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  1. 'How To' Question on Lining Collars

    Glue the non beveled leather down to the liner with contact cement such as Barge. Allow to dry. Trim the liner square with the leather. Stitch the liner and leather together. Sand flush if needed then edge bevel both the leather and liner side (a sharp stropped beveler works wonders on the liner side.) Finish by burnishing.
  2. Firefighter Radio Holder

    Fantastic work on painting the patch. If there's one flag that drives me nuts to paint, its MD's flag :D
  3. Leather Fire Bucket

    Hey Brother. Instructables has a good tutorial about a leather tankard that uses beeswax for sealing so it would hold true this should also work for making it waterproof. As for it's construction, there are a few sites out there that go into depth (at least describing) the construction of antique leather fire buckets. As far as what was "traditional" in water proofing it, some of these articles describe pitch tar as a sealing material. Both messy and not so easy on the nose. This link goes into more specifics about construction materials Best of luck!
  4. How to achieve this two-tone finish?

    I would suspect that the leather is dyed brown and then airbrushed along the edges with black building the black(or darker brown) up on each piece as the reaches the outside.
  5. Alphabet stamping on a Firefighter Shield

    Theyre Craftool Alphabet stamps. I bet Tandy should stock them, if not there are plenty of online retailers that carry them. I'm guessing 1/2"
  6. Painting Small Letters

    I can agree with both assertions. If you are using a brush, the thickest of the paint gets dispersed along the center of character and gets dragged out to the edge. If you are using a needle bottle, I tend to outline the letter first. Wait until you encounter the dreaded air bubbles! You will learn that sometimes even with the needle you should cautiously use your first few seconds to paint towards the middle to avoid a messy bubble. Now as it pertains to an air bubble and sometimes big oops spots take a little bit of experience, and quick thinking. Black and White leather are much more forgiving than say a walnut, tan, or natural leather.
  7. Painting Small Letters

    These seem to be it I remember them coming with extra needle sizes, however the colors of the tips are different. I ordered a few to see if those are actually them. You can buy replacement needles relatively cheap in the event your needles clog up on you. You can either clean the needles after each use, or find ways to get the paint to not dry in the needle while not in use.
  8. Painting Small Letters

    I have a few of those. They are a little more difficult to squeeze the bottle and no ability to change needle gauges, but they work. I have a hard time finding the ones I use most regularly, but the tips are still available. How do I paint with a needle bottle? Like this.
  9. Our most popular stamps

    Out of curiosity, how would you finish the dragon scales along a straight or tapered edge? Do you have a half scale stamp?
  10. Interesting very good quality clicker die

    I laugh at myself every time I see it. I bought a few dies and saw there was foam inside. They were all a little more than half pushed into the die. I figured they were for protecting the sharp edges during shipping. By happenstance, the nice lady at the die shop mentioned the dies included the foam ejection mold... and all of that time wasted removing clicked parts came crashing into my time pressured, business minded head. Luckily I left them all under the clicker on a shelf.
  11. Could someone be so kind to help source these alligator clasps?

    Thank you but no. I happened to find some from Weaver. I appreciate the offer!
  12. Could someone be so kind to help source these alligator clasps?

    Not yet. My current order queue has me swamped. Even though I can probably get one done in about 15-20 mins I feel like im cheating on my customers.
  13. Could someone be so kind to help source these alligator clasps?

    Thanks for reaching out. I actually found the clasp deep in the bowels of weaver's site. My great search actually got me to find some rather unique quick release systems for dog leashes.
  14. Clicker Press Cutting Dies

    Some here have made their own. I send either an electronic copy of my design, or mail a cardboard cutout (or sometimes leather) to Texas Custom Dies and have them made. I have about 15-20 of their dies and have never had one complaint.
  15. Are Copper Rivets Really Stronger?

    I have some beefier linesman pliers (I think they're the same thing) that measures 10" long. Copper rivet stems can be nipped somewhat easily with one hand. Brass with my pliers need just a little more grip but can still be cut with one if not two hands.