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  1. Perhaps there's something useful in this: http://dixiesewingmachine.tzo.com/MANUALS/SINGERPARTS/7-1 - 7-55.pdf
  2. My hats off and a big thank you to LW member, Jimi, for jumping in and helping a member in need. Those of you who have followed this topic know the treadle I'm restoring is missing the support piece shown in the second photo above. I looked online and on most every eBay site I could find around the world for weeks with no results. I could have jury rigged something, but it didn't seem fair to the restoration of this honorable old piece. Well Jimi was kind enough to take the support off of his treadle, make a mold from it, make a casting from the mold, securely package them and send the mold and casting to me, so I could have the support cast in metal. After all of that time and effort, Jimi only wanted the cost of the shipping. He said the materials are a gift. So I want to acknowledge Jimi's kindness and consideration and post a couple of pictures of his mold and casting......his first attempt by the way. Thank you Jimi. Thank you very much.
  3. That's fine Yetibelle, thank you. If you have any 45K feed dogs, needle plates, presser feet or guides that you're wanting to move, I would like to see what part numbers you have. I'm trying to collect complete sets of the various function groups (dog-foot-plate...guide) if it's practical. If you want to switch to a PM that's okay.
  4. Yetibelle, If you plan to let one of your Singer deck-plates go, I would like to have it. Thanks very much.
  5. That should be helpful. I'd sure like to have one of those machines.
  6. Uwe, Is there a way for a computer guru to "scan" the "List of Parts Complete" in the parts list Wendlynne linked above and put them in numerical order?
  7. Constabulary, Thank you for the link.
  8. Constabulary, they sure look good to me. Impressive results from "scrap parts". To bad that controller company doesn't ship to the US, looks like a good item.
  9. Here's one with wheels that works with a bench stool standing or sitting.
  10. Hi Jimi, Not sure what that screw does. You may be able to see in the picture the screw going through the wheel and arm is "peened" over, maybe someone put that small screw there to secure the longer screw. There are no numbers anywhere on the roller foot. My Singer roller foot has numbers most everywhere. No numbers anywhere on the oil box in the picture above. Best regards
  11. The following parts are sold: 91576 (2) Feed Dogs 91053 Shuttle Race Cap Spring thread guides and screws 82502 Tension assembly 91611 and 91603 For 91612 Guide Holder Bracket 91745 Presser Bar Gripping Bracket The following parts are for sale or trade Singer 45 Type Roller Foot, generic, no numbers (the broken tension stud is sold) Oil Box, generic, no numbers