please let us know and let's see if we can work it out. There is also a cart of 1/8" Leather shoulders here which we have sold a few and were told they were excellent by the fella who purchased them. He made gun holsters out of Texas. Here are the links: Let me know if you have any question and I will do my best to answer them or take additional photos if needed. Thank you.
  13. Vegetable Tanned Leather In Belgium

    Hi; My name is Scott Gardner and I bought a building which used to house a company called D&W Leather. The owner passed away and the children did not want to bother with anything in here, so we bought the building and everything inside. I have a cart full of shoulders (we have sold a few and were told they are excellent, by a holster maker in Texas) but still have plenty. If you are interested I would be happy to cut a strip and send it to you for examination. Let me know your thoughts. The picture below shows a sketch book we made with a piece of it. It is 1/8" thick and vegetable tanned. Oh, and FYI, we have a building full of leather equipment, 55 gallons of a custom tanning compound he had made for his business, tons of rivets, etc. We are located in North Carolina and have a corporate UPS account so shipping is not as bad as it might otherwise be.
  14. Looking For Hardware Made In The Usa

    Hello, I pretty much have everything you listed you are looking for. The boxes which I have in my office are listed as ** North & Judd - Made in the USA,** Square Brand by the Covert Mfr. Co., Troy, New York ** North & Judd Wilcox-Crittenden Nickel Plated 1/2" Buckles. If you will give me until tomorrow I will double check all 5 of your items and get you pictures. Can you tell me how many you need? It does not really matter because there are 1,000's, but I would like to know. The reason I ask is I had a fella before run me all around this warehouse looking up UPC numbers and manufactures just to tell me he needed 8 pieces.....uuugggh. Also, please let me know the sizes on all the pieces you are looking for.
  15. Leather Shop Closed, Things For Sale

    Thank you for the note. If you would tell me what it is you are interested in I will get you a price. Things have been very busy and probably will not let up until Christmas but i will handle this for you.