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  1. Firefighter Sewing machine

    Nope. Either Bonded Nylon or Poly thread. Certain aspects of NFPA such as turnouts require the use of fire resistant thread. After quite some searching through the standards, things like suspenders, shields, glove straps etc are considered accessories and do not fall under the scope of NFPA requirements.
  2. Firefighter Sewing machine

    I had been down this road as you are now. I asked the question.. had a slightly higher budget. In the end, I came to the conclusion unless you are versed in older sewing machines or very handy I would not bother looking into older machines hoping both that they work, and that they fit your needs (also future needs). I eventually decided that the larger investment (although painful at the time) would pay greater dividends... to which it did and still does to this day. If you were still cautious in dropping money on some of the larger machines on the market (cobra 4, cowboy 4500, ferdco 2000) that you should consider looking into the model below. (Cobra 3, Cowboy 3500 etc). They are slightly more affordable and I have only had a handful of times where I needed to come close to matching out my larger machine doing firefighter or K-9 stitching. As it was pleasantly beat into my head by people like Wiz... is that coming in looking to sew 12-16oz leather with an older machine is not for the timid and uneducated in matters of sewing machines. You'll doubt yourself now, but if you are getting a chance to save some money made on your projects, I would advise to save a bit longer and lay out for a newer machine that a lot of us in the fire service leather world tend to grab. Bonus points are there are plenty of us that frequently discuss issues or problems on the same types of projects where we have had issues in the past. I've got a lot of money invested in my shop, still to this day as large purchases go, my sewing machine will always be the #1 upgrade in terms of productivity.
  3. Ferdco Juki Super Bull 2000

    I've noticed the same with mine from time to time. Then again working out of a garage isnt the most insulated. I get light rust film on bare metal tool parts from time to time. I try to do my best to keep the tools oiled or with an occasional rub of paste wax, but that should'nt help the painted surface of the wheel. Not that having the same machine matters, but perhaps keep a dehumidifier in the space to compensate for those wet bouts.
  4. Is there a font for Ivan Alphabet stamp set 8132-00

    Wouldn't that be a craftool set? Perhaps better luck searching for it under that name. I am curious as well as to name of font for larger letters and numbers.
  5. Pictures Please? How do you store your hardware?

    Ive posted this before.. but this one is awesome. Dual sided on casters. This setup has 192 bins total. It cost about $350-400 at Shipping was atrocious but luckily one of their warehouses was about 45 mins from me. They let me pick it up. They offer different size bins and the mounting system leads me to believe you can mix and match bins on the cart. As soon as we find a new space I will be getting at least one more. Edit: Heres the link
  6. Cutting straight lines!

    Be still my beating heart. Thank you for chiming in and attempting to bring it to market. One of the few things I do that I thought could use streamlining was squaring up sides. That thing looks majestic.
  7. Cutting straight lines!

    I still would like to get an inside track on Springfield's cam and rail type cutter they use. I would buy one of those in a heartbeat.
  8. Problems with ferdco pro bull

    Im curious as well. I use 277/207 with a #25 on my Ferdco. I sometimes have issues when the bobbin case gets a little too dirty. I pull the bobbin and blow it out with air and that usually fixes any hiccups. The only other problems I have come across is with when the thread gets hung up somewhere on the side of the head.
  9. Snap Setting Issues

    Going down this rabbit hole. I've been meaning to get a press for setting snaps (despite work space constraints for the next few months) I see they offer a dual station foot press for $500. Would you care to share your thoughts on their tools? I would have bought a few bench mounted presses but I seem to like the idea of keeping my hands free with a foot press. Especially one that's free standing.
  10. Radio bucket

    Is that for the APX radio with the extended battery? That thing is a tall beast!
  11. Source for black trigger swivel snaps

    I've gone through a ton of them from Weaver with no issue.
  12. Trauma shear sheath

    Looks good. The forming came out very detailed. Should try out those mall ninja tactical raptor shears next. : )
  13. EMS Radio strap

    Looks good. I always enjoyed the contrast accents that people request. Bravo for preferring chicago screws. I wouldnt have the patience to loctite and screw down a bunch per strap.
  14. Self Centering Belt Punch - $350

    I still can't believe their craft site markup... its 1,595 on the wholesale side.
  15. Epilog Laser Engraved Leather Tray

    2nd on the Epilog. I love mine as well. It burns to know I have it sitting idle half the time because im so backlogged. I usually run it once a week to focus on just lasered items. It does open up a whole new aspect of leather projects.