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  1. slow stitching speed

    You are correct. My apologies as the conversation quickly shifted to those machines.
  2. slow stitching speed

    Provided you can "feather" the pedal, I don't see why not leaving at max rpm is an issue for a 441 machine. I completely understand that no two people are alike, but messing around with settings mixed with your abilities is the best way to find a happy medium (or to leave the the motor maxed and use it when needed on those long belt runs). I had heard another worker mention that running full rpm increases the marks of the presser foot/feet. While I dont suspect that is the case, and I have seen this topic and solutions suggested here... if anyone would like to chime in on the matter in terms of speed vs foot pressure it would be appreciated.
  3. Show your Shop

    Expansion cometh. Then hopefully I can weigh in with all of these awesome spaces.
  4. Show your Shop

    Hey that looks like my space! Just shrunken down to the size of the forklift including pallet.
  5. Scrap Leather

    I feel your pain. Most of my scrap is fairly usable, however there are only so many hours in a day to put into clearing it out. I purchased some dies to make use of the belt scraps and remaining portions of the usable bellies like key fobs and such. My solution may not work for you, but I now pay a guy every 2 weeks to come in and spend a day clicking and burnishing those items pieces for quick turnaround items. It kills me to throw it out, and I dont have the time or patience to market it for sale and ship it out. That said I have gotten at least a LITTLE better and just toss the smaller pieces just to keep my scrap heap any larger than it depressingly is right now.
  6. Patterns Desperately Needed

    Best of luck. If you ever need, I sell pre-cut blanks in 2 different styles. Less time cutting, more time tooling.
  7. Wanted: Round knife

    For being your first post...I don't believe you.
  8. Buying my first double shoulders?

    12-14 or 13-15 depending on availability.
  9. Buying my first double shoulders?

    I have purchased a few sides from Springfield. They are ok. Their Hermann Oak Craftsman side is a great deal when cutting out straps as the blems can be worked around. There is also Maverick and Thoroughbred to choose from as well. I had started making gear with 9/10 oz but had decided that the beefier weights were more desirable for straps and suspenders, but with that comes the need for a multitude of weights that you can technically get away with when keeping it at 9/10. At current, I use approximately 4 different weights to make a full radio strap set. I would also consider looking into a benchtop splitter in the future as you will notice that certain items work better if they are a few ounces thinner.
  10. The craft beer craze has come with some throwbacks. They are all non twist bottle caps. Then again the new trend in craft beer is quickly moving towards canned pints in 4 packs instead of 12 oz 6 pack bottles or cans. As silly as it sounds that is the market you should target as they will pay a fair amount for a swanky way to show off their beer as they stroll in.
  11. Very nice. I would attempt to add a small slip pocket or pouch for a church key.
  12. Bobbin Wind Friction Wheel... Maintenance issue or larger problem

    Indeed that is the part to the left. I was getting intermittent misses of the bobbin spin and then one morning the bobbin winder was DOA. after pulling it and cleaning it the issues haven't been as prevalent, but I suspect that it will give way soon enough. I see that after 2 years of wear I had a sizable amount of rubber collected at the bottom of the housing, so it should only be a matter of time. I've called it a Juki clone for a while, and always considered it nearly interchangeable with Cowboy or Cobra, given the two variations of parts manuals I would be wiser to just consider the machine it's own and refer to the diagrams included with the machine.
  13. Bobbin Wind Friction Wheel... Maintenance issue or larger problem

    Had't realized it was positional via the set screws. Thank you for the tip! Unfortunately by the part number, both a web search and a ballpark from Keystone put the price at about $80. Could you tell me where you purchased it? Since I know this is a wearable part that eventually will be replaced I would gladly pre purchase it to have in the shop.
  14. Any insight would be appreciated. Machine is a Ferdco Pro 2000 (Juki 441 clone). The bobbin started skipping while engaged. Removing the bobbin wind cover yielded what appeared to rubber shavings from the engaging wheel. I suspect this is a maintenance part and not a result of a larger issue, however id rather be sure before spending $80 on a replacement wheel and not fix an underlying issue if the case. Thank you!
  15. RR Track Anvil

    I need an anvil with an elongated horn in the worst way. Never thought about cutting down a longer section of track to make it happen.