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  1. Pearson #6 photos needed

    My first #6
  2. Pearson #6 photos needed

    Can't help with spares.. but some photos of what you need.. appears you need approx 5 parts(and bolts) - balance wheel .. bottom drive arm plus shaft.. drive shaft/cam connector...and wood pitman arm The foot lift pedal is just one piece - axle - bolted to the frame. (Pedal shown LHS photo # 3 .. with bottom drive arm RHS) My first one had no stand but I acquired an original style frame but missing the major parts .. long story - but ended up welding / building them - reference was photos online (measured and scaling).... And as fate has it .. about 18 months later I found a #2 machine with a complete stand ..lol!
  3. 19th century Hugo Werteim shoe patcher

    Thanks Richard That's it... err ...I think the spring flew off somewhere during moving it ... easy enough to replace.. thanks again
  4. 19th century Hugo Werteim shoe patcher

    Hi Richard Yes still have it. Have an issue with a missing part within the lever arm which governs the stitch length - was working when I purchased it but for the life of me it's just gone . And I have forgotten what it looks like -lol! .. So any photos would be gratefully appreciated of the arm end where it is actuated by a cam - there is meant to be something between spring tab and the main arm. I'll post a photo later if this doesn't make sense.
  5. Got a Pearson #6!!!! wee hooo!!!

    The water heats the wax - the needle dips into the wax bath so hot liquid wax. But I use mainly bonded polyester so in this case - cold lube.. A picture of the wax bath that fits below the needle (not my photo + I don't have this unit) Easy machines to work on ... Tried and true function.. nice stitch including rear of work - not mirror perfect but close.. Bear in mind that only up to a few years ago there weren''t a lot of machines that were suitable for heavier work
  6. Got a Pearson #6!!!! wee hooo!!!

    These machines were originally fitted with an elaborate heating system -water baths to the wax pot below the needle - the thread and needle were quite warm
  7. 19th century Hugo Werteim shoe patcher

    Excellent job!.. Love the red highlights!
  8. Hi Gregg Yes I'm afraid so... whilst I have a half a stories worth.. you have 4 !!!
  9. Got a Pearson #6!!!! wee hooo!!!

    Congrats on your purchase! I too was shy of a wax pot ... Figured i wasn't going to find one so welded one up. No reference at the time so guessed and devised a thread track (vee bearings held in a UMPTE cartridge... Ok not classic at all but it works).. this was my "first" #6 machine of which many more have followed.
  10. patent elastic patcher

    Hi Didn't get notification of your question..do excuse my delay in responding. . Not sure about the manual for this particular machine ..only have some loose pages which are just an overview of a different but similar styled machine...that is a Bradbury. .. That doesn't show details of any accessories such as the table There are members here that have the Bradbury and I have seen tables on the machine. ..but I can't remember who they are. .. Suggest you post a question the sewing machine section ..I'm sure you will get a response as this has been discussed before particularly with the Singer K patchers. Cheers
  11. Threading A Singer 7-5

    PM'd you
  12. sorry taken so long to get this sorted ...I took out the screws out of 4 machines and took them to work to size before sending to Al. but they are all different !@!.an array of retapped metric [4mm] ,maybe Whitworth and munched up odd screws...everything from 3.5 - 4mm Conclusion: ?? -without knowing if they have been altered - it's really a best guess to fit something [not the answer we were looking for but if this is the state of affairs[altered] - then ordering an "original" is going to be hit and miss with these antique machines]
  13. Thanks Al - will send you one that is "intact"-- we put 3 screws over all our gauges at work and no match on common BSW... thought they might be a very old BA system- but we don't have a gauge here is one that has been stretched and basically cross threaded