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  1. @ Constabulary Good to know. Thank you. @ Catskin Thank you.
  2. Thank you one and all. Uwe, you nailed it, great information. Thank you. Thank you Suzelle and thank you Machinehead. Looks like the Singer Class 7 uses a similar part also .
  3. Singer 45K69 Channeling Knife

    That would great, Simran, thank you. You can post it or pm it. How are your K69 and treadle doing? Do they get much use?
  4. Seam Engineering

    Interesting technical paper from A&E. http://www.amefird.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/Seam-Engineering-2-5-10.pdf
  5. Singer 17 - 16

    These manuals may be useful. The Service Manual among other topics discusses needle classes and sizes, also needle size vs thread size..... pages 6 and 7. http://dixiesewingmachine.tzo.com/MANUALS/SINGERSERVICE/17-Inst.pdf http://dixiesewingmachine.tzo.com/MANUALS/SINGERPARTS/17-1 - 17-18.pdf 16 X 2 is the class of needle the 17-16 machine uses for leather goods, 16X1 is for cloth goods.. The class has to do with the length, point, etc. of the needle. Others who know for sure may comment. Within those classes are the sizes (diameters) of the needles that were available.. They are sizes 7 through 25, excluding 15 and 20. The service manual and parts manual are invaluable.
  6. Types of seams?

    It's definitely better if the seam/material lays in such a way it will facilitate rain water to flow off (like roof shingles), otherwise it will "pool", soak through the seam/needle holes and wet the inside. I use a layer of strong, plastic film just under the cover as a moisture barrier. I started doing that after I noticed Harley had done it on my oem seat. Exposed stitches look good on auto seat covers; however, on motorcycle seat covers, they can become quite abrasive after riding for a while.
  7. Patcher machines

    In spite of a caution from me based on comments I had read on LW, a friend bought one of the hand crank overseas models, cost about $135. At first he was disappointed because the casting and parts were so rough, and it didn't sew well. After smoothing and adjusting most everything on the machine, he's extremely pleased with it. The fellow has a machine shop, so refining the machine wasn't difficult for him.
  8. Using a Singer 45K25 for Darning

    Wiz, are you able to post a pic or two of your darning attachments? Thank you
  9. Using a Singer 45K25 for Darning

    What are the chances of the attachment in the video or something else working for darning? It looks pretty slick. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_UqIpYuRg Here's my machine:
  10. Patcher machines

    Klutes, in case you're not aware, removable work plates are available for many patchers. My Claes has a wooden one. I've not thought about it, but I suspect a multi directional/"rotating" edge guide could be dreamed up for it if necessary.
  11. Al,

    what parts you looking for  your on your Claes?

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    2. Evo160K


      Thanks Glenn, that explains a lot. Do you have any of the parts for the 200-3?

    3. shoepatcher


      a few but not the cam or the roller

    4. Evo160K


      No problem!  Thanks Glenn

  12. Using a Singer 45K25 for Darning

    Hi Glenn, Thanks for your reply. I was thinking like you, even mentioned it in the op, but when I tried it, I couldn't move the fabric, seems like the presser foot was always down, and large knots developed on the underside. The foot needs a lifting mechanism, which is what Constabularly was saying above.
  13. Just acquired a vintage claes patcher

    Wonder how it happens to have a Singer decal? Here are pictures of one I restored. I tore it down to the casting. Let me know if you need other pictures, I have many from the teardown. If it turns out you don't restore it, but part it out, would you please let me know, I need a part or two. Most parts are still available, although pricey. The movie shows some of the backside. IMG_2999.MOV