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  1. G-d said, "let there be light", and Lucas said, "No". Steve, love that replacement part.
  2. Jimi, thanks for explaining that to me. As long as I have to make the table from scratch, I'll try to replicate the edge on the small board and put it around the edge of the table. Judging by the first picture above, it looks like the "cut-out" portion doesn't have an edge. What do you think? Thanks Jimi
  3. Jimi, It looks like the table has a routed profile on some of the edges. Would you be able to take a picture of that profile? Thank you Jimi.
  4. Jimi, No problem with the metric measurements, I use them frequently. Thank you for your help. Your pictures and that sketch are perfect, exactly what I need, thank you, thank you very much. I owe you Jimi. Regards,
  5. Jimi, About 2/3 of the base has arrived so far (see pic), so I'm starting to think I may actually own one of these grand old treadle bases soon. That's assuming the treadle and the back piece arrive safely, they're the most vulnerable. In any case, I'm beginning to think about fabricating the top, but have no dimensions. We still don't know about the support. Would you mind taking a few pictures of your table top with a measuring tape along side, like you did with the support piece? That will show the dimensions. Would you also tell me what kind of wood the top is made of, and if the top is one solid piece or if it's laminated like a "plywood"? Thank you, Jimi, thank you very much.
  6. Does that mean the 128 will sew in reverse using the treadle? @ Kayser If it helps, we just tried a piece of 10 ounce veg tan in my wife's K28 hand crank, and it sewed no problem.
  7. Thanks for the big laugh people.
  8. Cortella, what machine do the current sewers use? That might give you some direction.
  9. Jimi, that was a lot of work for you, thank you, thank you very much. I had no idea the support and fasteners were that involved, sure hope they're not missing when the base arrives. Good pictures, Jimi, very helpful.. What machine are you using on your base? K21? Thank you again, Jimi. Al
  10. Fascinating Jimi!! Thank you.
  11. Jimi, where do you find all of that marvelous literature you have? Sure would like to purchase a copy. Regards
  12. Jimi, you're awesome, thank you for your kind offer. Look forward to the dimensions. Will you be able to determine the thread details on the support and the fasteners that hold it to the base? That plate looks to be close to 10-12 mm thick? Glad you got your PC fixed, they're such a mystery to me, I call them and electricity "Black Art". Best regards, Al
  13. Just to clear this up for me. You have the 45K treadle now, just like in the picture but it is missing that support? Don't have it yet, the base (only) as in the picture is in transit to me. It may need the pieces we've been discussing, there's some confusion about that, so I may have to find or make them, and I want to know about the dimensions. Do you sew veg tan with yours?
  14. Hi Matt, The plate indicated by the arrow and the vertical support/bolt in the circle may be missing. If so, I'll need to find them or fabricate them. Usually the illustrated Singer parts list are drawn to scale,....helpful for fabrication. That's why I'd like to find a parts list or get the measurements from someone with this type of base. Your base looks to have different supports. On a side note, how thick of veg tan can you comfortably sew through with your treadle? That treadle flywheel looks massive. Thanks for your interest.
  15. Hi Yetibelle, Base is on the way. It may need a couple of upper support pieces in which case some fabrication will be required. Hoping to find a parts list with pictures in order to get the correct scale for the part.