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  1. Column Stands

    Awesome, thank you, Sir. That makes me wonder what the machine looks like that Singer built for Boeing to sew wings onto fuselages?
  2. Column Stands

    While browsing the ISMACS web site for various Singer machines, there was a reference made to a Singer 146-80 and "column stands". What are column stands and would someone be able to post a picture? Thank you.
  3. You might want to Google "shipping FOB" and read the information below from Wikipedia regarding legal liability for shipping costs and damage in North America. While I was active in business in the US, I tried to write purchase orders as FOB Delivered. That way the seller is responsible for the cost of any damage and for handling the claims process. As an individual, you may be able to negotiate for this, at the least discuss freight damage and hidden damage with the seller.......just a heads up. North America[edit] In North America, FOB is written into a sales agreement to determine where the liability responsibility for the goods transfers from the seller to the buyer. FOB stands for "Free On Board" or so there is no line item payment by the buyer for the cost of getting the goods onto the transport. There are two possibilities: "FOB origin", or "FOB destination". "FOB origin" means the transfer occurs as soon as the goods are safely on board the transport. "FOB destination" means the transfer occurs the moment the goods are removed from the transport at the destination. "FOB origin" (also sometimes phrased as "FOB shipping" or "FOB shipping point") indicates that the sale is considered complete at the seller's shipping dock, and thus the buyer of the goods is responsible for freight costs and liability during transport. With "FOB destination", the sale is complete at the buyer's doorstep and the seller is responsible for freight costs and liability during transport.[6][7] The two terms have a specific meaning in commercial law and cannot be altered. But the FOB terms do not need to be used, and often are not. In this case the specific terms of the agreement can vary widely, in particular which party, buyer or seller, pays for the loading costs and shipment costs, and/or where responsibility for the goods is transferred. The last distinction is important for determining liability or risk of loss for goods lost or damaged in transit from the seller to the buyer.[7][8] For example, a person in Miami purchasing equipment from a manufacturer in Chicago could receive a price quote of "$5000 FOB Chicago", which would indicate that the buyer would be responsible for the shipping from Chicago to Miami. If the same seller issued a price quote of "$5000 FOB Miami", then the seller would cover shipping to the buyer's location.
  4. Singer 45k1 Restoration Decals

    Tony, my experience with making decals is non-existent. Maybe ask Colt. Regards
  5. Singer 45k1 Restoration Decals

    Tony, Have you seen LW member Colt W. Knight's Decal tutorial he posted in this 2014 topic? : http://leatherworker.net/forum/topic/59807-would-appreciate-your-advise-on-restoring-this-singer-45k25/?page=2
  6. Singer 45k1 Restoration Decals

    Constabulary, Very helpful, thank you. Would you mind also posting a couple of detailed pictures of the "Manufactured By The Singer Manufacturing Co" decal on the top of the arm of your 132K? I believe Tony wants to see that decal also. Thanks a lot.
  7. Singer 45k1 Restoration Decals

    Tony, Yes, I find the depth/shading on the 29K attractive.....seems more vintage. How do you think that depth/shading would look with the one you traced out? For my purposes gold paint from the printer would be fine.
  8. Singer 45k1 Restoration Decals

    Tony, Nicely done. Thanks for your efforts. I like the shape of the letters better in the first tracing, but the shading/half-tone? better in the second tracing. Since the arm of the 29K33 appears slimmer than the arms of the 45K's, might that size differential be influencing the shape of the letters, or do you think it has more to do with style changes through the years?
  9. Singer 45k1 Restoration Decals

    For those who like a "crinkle" type finish, you might want to take a look at Harley-Davidson's textured aerosol paint, p/n 98606BF. https://www.harley-davidson.com/store/touch-up-paint-pa-15-98606bf--1 I personally have used it on my Harley engine for 3-4 years since it was introduced. It develops a very fine and uniform texture without heat that I think would look excellent on a Singer. I used to use Harley's Wrinkle Finish, p/n 98606CJ which dried with a more wrinkled texture, depending upon whether you air dried it or heated it, but then converted to the textured paint once I tried it. Coincidently I don't see the wrinkle paint offered any longer, so others might have switched also. The stuff is outrageously expensive for a 12 oz can, but it's the nicest I've seen. Because it's so expensive at $23.00 a can, you might want to take a small, clean, sample piece of metal to your local Harley dealer and ask the service dept if they would mind spraying the sample for you. I'm reasonably certain they would. If not, take a look at the engines on the showroom floor and decide.
  10. Singer 45k1 Restoration Decals

    LW member Frankqv once mentioned there's a fellow behind his shop that does gold leaf decals for fire trucks.
  11. Singer 45k1 Restoration Decals

    Thank you Wizcrafts
  12. Singer 45k1 Restoration Decals

    Jimi, Seems like a lot of decals, are those original for a K21? Was the stand included in the deal?
  13. Singer 45k1 Restoration Decals

    Yes, the topic has drifted, so I'll be brief. Downloaded VLC per Miksc's directions and was able to get the video to play. Thank you Sir. Wizcrafts, it was Dell support, I'm positive. I have an annual support contract with them. The last remote control was to update IE 7? that Microsoft stopped supporting to IE 10, and they added Google Chrome. GC btw doesn't play the video either, I haven't a clue and don't have the patience to learn about it, thus Dell Support. If there's a way to play the video on IE 10, I would appreciate knowing how. I'm going to disable scriptblocker if it's on. Thank you Gentlemen.