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  1. Finally Took The Plunge Juki 1541s

    Just practice. Real easy machine to operate. Oh and have fun
  2. Finally Took The Plunge Juki 1541s

    Great machine. I luv mine. Congrats
  3. Ferdinand 900b check it out

    So I wasn't really looking to buy another machine but I came across this Bull on craigslist. It looked from the picture to have some damage to the top of the machine where the spring is for the jump foot. And it was set up to run on a pneumatic motor. I contacted them and pointed out the damage and said I would be interested in the machine for parts and made a VERY low offer. Since I already have a Bull I had nothing to loose. I drove out to the Cape ( Cape Cod ) and picked it up yesterday. Looks like they got the machine via auction. It came from a Samsonite luggage factory. Of course now that I have I want to make it run. I THINK I CAN, I THINK I CAN. Plus check out the custom made throat plates, Looks like they are for the welting on the luggage. Also came with an exploded view of the Bull and a parts list. Some thing I have never seen.
  4. PFAFF 545 OR 1295 experience? opinions?

    I had an LU562, which was a nice machine but I upgraded to a DNU154. I like the horizontal hook better. The LuU562 would get clogged with thread. With the DNU1541 can use a heavier thread if I need it. This machine I use for English tack repair. Replacing Knee pad and Knee rolls on English saddle. My heavier jobs like halter and harness I use my Ferdinand Bull.
  5. PFAFF 545 OR 1295 experience? opinions?

    My employer uses a 545 for her horse blanket repair part of the business. I have sewn a few chaps on it. It sews like butter but....... Parts seem to be hard to find and the safety clutch seems to pop frequently. Easy enough to reset. I like my Juki better. Parts are easy to find and it is less temperamental.
  6. Recent Builds

  7. Show your Shop

    This is my shop. I build and repair equestrian equipment.
  8. What supplier for 277 thread

    I us a bonded polyester thread from Maine Thread, My Ferdinand Bull does not like nylon.
  9. Question on Ferdco 900B

    And yes the bobbins fall right out when you open it in the down position. I use a Ferdinand 900b at my work and home and they both do it.
  10. Question on Ferdco 900B

  11. American Splitter 6 inch

  12. American Splitter 6 inch

    I have a very nice American 6 inch Crank splitter for sale. I have 2 crank splitters in my shop so I don't need this one. It is in great shape. Willing to ship in the USA only. Gage will be removed to protect it from braking when shipped. Buyer to pay shipping. Paypal accepted buyer to pay fees. Please contact me by text 860-690-6680. Asking $1000
  13. WTB Post-Bed Sewing Machine (WI - USA)

    Saw a post bed sewing machine for sale. Look at a post by Anthony Cooper under Saddlery Workshop.
  14. Full Function Cylinder Machine

    Anthony Cooper posted back in march that he had some shop equipment for sale. I happened to know he still has an Adler model 69 cylinder arm for sale he is in Sutton Ma. 978-249-9776
  15. Home built stitching clam

    Very nice.