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  1. Something New For My Shop

    I been in need of a stand for my shop. One that would hold saddles that I am working on or waiting to be worked on. I didn't want some cheesy stand. I searched the wide web for just the right stand. I finally decided it didn't exist. What to do? Make it myself. So I found a cheap treadle and repurposed it. I scrubbed the base with a wire brush and painted it. Then went to forming the top. This is what I came up with. Thought I was done and decided it needed a drawer.
  2. Using Wax Lube Pot on a 441

    My Bull came with a lube pot. I had a problem with the thread heating up and fraying. So I purchased some silicone lube from Weaver thinking it would help. I would agree with Colt, it was messy when I ran the machine. Seemed like there was a lot of excess lube in the tread.
  3. Deep Cleaning a Juki 563

    brake clean. Leaves no residue and evaporates. Careful of painted surfaces, will move the paint.
  4. Ferdinand 900b check it out

    Think I'll hang on to the throat plates. They are the best part. They mightbe handy sewing the welting in the front of the English saddle flaps. At least I hope so.
  5. Shipping a Saddle

    Forgot, put the saddle in a plastic bag incase the box gets wet. or is left in the rain by the shipper during loading.
  6. Shipping a Saddle

    We ship saddles all the time. But they are English. I would recommend UPS over FedEx. UPS is easier to deal with if the shipment is damaged, lost or delayed. I would agree to pack the horn well. use a heavy box and strapping tape not duck tape or regular packing tape. Strapping tape has the white lines running through it. Pack it with bubble wrap.
  7. My First Quiver

    A friend asked me to make her a quiver using a fox pelt she had purchased. I had never made a quiver this is the result.
  8. Ferdinand 900b check it out

    Lol. not that talented. Think I'll stick to saddler. I was able to straighten the foot spring on the top of the machine. Gave it a cleaning and a test run on my tire stand. Sews like a dream. Changed out motors on the stand with a clutch motor I had sitting in my shop. Built a sewing pedal using a horse shoe a friend gave me. If I keep collecting sewing machines I'm going to have to expand the shop.
  9. Handmade leather tools

    Looks great.
  10. JUKI LU-562-3 questions

    Speed reducer will help slow your machine. I recently went to a servo and added a speed reducer. My Juki will crawl if I have the servo on the slowest setting.
  11. Looking for a Singer/Simanco Shuttle Race and Tension Stud

    Try www.pilgrimshoemachine.com or 800-343-2202 they are located in Mass.
  12. What glue ?

    Petronios Master Cement. I think it works very well. only one I will use.
  13. Mjolnir

    Love it!
  14. Edge Bevelers: Barry King vs. Ron's

    I have Osborne and JW they both work great.