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  1. Leather thickness

    It was a while ago the last time I had bought from W&C, but I believe it costs $5 for each run through for staking.
  2. Looking for anvil/steel plate

    Really depends on what you are using it for. The smaller anvil has just the right amount of horn to set rivets in tight spots for me.
  3. Help! Too Many Machines, Too Many Opinions!

    I know budgets are a big PITA. Truth be told I blew mine out of the water and invested a good portion of personal finances toward my machine. That said it does return dividends in time and product. I went with the closest shop (philly) and despite not carrying cobra or cowboy, picked up a similar 441 clone. (ferdco) I went there to look at the highlead despite it being a bit more expensive. luckily they did not have any in stock. I can't stress how beneficial going to a good company locally could be like how others stressed to me. I was given a personal 3 hr crash course on the machine free of cost, and it help me beat any type of learning curve I would have to endure if a machine like this just arrived at my door step in a crate. Best of luck regardless on your decision. You will like only buy one (maybe two) of these in your lifetime.
  4. Hello, all. Oil painter from NJ **work attached**

    Welcome also from Jersey. You seem to have a good head about yourself. If you find that your purse project is beating you up, take a step back, take up another project that can help you expand and hone your skills. You seem to have a fair grip of the basics... its only up from there. Best of luck!
  5. New guy from jersey

    Hey Rob... Also Rob from NJ. I like the dragon carving. Keep up the great work!
  6. Looking for anvil/steel plate

    The blue one? Old faithful for me right there.
  7. Interesting enough. When I searched for clear lac I could not find anything save from a 32oz container. I may just do this once as a courtesy, but if it can in fact remove unwanted paint it could be a useful investment. I've been fortunate enough that my own work does not warrant the need to try to remove paint from a work in progress.
  8. I have had a fellow Brother reach out to me because a leather piece he had purchased was likely to be incorrect. The problem was that the piece had a few painted (not stamped and painted) letters that he did not wish to have. I don't make these specific leather items, but since he is a friend of a friend, I offered to do a little digging. Are there any products that would remove a flexible acrylic without damaging the dyed product. If a stronger solvent can be used, are there any tips or tricks I may use to blend the existing finish to the new one? Im half curious given the nature of my business, but at the same time im not looking forward to tinkering with an already finished product. Thank you in advance for any help.
  9. My knives dull right after sharpening!

    18 minute video on how well the knife cuts leather... not one piece of leather cut during video. I like the look of the knife though. Keeping things sharp are always a pain in the rear.
  10. My knives dull right after sharpening!

    I would think the steel would play a big part in the durability of the knife, however in my limited opinion, using any knife against a solid surface such as granite, glass, OR (as I caught my apprentice doing early on) on top of a piece of steel will create a much faster edge deterioration . I would not cut anything that isnt supported by either a self healing cutting mat, poly cutting board, or even as a quick cut on top of an oak workbench. I cannot speak to knife wear while cutting chrome tanned leather, but I believe that Japanese style blades are more finnicky and require a bit more preventative care, regular honing, and expectation that they will need to be sharpened/honed/stropped far more often than a more common blade found in the industry.
  11. My knives dull right after sharpening!

    If Japanese cutlery is anything like kitchen cutlery the blade has a different blade angle (15 degree if I recall) over a more common angle of say 25 degrees or therein abouts. This translates into a sharp edge, but can wear more quickly than a more tapered edge. It has been a while since I researched my own kitchen knives but I do recall that point in case with some japanese blade edge methods vs say a German or American made blade.
  12. New Radio Strap

    Looks good. Might be my own personal preference but using a strap end punch on the end of the strap gives it a nice finished look as opposed to square. I see a fair amount of people using both methods though. Dragon scales drive me nuts.
  13. Quick Release Buckle and Supplier Info?

    Today I learned. I've never seen a buckle like this before. I know it may not fit your design style, but cobra buckles are a bit cheaper than the buckle you had listed ($22usd). Quick release, high strength rated, and if you're doing a black belt the black buckles would blend into the belt and not stand out as much as the chrome or brass.
  14. 40W Chinese Laser - Engrave and Cut Leather - Discuss

    I haven't cut a bunch of stuff but I have been finding some decent ways to utilize the engraving portion of it. Ive made more $ selling drinkware for the time being but I really love the idea of cutting and engraving holster patterns. I went a little crazy and bought a USA made 50W. So far so good. The biggest headache by far is trial and error with the speed and power settings to get the desired effect you want on different media.