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  1. Hi Folker, "last night I couldn't sleep well " Isn't that the wife's responsibility? Folker, that part does look similar. Are you able to take some measurements and maybe figure out what the thread is? If you're suggesting taking one off of your machines, I wouldn't want you to do that., but that may give me another option in my search. If the thread diameter is larger, I can turn it down and re-thread it. Thanks a lot. Al
  2. Crackle Coating Singer 111G156, 107W1...

    as it is easier on my eyeballs these days. LOL. Copy that! If you want to see what the texture really looks like, check the engines on the bikes.
  3. Crackle Coating Singer 111G156, 107W1...

    Suzelle, as far as I know, Harley only offers black.
  4. Crackle Coating Singer 111G156, 107W1...

    This shows the difference"
  5. Crackle Coating Singer 111G156, 107W1...

    Folker, that's a very nice wrinkle finish, far better than I've been able to achieve with Harley-Davidson's wrinkle paint.....with and without heat. Now I'm using their "Textured Black", p/n 98606BF It gives a much finer/smoother/more consistent texture than "wrinkle" without heat and better matches the "blackside" paint shown on the machines in the link you posted above.
  6. Thanks Glenn. Yes, I'm still looking.
  7. Singer Leather Sewing Machines

    Singermania, What manuals do you have for the Singer 45K53? Thank you
  8. These parts are going on to a Singer 45K69. Thank you very much for any assistance you care to offer. Thank you.
  9. Screw Threads

    You're welcome Uwe. ( I had looked at it before and forgotten all about it ) Yes, I notice that happening to me more often as I season.
  10. Screw Threads

    Uwe, The screw is used on a Singer 45K69 to hold the spirit box cover on to the sprit box while allowing the cover to rotate.. "There's no cross-reference that correlates Singer screw part numbers to thread size that I know of. " This website, singersewinginfo.co.uk, has them and more, but not the 69. : http://www.singersewinginfo.co.uk/screw_threads/ Thanks Uwe
  11. Screw Threads

    brmax, Both.....a replacement and a repair of the area. I snapped the screw in two while trying to remove it, so I need to drill out and tap the hole, plus I need a replacement screw. I can/will make a repair, but I would like to keep it original Simanco if I can. Thank you for your interest.
  12. Screw Threads

    While searching the internet for the thread size on a Singer No. 69 screw, I stumbled upon the link below that seems to contain some extremely important information (for me at least) on thread sizes, including Singer, and how they're determined. Experienced members most likely know this. One of the people responding to the post seems to have some good tips. https://groups.io/g/Wheeler_and_Wilson-Sewing-Machines/topic/493006?p=,,,20,0,0,0::,,,0,0,0,493006 By the way, does anyone know the size of the threads on a Singer 69 screw?