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    reenactment and leatherworks. been working with IT for a couple of years now but as it fell i retrained and is working as a Boxing instructor full time

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    still in training as you always can learn more
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  1. Re-enactment needle case

    There is more then a few odds and types of needlecases on places like youtube etc pinetrest etc thats got the patterns for this type of needlecase avalible but as i dont own / made it myself i dont wanna link it in here =) but its nice to see more of them made as its one of my next items to make myself... always dropping and misplacesing me needles lol
  2. belts

  3. Old Singer 421G

    thx i couldent find any info about it as its an steel machine but no other info other then its simmular to the 431g. anyways back to hand sewing ! =)
  4. hi there ive got this old singer called 421G and i know i can sew decent thick fabrics with it and woundering if leather is a choise as well and if so up to witch thickness you thinks it can handle. kind regards Anders
  5. Edge Tool Help

    been looking round and for me here in sweden its about 20 € and then yet another 20 € for a multisized slicker.... and to be fair i dont think its worth that. perhaps the first 18-20€ .. so im tossing out a qq if some1 has one lying around in a box that they are not useing that they are willing to donate / sell for a cheap sum. im not fuzzy and i know that workmanship costs but im not wanting to pay 20 € for shipping just coz its a fixed shipping cost. with kind regards a new leatherworker ! Anders
  6. Sweden here just to add some more of us crazy sweedes to the list ! Anders btw =P
  7. purses and pieces is indeed a good book to have and look throu more then once! especially the breakdowns of the moddles they show =)