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  1. What supplier for 277 thread

    I us a bonded polyester thread from Maine Thread, My Ferdinand Bull does not like nylon.
  2. Question on Ferdco 900B

    And yes the bobbins fall right out when you open it in the down position. I use a Ferdinand 900b at my work and home and they both do it.
  3. Question on Ferdco 900B

  4. American Splitter 6 inch

  5. American Splitter 6 inch

    I have a very nice American 6 inch Crank splitter for sale. I have 2 crank splitters in my shop so I don't need this one. It is in great shape. Willing to ship in the USA only. Gage will be removed to protect it from braking when shipped. Buyer to pay shipping. Paypal accepted buyer to pay fees. Please contact me by text 860-690-6680. Asking $1000
  6. WTB Post-Bed Sewing Machine (WI - USA)

    Saw a post bed sewing machine for sale. Look at a post by Anthony Cooper under Saddlery Workshop.
  7. Full Function Cylinder Machine

    Anthony Cooper posted back in march that he had some shop equipment for sale. I happened to know he still has an Adler model 69 cylinder arm for sale he is in Sutton Ma. 978-249-9776
  8. Home built stitching clam

    Very nice.
  9. Saddle #3 Completed

    Very nice
  10. Old dog and some new tricks.. 'bout time to share

    Positively beautiful work. Thank you for sharing
  11. Singer machine i.d.

    Very interesting. Does it work?
  12. Learning About Saddle Repairs

    They are a repair shop. Looks like they replaced the seat, skirts, flaps and knee pads. But kept the original panels and perhaps sweat flaps. These are things you will figure out by building a saddle.
  13. Learning About Saddle Repairs

    NASS is a good place to start. They offer courses for saddle and bridle and harness. I have been doing repairs for 20 years and attended one of there courses a few years ago. I would start there. You will make some connections that will be very helpful in your learning process. You may even find someone in the states to apprentice with. As for shop size I agree that a large space is not needed. I worked in a space about 12 foot by 24 foot. It all in how you lay it out. I have 3 different benches. 2 sewing machines, a crank splitter, a crank creaser, and miscellaneous power tools.
  14. Holster or Stirrup plate

    Thanks guys. I've gotten alot of information to work with.
  15. Holster or Stirrup plate

    tempting though. The measurement that weaver gave me foe the Adler was to short from needle slot to edge of plate. Really can't go anywhere with that. But you could do something here. As you said an expensive experiment. To bad the weaver plate was only $99.