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  1. Thanks guys. I've gotten alot of information to work with.
  2. tempting though. The measurement that weaver gave me foe the Adler was to short from needle slot to edge of plate. Really can't go anywhere with that. But you could do something here. As you said an expensive experiment. To bad the weaver plate was only $99.
  3. This is the Machine
  4. Here are pictures of my throat plate.
  5. thanks for the pictures with the measurement. Would you have a measurement the other direction to the needle slot?
  6. The service DVD that I purchased from Tony Luberto Sewing states that the Bull was built off a Consew 754r. Consew does not offer a Holster plate.
  7. Looking for a holster plate that will fit or could be modified to fit my Ferdinand 900b Bull. I am hoping that this will allow me to sew the welting to the flaps of an English saddle. That said I am not sure whether a holster plate or a stirrup plat would be better. I emailed Cowboy to see if there plate might fit. But haven't heard anything yet. I spoke with Weaver the screw pattern seems correct but the needle slot is off.
  8. oops correct number is 860-690-6680. Thanks
  9. New Hampshire is pretty close for me. Do you still have the splitter? Can you please contact me. Either call or text. 860-690-2020. Thanks
  10. Here are some pictures for you.
  11. I have a brand new adjustable Osborne V groover. I ordered it and found out what I really needed was a U not a V. Would you be interested?
  12. This is totally out of my comfort zone. I work mainly with english tack. A friend has asked me to make her a back quiver and cover it with a fox fur hide that she purchased for the quiver. Can anyone tell me where to find dimensions or spec's for the quiver and ideas how to attach the fur. Thanks
  13. See if the Cowboy 4500 has a buckle foot available for the machine.
  14. Ken, Wondering if you found your parts and where they finally came from?
  15. Ken I went on Consew.com and located a parts book. Looks like the foot is part # 28472. Here are more pictures of the Bull including the boat anchor of a foot I purchased. Let me know if you need other pictures posted.