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  1. Cutting straps in thick leather

    Harness Leather is truly a bear on the standard strap cutter. Ive found the same issue with 14-16 skirting. Razor blade would be the only other alternative save from a motorized strap cutter.
  2. Weaver Easy Edger

    There are a few machines that I consider game changers for leather shops running straps. This is most certainly one of those machines. Between this, a sewing machine, and their rotary punch you will never want to look back. I still use my hand beveler for tapered ends and around strap ends, but after the first pull you'll ask yourself why you hadnt gotten it sooner.
  3. Looking for a round knife

    I ordered two and just try to forget that I did. If you save your pocket change everyday it will be paid in full by the time the order is complete Not a knock at Terry. My customers wait all the same just like everyone else
  4. New forum for 3D printers, engravers and laser cutters

    I've used a mix of delrin and acrylic on my laser. Delrin does not cut as easily as acrylic, however both have held up very well to hundreds of presses.
  5. How to Heat a large workshop

    I'm glad you had posted and will be following suggestions. I had reached the point to either its a larger home for a bigger work space, or a steel building put up on my property. I would prefer the former but the question of heating and cooling in the seasonal months did cross my mind as a big factor into which direction I would like to take. We can go from sub freezing to 100F throughout the year. What got me most was the time it would take to heat up in the morning. My hours in the shop vary so I cant just set a weekly timer. In the summer it is cooler in the morning so cooling wouldnt be so hard. In the winter it gets pretty cold. I'd spend the first hour working in freezing temps before the structure can heat up in the winter time.
  6. Thickest leather

    Ive had some sections of 14/16 saddle skirting go up to about 26+oz in certain spots. a few square ft worth along the side. Which for me made it useless for needing 14-16. I was eyeing up a motorized skiver once I can add some more sq ft to my shop. Wonder if it could handle starting at that thickness.
  7. Alphabet stamping on a Firefighter Shield

    I only surmise is that it is to keep the bend symmetrical along the top half of the shield as the attachment points to the helmet are lower. Otherwise no clue. Most custom shield makers I know do not use it.
  8. Alphabet stamping on a Firefighter Shield

    If you use the search bar, likely under "firefighter shields", I recall a thread where there was a pattern or two linked to the thread.
  9. Paint lettering

    Angelus almost exclusively. I have needle tips ranging from 18 gauge to 25 for the type of detail i'd like to do.
  10. Paint lettering

    I second the needle tip bottles. I'm pretty sure I am closing in on 2k radio straps painted with them. Bonus points for not ever having to dip a brush into paint... just squeeze.
  11. dies 'n' stuff

    Phew.. thought I had a screw loose. If you find the 1911 die missing id be interested.
  12. dies 'n' stuff

    Don't happen to see the photos for the dies. Coincidentally I didnt see pics linked in the H.O. thread either.
  13. slow stitching speed

    You are correct. My apologies as the conversation quickly shifted to those machines.
  14. slow stitching speed

    Provided you can "feather" the pedal, I don't see why not leaving at max rpm is an issue for a 441 machine. I completely understand that no two people are alike, but messing around with settings mixed with your abilities is the best way to find a happy medium (or to leave the the motor maxed and use it when needed on those long belt runs). I had heard another worker mention that running full rpm increases the marks of the presser foot/feet. While I dont suspect that is the case, and I have seen this topic and solutions suggested here... if anyone would like to chime in on the matter in terms of speed vs foot pressure it would be appreciated.
  15. Show your Shop

    Expansion cometh. Then hopefully I can weigh in with all of these awesome spaces.