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  1. "Customer service wasn't concerned at my dissatisfaction" I have to say that this has never been the case in my dealings with SLC. Sure there has been a few posts here and there that discuss SLC's idea of A or B grade H.O., but they have always worked out any issues over the phone without hesitation. Just my two pennies.
  2. Same with the cheap sets of chinese strap end punches. I have to bang a few back straight every now and then. I've been trying to muster up the courage to spend $450 for each round and english point set from Weaver....but that damn cheap set wont die just yet.
  3. I use the heritage dye box... I agree it soaks in quick, but doesnt stop from rubbing on anything and everything during the first 15 mins... then on the hands only after that for the next 4-6 hrs.
  4. I mean messy as in dyeing the edge with pro oil dye and then straight to the burnisher. Die all over your hands, the project, etc. I do everything else similar except I used a sponge to wet it, and a mix of glycerin soap and beeswax or paraffin to give it a waxy finish.
  5. I wonder how a heritage dye box would do with the gum trag. $50 cant go wrong. Thay sounds ridiculously messy no?
  6. That is a fantastic video. It certainly gives more depth to the work and care that go into your products. Not to mention your work seems to speak for itself. I'm afraid if I tried anything close to this, it would look more like something that made the cutting room floor of a kindergartener's youtube video.
  7. Hello Gregg. It was me you were speaking with. I had never received the diagram and unfortunately my messages left the following days with the nice lady at the desk were never returned up through Friday (to which you were out of the shop) hence this post
  8. *looks over at my mistake pile* Hard pass on Cordovan
  9. Thank you for doing a little bit of digging. I cant really speak to any changes in operation as i've kept sewing to a minimum since I have discovered its absence. What I did notice when I was using it was the very loose pull of the bobbin thread and subsequent "tinking" sound the bobbin made jostling around in the hook as the machine worked. Im certain it came with the spring as I've loaded my bobbins for the past year at anywhere between 6 and 10 o'clock positioning of the hook and the bobbin has always sprang out of the hook slightly at any position. (well that and i've had it fall out on me once prior). I would prefer it to be kept as was from the dealer for future servicing purposes.
  10. I cant say for certain, however he may be taking phone orders only. I was planning on calling tomorrow. To touch base and likely to place another order.
  11. I've been told that Mark answered a colleague this past week and stated he is no longer working for Thoroughbred as of last Saturday. I do not know the specifics as to his departure, however the appropriate contact is now Jeff. Their phone number as listed on their FB page is 502-315-0315
  12. Thank you Wiz for reaching out and finding them! I'm actually curious to see how similar they really are to the tension adjustment springs since that's what I had originally pegged it as when it first popped out on me. I must be a redheaded step child as I use the flatbed that came with the stand so loading the bobbin from the top is near impossible. I've tried sewing without it and didnt seem natural to me since I learned with the table on. (leaves a nice little side work space to place/stage stuff to boot. I'll certainly buy two just to have one to throw into that catchall/accessory drawer on the right in case I need another. You made my weekend.
  13. Looking at Cowboy's parts diagram it is the same breakdown as mine. I take it that the section where it should be is labeled "hook assy" that I would have to grab the whole thing. I dont particularly mind but hearing the bobbin chinging around in the case is both driving me nuts, and making me worried that something is going to awry if I continue to stitch without it.
  14. Thank you Wiz. After the first two replies I thought I may be going crazy. Indeed, it looks strikingly similar to say an upper tension spring (conical/beehive). Are there any good online resources for such parts? I'd like to put the order through over the weekend so I dont have to worry about placing phone calls during the week. Very much appreciated.
  15. Dallas, Texas... I could probably put this on a few straps. :D